11 July 2016 An example of how easy racial profiling can be, ashiatsu barefoot massage, “cold snaps” and energy healing, early birthday dinner for Kyle with family who are also our dear friends

Hello all!  How are you doing today?  I know…it’s Monday but look at it this way…at least you woke up.  Never take a moment for granted.  If we’ve learned anything from current world events…do not take ANYTHING for granted.

Read this last night and it really resonated and I think fits into todays messages very well.

Read this last night and it really resonated and I think fits into todays messages very well.

Man what a mish-mash I have for you this morning!  I want to start with leading by Kyle and my example.  This morning Kyle and I experienced just how easy it is to racially profile people….to stereotype….to ass-ume (you know what you do when you assume something…make an ass out of you and me!)  We were walking the dogs this morning and saw this small burgundy pickup doing weird things at the end of the street by the barricade that was put up to keep construction workers from driving through our neighborhood.  He was doing all sorts of maneuvers with his truck like he wanted to go around the barricade.  Well as we came up to him, he had pulled back to a stop sign and was just sitting there.  He was a young man of what looked to be a Hispanic background.  I told him that he couldn’t go into the neighborhood the way he was trying to go, that he needed to go a neighborhood over to get in.  Well after I said that, he proceeded to go back to trying to get in the way he was trying before!  I guess he didn’t understand me.  Then we heard a couple of sirens in the neighborhood next to us and saw flashing lights pull in to the neighborhood up the street.  Kyle muttered, “Wouldn’t it be something if we were just talking to a criminal?”  and I made gestures at the vehicle and pointed down in the direction of the pick up we had just encountered!

OMG!!!  We couldn’t have been more ignorant and typical if we tried….they were ambulances coming for our neighbor’s wife!!!

On the way home we agreed we had both failed the very test we have been preaching to the “choir” to learn.  We had just racially profiled a young man who probably didn’t speak English and was trying desperately to get to the job site on the other side of the barricade.  He was probably a new worker, lost and late and may be fearful he was going to lose his job!!!

It is SO easy to misunderstand people of other races, creeds, nationalities….any kind of “other” not like us.  Well my Aunt Ruth must have known I was going to have such a test today because when I checked into Facebook, she had posted this amazing video from country singer Coffey Anderson and his friends Patric Paul and Slim Jones.  Please watch it.  Please learn from it.  These tips are not just for minorities being pulled over by police but are applicable to all of us in said situation.  Thank you Coffey, Patric and Slim for making the video and sharing it!  I’m so sad such a video has to even exist but it does.  We have so much to learn from each other so we can avoid future misunderstandings and lay to rest the “devil” that has us all…. FEAR.

https://www.facebook.com/coffeyanderson/?fref=nf – Coffey Anderson singer’s video:

Coffey Anderson

July 7 at 6:53pm ·
What do you actually do when you get pulled over by the police? Here is a video that helps diffuse tension at traffic stop, it gives solid steps into ways of staying safe, and getting home. SHARE this. It’s a must for all to see and show to your loved ones.

Yesterday I mentioned Kyle and I were going to the Holistic Fair at the Ft Worth Stockyards and we did.  It was great to see some of our friends like Joseph, Tanya, Daniel, Patricia LaDale Lane, Wayne Loneagle, and Rebecca Lippens who gave me my very first Ashiatsu barefoot massage!  We met some neat new people like a real sweet gal named Angelique Ewing and her daughter (Shining Moon Farm) who were selling home-made soaps (they smell so good when we got home Link tried to eat them!).  We also met a man named Aaron Baird who is an artist and he had a piece on display that looked like something from the Keshe Foundation!  When he held it towards me on one side, I could feel intermittent energy but when he flipped it over Kyle felt it hit his abdomen area and I felt it pierce my third eye area almost instantly like a steady beam!  WOW!  He was going to sell it for only $800 and another guy and I told him he was seriously low-balling that!

