13 July 2016 THX 1138 (George Lucas 1971 sci-fi film), rainbow roses, is it an apple tree, my evening drawing, Bill Withers Lean on Me, Because (poem)

Hello again, it will be quick I promise!  I hope this finds you well wherever and whenever you are at this moment.  If no one has told you yet – you are AWESOME SAUCE!

I wanted to share that last night’s Netflix film for Kyle and I was THX 1138 which was the first feature length movie George Lucas ever directed.   MAN!  It was difficult for us to follow it but neither of us could stop watching it because we saw what he was trying to convey….the future that is nearly now.  It had a distinctive 1984 and Blade Runner feel to the movie and definitely a precursor to Star Wars technology.  After we finished watching it I was scrambled eggs and had to take Spot for a walk before going to bed….it messed me up inside at a level I couldn’t consciously put a finger on but it did.  Seeing Robert Duvall as a young man was quite riveting….the role was very physically demanding I think!  I’m glad we saw it because we both really think the world of George….wish he had held on to Star Wars but that’s a Pandora’s box we’ll not open today!


My drawing before bed helped further calm my mind enough to get some rest and it’s got some silly phrases that came through it but they made me smile too. When I was looking at the pendant I mentioned yesterday and all the colors, it was like hearing the voices of family if that makes sense.

After I did the post to celebrate Kyle and was listening to Drift Away, this song was next and I think it’s perfect for these times!


Because – by Jackie Wygant 16 Aug 2011


Here I am again with questions that have no definitive answers

Images and words swirl inside my noodle

Faster than a bunch of psychotic dancers

Why am I here, what is this all for

Do I choose to take the ladder

Or walk out the back door

My days begin with train wrecks the media depicts as ordinary life

A woman kills her children

A man murders his wife

A bomb levels a city

The worms in the wood of our government wriggling

But oh isn’t destruction pretty?

Politicians banter and use God like a bank

Their eyes are unsmiling

The lies make their breath smell rank

The weak and despairing huddle in masses eager for good news

The false prophets play their horns to lure them

While smiling the lost aren’t even left with shoes

In the middle of mayhem are the stories kept hidden from view

These stories filled with light, love, miracles and hope

Places in our existence where everyones life isn’t all askew

There is little room for these headlines of joy

The hero who saves the injured

The dog who saves the boy

The tragedy of the reality paraded before my daily eyes

Burns in my soul and each time I see it

And as desired by some twisted source, a little bit of hope dies

Where is my refuge, my shelter from the storms without rain

Is it in divinity so distant or inner voices deceptive and fragmented

Does any worldly comfort exist or is it a search in vain

As I sit beneath my pecan tree, eyes closed in meditation

I find only the communion with nature and the music in my ears

To be my consolation

There are no definitive answers this world can give to soothe me

The answer is in the roots

Of the Great Tree

“Why I ask?” and the answer is simple

“If it has been a thought, then it is and ever shall be until there is only silence.”



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