19 July 2016 Dreams of being with an old friend (Bitburg ABS Germany) and a new one

Yep….it’s Tuesday morning and I’m up early again…3:50 am after getting up around 1:30 am with the consequences of overindulging in Lucky Charms cereal last night…for dinner.  I won’t go into details but egad what are they using for food coloring in those marshmallows?!! LOL!! So yeah…don’t eat kids cereal for dinner and expect to have a decent nights sleep!  Least not if your me.  I know better too!  Well when I got up the second time, Kyle had already been up…guess his Cinnamon Toast Crunch wasn’t much better.

So I had a couple of dreams that blended into each other.  I dreamt about people wearing blue jeans and one woman in particular I actually recognized from my past!  Her name was June Blackwell and she was a MSgt and my direct supervisor when I last knew her while I was stationed at Bitburg ABS Germany before it was returned to the Germans.  She was always so thin – all legs.  I just loved her and she was so good to me as a boss and a friend.  I’ve often wondered about her…if she is still alive even as she was older than me when I knew her.  She had a soft southern accent, her smile and laugh were contagious and she had a heart of gold.  She reminded me a lot of my Aunt Ruth and she was a great comfort to me while being so stationed overseas without any other family besides my husband.  The next part was about a man who was very thin talking about losing more weight for a role….like 100 plus pounds and I said to him there won’t be anything left of you if you lose more weight!  Well “we” (I was with someone but don’t know who) went into his private office and on his desk he had a Starbucks coffee shake with about 3 inches of whip cream on top that he took a bite out of.  He said he was showing “us” that he liked to eat and drink things we did.  There was also a part about me going to a public refrigerator and looking for water but all I could find, without digging, was different kinds of soda and syrupy drinks.  The water I did find I had to put back because it was already opened.  There was also something about a health condition with the man who was losing weight, like emphysema or something…he didn’t look healthy to me.
So here are some of the “keys” I think that unlocked this dream and possible visit with my old friend June:

1) I’ve been having “Germany” on the brain lately and just yesterday I even replied to a comment from my friend Cyndy in German.  She had been surprised I listened to Rammstein.  She had bought music by them like 8 years ago and studied German for 3 years!  I remember bits and pieces but far from fluent!  If you don’t use it, you lose it!  Another sign of how much we have in common!

2) Recently I was introduced to the Facebook page of actor Clint Winters (he’s going to be Batman in the New 52) by my other friend and actor Paul David Ridley. Clint is really into nutrition health and makes daily videos about this subject or other things that are on his mind….very inspirational guy!  Well yesterday one of his videos was about how using artificial sweeteners and eating or drinking things with them in it can sabotage your weight loss efforts and make you eat even more! Something I completely agree with!  (https://www.facebook.com/clintwintersactor/?fref=ts – Clints FB page Official Fan Page of Clint Winters – SAG Eligible Actor, Writer and Producer. Starring in The New 52 Television Comic Book Series as Bruce Wayne.)


I like sharing this type of stuff with you because may be it will help you understand your own waking and sleeping worlds….they are indeed connected by the dream realm.

Hope you have a day of loving and being loved.  If no one has told you today – you are special, you are loved, you have potential and talent….YOU GOT THIS!


3 comments on “19 July 2016 Dreams of being with an old friend (Bitburg ABS Germany) and a new one

  1. that was a good dream and maybe to dream about germany was a sign that things will go better at our side of the pond now :o) I wasn’t really a fan of Rammstein, it probably was the name what reminded me always about this horrible disaster at the flight show in 1988… we actually planned to go to see the show but decided the last minute to stay in kaiserslautern… fortunately…

    • I hope so Easy! I’m praying it’s going to get better! Rammstein is one of those bands I like to listen to when I need to vent and channel frustration if that makes sense. Their sound makes me think of ancient warriors off to battle kind of thing. BUT one time my husband and I made the mistake of looking up English translations of their songs and it almost turned my stomach! Don’t recommend it. I think I remember that accident you speak of. I’m glad you all didn’t go – we couldn’t have become friends! I would have missed you! Hope you have a great day.

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