20 July 2016 Birthday wishes (Ale), Drawing, Keshe Foundation inspired Crystal Towers of Energy, Homeless Ashes (Marc Zammit film project), Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015 comedy-horror film)

Good morning!  I hope you are well today.  I actually slept til 6 this morning even after a nap yesterday.  Guess I needed it!  No dreams to share.  I know I had some but they just didn’t stick like some I’ve shared recently.   Not a bad thing as when I have real vivid dreams and wake up from them I usually can’t get back to sleep!  I did do this drawing yesterday.  A thought came to me about shining the sparkly light from my “light walkie-talkie” pendant over the drawing….color and light therapy?  I made a short video that has music from Final Fantasy playing in the background…so can’t share to avoid getting in trouble for copy-right stuff but the combination of art, light and music was very uplifting!  Try it!

My compass drawing colored with markers...I'm having fun with this and using markers like tie-dye paints if that makes sense.

My compass drawing colored with markers…I’m having fun with this and using markers like tie-dye paints if that makes sense.

We finished watching Season 8 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race – spoiler – congrats to Bob the Drag Queen!  My heart was pulling for Kim Chi — what an artist!  Kim has quite a future with all that artistic talent.  All three of the finalists were amazing..what a fantastic season!  Kyle found another Ru Paul show called Gay For Play lol….omg it made me happy!  It was a lot like Match *cough Snatch Game and Ru just seems so happy doing it.  I haven’t laughed out loud so hard watching a game show in a long time.

So today is Kyle’s brother Drew’s Fiance Ale’s (MOUTHFUL right?!) 27th birthday!!  I wished her Happy Birthday on Facebook (we also exchanged real cards and gifts earlier in the month..yeah we still do that!) with a picture of the Pokemon Sandslasher. Ale is saving up to acquire a Hedgehog as a pet….there you GO….yeah she’s really into Pokemon Go.  Who isn’t right?!  ME lol!  Kyle and I don’t have smart phones and I’m kind of glad about that.  I am glad to see some phone apps though that are encouraging people to use the miles they are walking chasing Pokemon to support their favorite charities!  Everything has potential to do great things besides virally distract people.  The timing of this was well….timely.  What better way to distract people than something like this?  It’s o.k as long as you aren’t trying to get some “rat-summa-bitch” while your driving!  This video has made me laugh EVERY TIME I’ve watched it and that’s more than once. Anyhew….we love you Ale and hope your day is awesome like you!!!  AWESOME SAUCE!

Yesterday my friend and actor Paul David Ridley shared a post from his friend, actor Marc Zammit who is making a film to highlight the problem of Homelessness in England and I was really touched by what I saw!  I hope you’ll watch the trailer….in a little over 8 minutes my heart ached so bad for this man Frankie and I cried.  I hope Mark gets everything he needs to make sure this film gets made.  I would like to think that when the film is made and a success, part of the proceeds can go to help get people off the streets.


On a different note, last nights Netflix movie was a film I’d forgotten we put on the cue!  It was a Zombie comedy and a well-done one at that.

This movie took fighting AND running from Zombies to a whole new level and for those of you who have seen this know exactly what I’m talking about…I didn’t know a body appendage could stretch that far before breaking!  We actually enjoyed this one.  It apparently came out around the time of the another comedy horror film about Zombies called Cooties which was also pretty damn funny.  I know, what is a girl who is always talking about peace and love and non-violence doing watching such things?  To me, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves and other monsters of film are analogies for what is going on in our world but not the actual events….horror films have had that intention behind them for most of the time they have existed. They are an alternative way to look at “real-life” monsters and the horrible things people are capable of doing and actually do to each other. When they get tooo realistic is when I “switch” it off.  You can make your point without going “there.”

Now to change gears completely!  For the past couple of days I’ve been seeing some really awesome things from the Golden Age of GANS Facebook page and the other Keshe Foundation pages and groups I belong to.  I’ve been seeing the exploration of using quartz crystals for energy towers, people adding Gans to their aromatherapy diffusers, people using gadgets like E-cigarrette Vape devices to deliver GANS for medical treatments.  It’s so amazing to see how all of this is mushrooming into so much innovation on the part of the people inspired by and working with the Keshe Foundation! People are doing all kinds of research and experimentation with plasma too — makes me happy to see so much enthusiasm, creativity and innovation going on in the world.  Thanks Mr. Keshe!

That’s it for now….love to you through these wires….through the winds…from my Dimension to yours.  YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE!


6 comments on “20 July 2016 Birthday wishes (Ale), Drawing, Keshe Foundation inspired Crystal Towers of Energy, Homeless Ashes (Marc Zammit film project), Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015 comedy-horror film)

  1. I love your drawing that would be great on a t-shirt :o) I had no clue about this pokemon-thing, till they had it in the news … can’t believe that I never noticed this giant spectacle… maybe senior moments or signs of age?

    • Not a sign of age Easy – may be different line of sight on what you enjoy doing….different priorities than looking for digital monster creatures at your local grocery store lol. Thank you for the compliment about the drawing….you and I do think alike lol – I found myself saying the very same thing yesterday. I need to put these on tshirts! Haven’t made a hand-painted shirt in awhile. May be time gain – thanks for vote in that direction! Love to you there!

  2. Love the painting, Jackie. Gorgeous! So glad you had a good night’s sleep. It’s better here…better enough for Chi, the kitty, to start her “play with me” overtures at ungodly early hour. Oy! 😉 xoxoM

    • LOL We have Amber cat here that sometimes does the early morning overtures if Link doesn’t beat her to it first with his kisses and ear flop noises. Thank you for the compliment on the drawing M – you take pictures and manifest things and I make pictures and then take a picture to manifest things lol. It would be fun to see what you could do to my drawings with your artist eyes. Love to you M. (you have my permission btw should you decide this sounds like a challenge!)

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