13 July 2016 Happy Birthday wishes to my husband the poem of my heart…the person who makes everyday MY birthday

Hello!  I’m going to be doing two separate posts today because today is my husband Kyle’s 32nd birthday and I wanted to dedicate the first post of the day to him!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart and the person who makes my everyday a gift!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart and the person who makes my everyday a gift!

We don’t have anything in particular planned today, just letting the birthday boy decide what he wants to do.  The way we enjoy celebrating birthdays the most is just being together.  Everything else is the figurative icing on the cake!  We don’t emphasize gifts….it’s about the “presence” being the “present.”

We met playing an online MMORPG called Final Fantasy XI around 2003 and here we are….2016!  Still together and still very much in love but ever mindful of why this is so….we make sure to tend the garden of our relationship every day.  The biggest strength and sometimes are greatest weakness is communication.  Sometimes we speak without words so well that there is too much silence and when this happens we are quick to remedy it!  Remember, living a life with another person based on assumptions can make an ass out of you both!


I’ve never mentioned this, but before Kyle and I got married, he used to write poetry!  He doesn’t write it anymore…his excuse…”I’m happy!”  I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was probably 5 years old and still do, as you know, from time to time but I have to agree that when you are happy, poetry doesn’t come so easily LOL!

This is the poem he wrote for me when we first met in Florida in 2004:


Elegance shrouded in black

Painted in all the finest reds

Captured in the grasp

Of a lovers arms

Collected in the memory

until released passion is


A dream made reality

By wants

While others try to drive

An invisible wedge between


————————————————> these are a couple he wrote in 2002

The Other Way In

by Kyle Wygant 10 October 2001

Red hot blue summer


On the back of every

Man dog

Green with evil

Gray with greed

Poor with whispers

Mashed with words from afar

Back to the day went much

Was new

And over the edge of

Blank minded fools


Starts with

by Kyle Wygant 3 Feb 2002

It can start with one line

With it does evolve a word

Of body and mind

Forged on the visions of the


It can start with one word

From which many more shall


A word spread on beliefs

of the unseen worlds

It can start in just one rhyme

Put in the vast world of my mind

For others to behold and experience


The Midnight Hour

Kyle Wygant Feb 11 2002

The witching hour is upon us,

Listening to the sounds of the banging windows

And the creaky floors,

With the sounds of the children of the night

As a distant call

Where as the moon shines its illumines light

So the nightly wanderers

May scurry about with ease

With little fear

Until the unexpected dinner guest arrives

To join them for their last meal

While the crickets take no heed

As the foxes who found their way

Into the cozy home of the rabbit’s lair

For a filling meal

And a safe place for the night

For a soundly sleep


One of Kyle’s all-time favorite songs by Dobie Gray:


I LOVE YOU KYLE!!!!  These are just a small fraction of all the memories we’ve shared together and I hope the Universe will allow us to make many more together!




2 comments on “13 July 2016 Happy Birthday wishes to my husband the poem of my heart…the person who makes everyday MY birthday

    • Thank you M! I am hoping for that! We’ve had a great day today. Kyle’s younger brother came over and had “linner” with us (lunch/dinner) and cupcakes to celebrate Kyle and then they had a couple hours to play video games together like they have always done. Drew really helped make today a bit more special for Kyle and me too. We are so blessed. Love to you and thank you for coming by!

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