2 July 2016 2 July 2016 Synchronicity (2015 sci film) how our choices forge a path to our present, Valis (Philip K. Dick) on mental illness

Good morning from my time and place in this little ditty called dimensional space (like that?! lol).  I’m really groggy this morning after a night of a lot of busy dreaming…no…don’t remember what was going on but I’m not rested lol.

I wanted to share something with you about yesterday that lead Kyle and I to “randomly” choose to watch the sci-fi film Synchronicity.  It’s a sequence of events and is a good illustration of what I’ve been trying to explain to you about how the choices you make in your life form a path to your present existence.

By the numbers:
1) a couple of days ago I did a drawing that included the acronym “TBB” (Tesla’s Black Box) because I was thinking about him
2) We watch the Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box
3) I notice article about Tesla Motors car crash investigation
4) A page I follow on Facebook in honor of Nikola Tesla posts an article with pictures I’d never seen of him before: http://www.ewao.com/a/10-fascinating-extremely-rare-images-nikola-tesla/
5)I was reading a biography about Philip K. Dick which includes references to Time Travel and Star Seeds
6) Yesterday afternoon I do a drawing about my experience outside with the rhythm I was seeing and song I was hearing holding quartz crystal
7) Kyle goes to get dinner and I have the task of choosing something for us to watch and Synchronicity is one of the films I choose that we could watch and the little film A Trip to the Moon redone in color (earlier in the afternoon, before this step, I became part of a Star Seed Group, they posted the Smashing Pumpkins video Tonight Tonight which has footage from Trip to the Moon!)

8) I show Kyle the choices I’ve made and he almost immediately, before I’m finished, chooses Synchronicity
9) The movie turns out to have nods to Nikola Tesla, Philip K. Dick and of course Blade Runner….(even a J.F Sebastian Easter Egg, Jim is what PKD used to have people call him, the music was very “Vangelis” even though it was done by Ben Lovett).
10) This film addresses the issue of the “multi-us” and what happens when we mess with time.  It shows how our “selves” affect each other much like another film, which also addressed this issue, The Prestige, which starred David Bowie as Nikola Tesla.  Multiple versions of ourselves cannot co-exist in the same dimension.  Philip K. Dick suspected his experiences with hauntings were not ghosts but other versions of himself crossing his current self’s path.
11) The threads of all of this above seems to be the power of light energy, music and time…perception of time by our “current” self
12) In one film I experience an intersection of Nikola Tesla, Philip K. Dick, Ridley Scott, Kyle and myself

SYNCHRONICITY Trailer (Sci-Fi Noir Film – 2015)

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2049543/combined – IMDB link for more info

“Time is a great teacher that eventually kills all it’s students” – Jim Beale

Blade Runner – Opening Titles (HQ)

Anyhew…..I hope this made some kind of sense!

Valis excerpt that stuck out at me last night and one of the best descriptions I’ve read of what mental illness is like.  Sadly, I often feel like I’m trying to explain things that make sense to me but are incomprehensible to anybody else…part of my “condition” or just who I’ve always been?  Either way, hard to swallow:

“The exegesis Fat labored on month afer month struck me as a Pyrrhic victory if there ever was one – in this case an attempt by a beleaguered mind to make sense out of the inscrutable.  Perhaps this is the bottom line to mental illness: incomprehensible events occur; your life becomes a bin for hoax-like fluctuations of what used to be reality.  And not only that – as if it weren’t enough – but you, like Fat, ponder forever over these fluctuations in an effort to order them into a coherency, when in fact the only sense they make is the sense you impose on them, out of the necessity to restore everything into shapes and processes you can recognize.  The first thing to depart in mental illness is the familiar.  And what takes its place is bad news because not only can you not understand it, you also cannot communicate it to other people.  The madman experiences something but what it is or where it comes from he does not know.”

A post from a new Facebook acquaintance on the Star Seed Group that got me teary:

CGI 3D Animated Music Video 1080 HD: “Brightest Star” – Fastwalkers. Directed by Ercan Alister Kosar


2 comments on “2 July 2016 2 July 2016 Synchronicity (2015 sci film) how our choices forge a path to our present, Valis (Philip K. Dick) on mental illness

  1. I suspect, Jackie, that which we call “mental illness” is often an equipment malfunction, in the sense that the brain, our processor between the Infinite and the finite, is somehow flawed and unable process all the frequencies. With expanding Consciousness, we are becoming more aware of that. xoxoM

    • I like how you worded that M – I’m working on my connection speed and clarity of the signal 🙂 It’s a lot sometimes isn’t it?! Thanks for visiting and love and hugs back atcha!

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