6 July 2016 Start to my science fiction story…1289 CCD Noyell…Nik Valis and the Eyes Without A Face – writing can be therapeutic for those with ADD and ADHD

Hello there!  Hope you are all doing well today.  I’m doing pretty good.  It’s hot and up until I decided to take care of mowing the lawn…motivation level ZERO!  Summer in North Texas is alot like winter was for me as a child growing up in Sioux Falls South Dakota.  Instead of staying inside because there is over a foot of snow and cold outside your door, you stay in because it’s hot, humid and “buggy” outside.  Same problem in both cases…what the fuck do I do with myself? LOL!  SO I decided to start writing the short story about 1289 CCD Noyell.  This isn’t the final version of it, or the end of it but it’s a start. When you have a “monkey brain” like I do at times, attempting things that require a great deal of focus such as meditation, writing, drawing, crafts, exercises and chores can be challenging. It is the very reason why it’s important to keep trying to do these things….rewire the brain pathways a a bit.  Be able to write and have someone say “squirrel!” and still be able to get back to your original train of thought which can be very difficult for monkey brains…ADD/ADHD…the labels you put on it. I get easily bored and am tempted to move on to the next thought without fully exploring the current one,  so writing is a phenomenal exercise to help my brain get back to the task at hand!

So this is my very first go at this theme.  I’m a bit rusty!  My sharing this with you both to give you something to read (and critique lol) and for me to follow through with my committment to write it!  I keep telling the “source” of this that if they want me to write it, they have to help me and I guess this is their idea of how to help me! As a child and for much of my life, I used to write short stories and for some reason just didn’t keep up with it and became a “blogger.”  My blog the real-life accounts of a goofball, eccentric, hapless nit-wit named Jackie…cough…me.  I do love me but sometimes it is fun to escape into other lives…others dimensions whether real or imagined.

Love to you through the wires and thanks in advance for coming here and reading what ends up here.  It means a lot to me!

4 July 2016 - this is the one that evoked a story idea...she kind of looks like the Metropolis robot

4 July 2016 – this is the one that evoked a story idea…she kind of looks like the Metropolis robot

6 July 2016 1138am (start time to writing this)

1289 CCD Noyell…Nik Valis and the Eyes Without A Face

She was standing in her backyard again.  Her head cranked back to view the passing clouds.  In her ears the song “Blue Sky” by Ah-a was playing again.  Her “random” Itunes playlist didn’t ever feel very random.  It was like having a one-sided conversation with a juke-box…each time she put in her earbuds she was going to get the “message of the day.”  Then came the sudden flicker of the sun through the clouds…everything went silent and dark.

When she opened her eyes again, she was no longer in her backyard and she felt very cold.  She was going to rub her eyes but could not feel her hands to move them.  When she looked for them, all she could  see was darkness.  She felt like she was a head with eyes but no body.



A flicker of light appeared before her and then there was a huge movie screen.  Images began to appear on the screen.  At first she thought they might be movies from her childhood but the the longer the video played, the more she realized she was watching a “replay” of many different people’s home videos…many different lives.  The video would start at their childhood and end with mourning rituals…funerals.  After each one there were people who seemed to collect random parts of the deceased person, sometimes just ash, and put them away for safe keeping.  Some of the people in the videos shouldn’t have had videos taken at all.  The technology wouldn’t even had existed then.


The video that captured her attention the most was the first one.  Someone was watching the sky and an object seemed to come out of the sun with a flash.  Then the video showed a strange craft with a being in it that looked a lot like a human female but it didn’t have any hair and her bodies proportions were very strange.  The female was taken out of the craft looked badly injured.  In later frames she showed some signs of consciousness but ultimately she was “put away” like the others.  The very last frame of her film footage was a close up view of the writing on her ship…1289CCD Noyell.


The images that disturbed her were the ones where those who had been “put away” seemed to be taken out later and microscopic pieces of them were put into test tubes.  She watched video of human eggs being fertilized with sperm and whatever was in the test tubes.  The same process repeated for what seemed centuries until just one image flashed before her…her bodiless face…as she was now.


His cell phone vibrated violently on his night stand.  He picked it up to see who was calling and all that appeared for the caller id was the number “1289.”
“That’s not even a phone number!” he muttered.  Since his wife Rachel’s disappearance from their backyard a few weeks ago, he answered every call even if he didn’t recognize the number…it could be her!  It could be someone who knows where she is!  He flipped open the phone, “Hello?!”  There was only static at first and then a faint, yet familiar voice, “Nik?! Where are you?!” He pushed the phone closer to his ear, “Rachel?! Rachel?! Where are you honey?!! Static again, then “I have no body! They took my body!”  Nik felt himself start to panic, she wasn’t making any sense, “Rachel just tell me where you are and I’ll help you!” Static and then silence.

Nik threw the phone on the bed and flipped open his lap top.  The unknownphonenumber.com website didn’t help him and all he found out about the number 1289 was that it was considered an “evil” number because it has an even number of 1’s contained in its binary expansion….it had “apocalyptic powers.”  “Fucking useless….” he muttered flipping his laptop closed.

Nik Valis felt like he had just entered the Twilight Zone…trying to find his wife who had been literally “plucked” out their completely enclosed backyard.

(Nik Valis is a take on Nikola Tesla and Valis by PKD.  Rachel is of course Blade Runner.)

Realized when I was looking for drawings to insert into the story, I had drawn “Amma Star” before!



6 comments on “6 July 2016 Start to my science fiction story…1289 CCD Noyell…Nik Valis and the Eyes Without A Face – writing can be therapeutic for those with ADD and ADHD

  1. Great exercise, Jackie! It’s hot and humid in NYC as well. We do not, however, have air conditioning, so move very slowly through the fan-cooled air. Thinking takes too much effort, lol! xoxoM

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