14 July 2016 Birthday cupcake with family, making your own coloring book designs (drawing to relax before sleep), Lucas (dog), Supernova remnant Cassiopeia A, Spiral (poem)

*It was a neat coincidence to see the article on MSN yesterday about supernovas and their using an image that looks a lot like the picture I took of my pendant lol.


A Supernova Might Have Abetted A Mass Extinction On Earth

Kate Baggaley2 days ago
supernova remnant Cassiopeia A
© Provided by Popular Science supernova remnant Cassiopeia A

A supernova might have occurred around the right time and at the right distance from Earth to contribute to a minor mass extinction several million years ago.

An exploding star hundreds of light-years from Earth may have played a role in a minor mass extinction that happened 2.59 million years ago, new research indicates. Scientists modeled the light and radiation that would have reached Earth from relatively close exploding stars, or supernovae. The impacts on Earth and its lifeforms could help explain the die-off that happened as the Pliocene Epoch wrapped up and the Pleistocene began, they say.

It’s generally accepted that several stars have gone supernova about 300 light years from Earth within the past few million years. Recent evidence for these supernovae comes from two studies published in April. In one, researchers traced the amount of iron-60, a radioactive form of iron, in deep-sea crusts. Iron-60 is catapulted into space by supernovae or in winds from massive stars; its presence can reveal when a star exploded nearby. Scientists found two influxes of iron-60, one about 1.5 to 3.2 million years ago, another at 6.5 to 8.7 million years ago. Another group calculated the likely trajectories of recent supernovae, and found that the stars were probably nine times the size of our own sun, and exploded about 300 light years from Earth.

In the new study, scientists were curious about how these recent supernovae might have affected life on Earth, as well as our planet’s atmosphere. To cause a truly catastrophic extinction, you’d need a supernova within about 26 light-years from Earth. “This event is not close enough to have precipitated a major mass extinction, but may have had noticeable effects,” wrote the researchers, who recently published the findings in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Their work indicates that blue light from a supernova at that distance might have flared in the night sky for several weeks, disturbing animals’ slumber. The supernovae would have also belched out cosmic rays, which travel at the speed of light. Once they reached Earth, these rays would have tripled the amount of radiation organisms on land and in the ocean’s upper waters were exposed to. The extra radiation would likely have boosted cancer risk and mutations. “This is not disastrous, but might be noticeable in the fossil record,” the team wrote.

Cosmic rays might also have influenced Earth’s climate by ionizing, or changing the charge of, particles in the atmosphere. “The high-energy cosmic rays…tear up molecules, they can rip electrons off atoms, and that goes on right down to the ground level,” coauthor Adrian Melott, of the University of Kansas, said in a statement. “Normally that happens only at high altitude.”

This would have caused a tenfold increase in the ionization in the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere for at least 1,000 years. “It is possible that this could trigger climate change, especially if instability was already present,” wrote Melott and his colleagues.

Radiation from a recent supernova could be related to the extinction that happened at the end of the Pliocene Epoch, the team concluded. Further work will be needed to show how it would have influenced cloud formation, lightning strikes, or other events in the atmosphere.

I hope this finds you all well today.  The ACO folks came and got Lucas a few minutes ago and if they get an “owner release,” we have agreed to foster Lucas until the shelter has their “Clear the Shelter” event next Saturday.  They said they would make sure he has all his shots and is clean beforehand so it will be safe for him to be with our dogs and old lady cats.  I figure I can foster him until we can get him into a loving forever home where he gets treated in the way he keeps running away to find!  He’s such a sweet dog.

Just fyi,  I’m starting to “cull” my posts here because I am running out of photo/data space on my free account here and  am not sure I want to pay for a Premium subscription.  I’ve got all of them saved so I am able to revisit them but you won’t be able to!   The thing about blogging that doesn’t make the culling such a bad thing….bloggers tend to repeat themselves LOL!  Least I seem to.


by Jackie Wygant 21 July 2011


Ancient and primitive as time and space

All things go round and round

Bend from the beginning and back into the same place


The travelers wear different skins and voices

Wear thin the grass on the mountain

As they make the same choices


Different colored eyes and skin rise, breathe and become dust

Their creations gleam and shine so briefly

For soon the torrents of the jet stream char the sky with rust


Back to back, shoulder to shoulder

In their separateness bound with twine

They watch as the future is on fire while the past still smoulders


The lessons written in every tongue, most primitive stain

Too painful to remember the truth

They live the past again


Twisting and turning

Always to the beginning




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