7 July 2016 Dreams that wake you up, “please stop smoking”, Ben Batman Farrell, July birthdays, drawing and Breaking Benjamin “Breath”

Hello to you wherever and whenever you are.  How are you doing?  I’m doing better…a bit ago was rough.  Let me explain.

I woke up after a dream of seeing my brother-in-law Drew, his fiancé Ale and Jonathan Rhys Meyers all sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool.  They weren’t dead, just blowing bubbles and sitting there.  There was more to the dream than that but that’s all that I can remember.  What I did remember is what woke me up and made it so I couldn’t go back to sleep.  The first thing that came to mind is I want all three of them to quit smoking lol!  I blame Facebook.  My mind used images from it to put this dream together and the connection is seeing a beautiful picture yesterday of Jon with a little boy known as Ben Batman Farrell from Ireland.  Ben has cancer and they are trying to raise funds for his treatment.  Smoking = cancer.  Trying to use your lungs and smoke is like, I guess, sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool trying to breathe.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Batman Ben Farrell on set of Vikings

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Batman Ben Farrell on set of Vikings

VIDEO: Brave little ‘Batman Ben’ meets actor Jonathan Rhys Myers on set

05/07/2016 | 16:02

BEN “Batman” Farrell joined Jonathan Rhys Myers on the set of the Vikings this morning to help fundraise money for his life-saving cancer treatment.

Ben was diagnosed with a rare form of Wilms tumour on Christmas Eve 2015 and is fundraising for a life-saving cancer trial in Washington at an estimated €260,000.

Talking from the set of the Vikings at Lough Tay, County Wicklow, Johnathan Rhys Myers urged his fans to help little Ben.

“My friend Ben, he’s not very well. He’s an excellent boy, he’s a little superhero so please give what you can, time, energy, tell other people about it and make sure that we get it done. It’s very simple, let’s get it done for Batman Ben,” said Johnathon.

Ben’s uncle Trevor Croly said that Ben “had a ball” on set.

“Ben wasn’t a big fan of the Vikings until the visit, but he is now. He and his brother Jack (2) now want to be Vikings.

“We’re all big fans, particularly of Jonathan Rhys Meyers now. We all knew he was a great actor. Today we seen he’s a great guy as well.

“Ben had a ball. The picture says it all.”

Ben underwent 19 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and doctors in Ireland don’t know what else to do.

“After 19 rounds of chemotherapy our consultant looked at us and said he didn’t think he could cure Ben,” said Ben’s mum Valerie.

“Going over to the US, I knew the costs were going to be through the roof but we know what we need to do.

“Faced with many uncertainties one thing is clear to us. We must fight. We must give Ben every chance no matter how far or what the cost. We know treatment in America runs into hundreds of thousands and we need help to give us more options,” said Valerie.

You can donate money to help Ben’s treatment in the US at https://www.gofundme.com/batmanben

So a personal message to Drew, Ale and Jon….please stop smoking as soon as you can…Todd, Jacob you too!  I know it’s so hard.  The story of how I quit is one day after working at the Daily Bread soup kitchen in Melbourne Florida (2001 or so), I went to the park at the library across the street like I often did.  I was going to have a cigarette and just unwind from volunteering.  Well for some reason I asked the powers that be to help me quit, just like I did to quit drinking.  Well it came to me to put my lighter in the package of cigarettes I had and get up and leave the park without lighting one up.  As I did, two men asked me if I could spare a smoke and I gave them the whole pack to include the lighter and never had another cigarette after that.  In hindsight I wish I had just thrown the smokes away so those two men might have been spared too…but I can’t change that.  What I can do is tell you my story and hope it helps you to quit somehow.  I love you!

Anyhew….I couldn’t go back to sleep and ended up out back on my porch swing having the “meaning of life” flowing through my brain.  It’s not the stuff of any grand revelation!  Many far smarter and wiser than me have had these thoughts I know!  I’m just catching up I guess….it’s not an easy thing to meet your Maker.  The thought of why everything is energy and looks and acts the way it does…why we have to do what we do to stay alive.  The sobering thought we are probably all vampires lol…the living dead….dead stars in the eyes of God…our existence just a recording on a gold plate in space.  Sigh….I know…depressing but I guess I needed to cry.  I needed to feel intense love for everything and that did the trick. You know how cute our Link and Spot are and having them ask to come out and join me…comfort me…well that’s intense love.

“It’s not an easy thing to meet your maker.  Nature teaches us there is no cure for death and this is why man has gone so “mechanical”…trying to buy more time to find the cure.”  A cure for death is only one thing….more time.  With our current technology, that only means being in our current bodies for longer and hoping they will hold up until we can get new ones lol…surrogates. The stuff of science fiction.  Do we really want to be ghosts in the machine or are we already?

I’m still kind of holding on to the fantasy of the Mother ship escape clause lol.  When I was listening to the noises that go on when I’d normally be asleep, there was a sound that kind of sounded like Dr. Who’s Police Box (wink).

So anyhew….in addition to Kyle’s birthday on the 13th, I’ve realized a lot of people I know and admire also have July birthdays!  There was some “shaking” going on in “various” Novembers all over the world lol!  Happy Birthday to all the July babies!  You were conceived in cold and born to bring your warmth to the world.

Eva Green, 6 July
Patrick Stewart, 13 July (Kyle’s Birthday!)
Benedict Cumberbatch, 19 July
Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 27 July

This drawing is me trying to share with you, in another way, what it’s like when I connect outside.  Every breath we take is a life….our own and someone elses from our past, present or future.  Everything and everyone is energy right down to the smallest molecule we breathe.

We are all the stuff of stars...

We are all the stuff of stars…


5 comments on “7 July 2016 Dreams that wake you up, “please stop smoking”, Ben Batman Farrell, July birthdays, drawing and Breaking Benjamin “Breath”

  1. I hope Ben can win this fight…. it’s so hard when a child has to go through such things… and the imagination that such a little boy will maybe never become a man, a father or a grandfather is so darned sad :o(

    • I agree with you Easy! I want to believe that he will pull through this – just say a prayer for him and let it go to the maker. Whatever is for Ben’s greatest good. My hope for him would he would not only survive but thrive and become one foremost spokespeople for curing cancer! Not treating it, not more gadgets, tests and medicines…an actual cure. For now the prayers are just for him to get everything he needs so he can be healed.

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