12 July 2016 Why write “real” Letters? Live Letters Benedict Cumberbatch, Is the “sparkle” of crystals a language?

Hello there! How are you?  I’m doing well.  We’ve got the dogs walked and breakfast done and it’s only 7:40 am!  Pretty good!  I’ve got letter writing materials sitting in my view and plan to get at least a letter to Mom and Lesley today. The three of us still do the “snail mail” thing lol.  I think of letters being like a “visit” or a “present-present” and cherish them.  My Mom and Lesley are really good about ensnaring the snippets of their lives into a couple of pages.  When I get in the “flow” of writing a letter sometimes I can go 5 or 6 pages lol (small pieces of stationary of course.)  Lately I’ve been working on paring things down….brevity has never been my strong suite!  Those of you who have been following my blog for any length of time are nodding I’m sure!  I guess writing is my way of making up for how poor I am at socializing sometimes.  When you write a letter or a blog like this, you can “edit” yourself and when you are thinking of something you want to reference like a quote or something but can’t remember who said it or how they said it you can “Bing” or “Google” it and get it exactly right versus when you’re talking to someone directly…unless your my brother-in-law Drew with his smart phone lol.  Kyle and I don’t have a smart phone…we have dumb phones that can talk to each other at the moment (chuckle).

Anyhew….when my Mom writes letters a lot of times they smell like her perfume.  Like a real visit.  If we can’t be together as much as we’d like….write! Sometimes when we write letters to special people we actually get an answer back! But you must have a consistent mailing address to have reciprocation so that can be hard for communicating with certain people. If any of those certain people are reading this, you know who you are 🙂  I guess one of the blessings of obscurity and having a normal life is you don’t move a lot unless you choose to!  We moved into this house on 9 Nov 2009….already over 6 years in one place!!!

Writing letters can also be a very therapeutic thing.  Writing out what you are going through and sending it off to someone else is a way to get something out of your head.  Kind of the same principle behind journal writing.  Writing a letter about what is going on in your current life can help someone else going through very similar circumstances.  May be help someone else understand what it’s like to go through what you are going through that has never experienced it….an educational letter.

Awhile back I found this video of Benedict Cumberbatch reading a letter and I’ve shared it before…sharing again.  I wonder how many letters he actually writes or does he just read them!  So many people in this world are so busy….only taking in other peoples stuff without much time left to process their own stuff.  If you don’t take care of you first you’re not going to be worth two shits to anyone else….there’s nothing left!  Balance in all things.  (I’m saying this to you readers but reminding myself too!)

“My dearest one” Benedict Cumberbatch reads Chris Barker’s letter to Bessie Moore

Just saw this one when looking for link to the other and had to share…loved the Imitation Game!  WOW! This at the end is heart-breaking…..

“Turing believes that machines can think
Turing lies with men
Therefore machines do not think…..”

“Yours in distress” Benedict Cumberbatch reads Alan Turing’s letter to Norman Routledge

Changing gears to something many, especially ladies I know, love….the “sparkle”

This is pendant that has that "mystic topaz" thing going on with multiple colors. Got it for $1 at my neighbors garage sale last year

This is pendant that has that “mystic topaz” thing going on with multiple colors. Got it for $1 at my neighbors garage sale last year. We listen to space for sound signals but I wonder if we shouldn’t also be looking for flashes of light or other forms of communication. They probably are doing that but if not….why not? When we finally do get out to those outer galaxies and meet alien life there will probably be many more forms of life than we could imagine and vast forms of how they communicate.

What is it about the sparkle of a diamond, a crystal or anything that reflects light? For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of the “sparkle.”  It’s not uncommon for me to stop everything I’m doing just to stand and admire the light flashes from the sun catchers I make or things like that.  It just mesmerizes me.  I mostly like the sparkle that comes from crystals and gemstones.

Well yesterday I was sitting out back with this pendant I got for like $1 at my neighbors garage sale and starting rotating it so I could see all the colors shine in the sun.  Aside from feeling like I was transported away for a bit lol (actually got off balance and vision went wonky), I found myself wondering if the sparkle could be a language?  I’m not talking speed of light, Morse code with flashes or any of that…I’m talking about just the varying frequencies of the light intensity if that makes sense.  The different flashes of light and color “felt” differently as they met my eyes.  I would hold the pendant on one particular “light color” but it still would change to another color.  As I sat there rotating the pendant and just allowing myself to see the flashes of different light, it felt like communication and it made me happy.  I know it’s silly and there is probably gobs of research and data all over the internet about this already but I wanted to share my own experience untainted by others.

Hope anyone coming to visit or seeing this has a wonderful day and I hope that you know and hear on a regular basis that you are loved.  No matter how many mistakes we make, each new day gives us a chance to make amends.

11 July 2016 my drawing before bed last night. Thinking about dimensional my time outside can be and we might have an apple tree in our yard...

11 July 2016 my drawing before bed last night. Thinking about dimensional my time outside can be and we might have an apple tree in our yard…


2 comments on “12 July 2016 Why write “real” Letters? Live Letters Benedict Cumberbatch, Is the “sparkle” of crystals a language?

  1. I think the attraction to “bling” is a metaphoric remembrance of the flashes of Light from within, Jackie. Just a thought. Been reading a lot about letter-writing lately. Working on connecting those dots… While my work is coaching by text, I do so on a plain cell phone, with a civilized alpha keyboard. I’m the Smart in my phone, lol! xoxoM

    • The Light is within us…yep! I think light therapy could be a thing. I sat in my backyard today with my pendant today and just listened to music and watched the flashes of color and felt soo happy. The music that came up on my Ipod seemed almost synchronized to what I was doing without my trying. I felt so relaxed afterwards! It could already be a thing to have “light therapy” I know there is color and music therapy already. I love your comment about being the smart in your phone haha! Love to you M!

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