As we were walking to our car to leave the Fair, Kyle’s brother Drew called to ask us if we wanted to meet for dinner at Olive Garden in Burleson later.  What’s funny, but not unusual, is Kyle and I had just been talking about where to go to dinner for his birthday and had mentioned Olive Garden LOL.  Drew does this all the time….he’s going to make a great therapist someday!  A precognitive therapist LOL.  I think it’s just the fact that he and Kyle are both brothers and dear friends.  They are very much alike and different in ways that are useful to each of them.  Ale and I are alike in many ways too and one of them is she is a “cleaner” too – she cleans to alleviate stress as do I…my OCD go-to activity when I’m really feeling stressed out.  So we met for dinner and a little later and it was so fun.

I had to take a nap after we got home from the Fair so I could be able to go out to dinner later.  The massage felt great but wiped me out!!  While it was happening I could definitely feel my energy squishing about and especially when her feet met mine!  I even got tearful during it.  Afterwards I felt what she had done for sure and I was grateful to her.  She was so gentle and conscious of what she was doing with me while she was doing it.  She was conscious enough not to overextend my hips that she sensed were too tight.  Thank you!!!

As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m extremely sensitive to the energy other people, places and things.  I can be highly susceptible to energy vampirism and a bit of that happened at the Fair yesterday…it’s seldom intentional either!  The reason I was so tired afterwards was partly due to that but also due to my not sleeping well the previous night and the fact that Rebecca was doing powerful energy work on me!

We also are wondering if my fatigue had to do my being in a place where the “energy exchange” can sometimes be imbalanced.  I say this because of how I felt before I went in and how I felt when I left.  It didn’t feel like it was just having an energy work massage done.  At such an event, people going there are seeking and the people at the fair are there to help but also seeking to sell their gifts and their wares.  Sometimes there can be more “seeking” than balanced exchange of giving and taking.  On the way to the Fair and before I went in, I was energized but after I left I was not.  I felt drained.  The place the Fair is being held in is a bar and in just that you have a meeting of two contrasting purposes of a building.  When people go to the bar, in many cases, they are seeking an escape from internal problems but do so with the help of artificial substances like alcohol.  When people go to a Holistic Fair, in many cases, they are also seeking “something” outside of themselves to help solve an internal problem.  When I explained all this to Drew he said, “Here’s the bar, Here’s the Fair and in the middle is you….rock in a hard place.”  I think he makes an apt description!

It was probably just a coincidence, but after Rebecca finished with my massage, I noticed the man working with her, Terry I think was his name, all the sudden had a stocking cap on and she expressed how cold she suddenly felt.  Was it just the A/C getting turned on or up or was it the phenomenon that happened many times while I was at Mesa Springs?  A  “cold snap.”  Many times other patients and myself just got really cold and couldn’t warm up.  I saw this happen in the Quantum Touch classes I attended and other energy work I’ve witnessed.  When energy exchanges are going on in places or situations of healing…it gets cold atmospherically and we get cold physically.  This is why people who do energy work keep blankets on hand for their clients.  I am wondering if cold spots appear when a huge energy exchange, such as can happen with energy healing work, occurs.

This is Rebecca at work - Kyle didn't get picture of me having this done...too distracted I think lol. It's like a dance.

This is Rebecca at work – Kyle didn’t get picture of me having this done…too distracted I think lol. It’s like a dance.


2 comments on “11 July 2016 An example of how easy racial profiling can be, ashiatsu barefoot massage, “cold snaps” and energy healing, early birthday dinner for Kyle with family who are also our dear friends

  1. yes it is easy to misunderstand …. and I think it’s inside of all people to have this thoughts :o( thanks for the explanation of why we get cold… that#s interesting…

    • I like that people are doing things like Coffey is to try and help us understand each other and your welcome about the cold explanation. It’s just something I’ve noticed and am wondering if is just part of healing! Love to you all today!

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