4 July 2016 Family outside games (Cornhole/bean bag toss) and Evening drawings – “Organic mechanical fusion”

Hello, it’s about 7:11 p.m. and I’ve been drawing again.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  First I wanted to thank my in-laws for a nice get together earlier today!  We celebrated the 4th and also three birthdays – Beth, Kyle and Ale!  I didn’t take my camera but Beth did get some pictures she’ll hopefully share with all of us later (our camera is almost kaputa!!)  With everyone’s different schedules and living further apart, we try to take advantage of things when we do get everyone together!  It was fun playing a couple of rounds of cornhole or also called bean bag toss.  There is a technique to it and I think with enough practice I could get pretty good at it lol.


When we got home, we were all tired but I did do a couple of drawings.  We aren’t at all sure what the first one “means” but the second one made me think of a story premise which I need to write! (I’m terrible at dialogue and that’s usually what hangs me up when I write stories so may I’ll start with just a short story of it to start?  With what I have below, it’s almost done then I think! More to follow.)

Anyhew!  Here are the drawings:

An alien falls to earth from galaxy 1289 CCD and in order to save her, they fuse what can be saved of her organic parts with mechanized components.  They put her damaged body parts into a special solution so they can be repaired and later reattached her. The stipulation for her to get her body back and be able to go back home is she has special knowledge that can save the Earth.  The atmosphere is deterioating much more quickly than the public knows about and if something isn’t done, all life on Earth will not survive….not enough oxygen.  Her home world, 1289 CCD or Noyell, was once in the condition of the current Earth and she and her people were able to restore the atmosphere and she tells her “rescuers” about this and that is why they save her. They save her because of what she knows.  Unfortunately for this being, her “rescuers” are playing ball for two different teams.  One team doesn’t want the Earth to be saved and the other does.  The team that doesn’t want the Earth to be saved intentionally sabotages all the efforts of the other to stop atmospheric degeneration.  This offending team doesn’t wants the Earth to die so they don’t have to die alone knowing others will live beyond them.  They want eternal life and are holding the being essentially a hostage.  They use the cells from the being to try and extend their own lives while at the same time doing all they can to sabotage any of her and the other teams efforts just in case they are not successful.

Is this messed up or what?!  I read this to Kyle and he said that sounds like something “real world.”

We are probably not going to get much sleep tonight with it being “blowing shite up” night….our people here do love their fireworks!  I hope everyone stays safe and has a good time that partakes of 4th of July festivities!

Love and hugs through the wires from my dimension to yours!!


2 comments on “4 July 2016 Family outside games (Cornhole/bean bag toss) and Evening drawings – “Organic mechanical fusion”

    • Hello friend! Yes, for all we know it is or already has happened lol….so many layers to the onion we call reality. Wish you had been with us to play – it’s quite fun! Love to you!

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