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I wanted to reblog this terrific commentary from my friend Margarita, Inner Whispers Blog here on WordPress about what may be a big part of the problem of politics:  people on the top not seeing or being out of touch with what is going on at the “ground level.”

“Every four years, people in the United States are subjected to on-the-ground jostling by political parties and candidates looking down from a metaphorical penthouse.  Just because they have a view from the top, doesn’t mean they know what’s happening on the street or, in some cases, that they still recollect what it’s like to tread those sidewalks. Every four years, We The People long for someone at the top who can understand our needs and desires, whom we can support wholeheartedly in the gladiatorial contest that the Presidential election has become. Every four years, many of We The People feel that we are presented with the choice of Bad and Worse. We The People are tired.”

The world looks very different looking down from the top. With a bird’s eye-view, it’s possible to see the grid layout of Manhattan’s streets. The gridiron plan was implemented in New York City starting in 1811. It was applied to the area of Manhattan north of Fourteenth Street to allow for a more orderly partition […]

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30 July 2016 What’s that song?! Stranger Things – Tangerine Dream “Exit”….music is the key to the human time machine

Good morning!  It’s about 8:33 am here as I write to you. We’ve walked the dogs, got the second load of laundry in and have eaten breakfast.  We are trying the yogurt and granola thing with our regular eggs.

So last night we watched a couple more episodes of Stranger Things.  Watching this show has been like a time warp for me. I was in high school during the time frame this takes place and I knew people that looked like the people in the show!  Nancy’s friend Barbara looks a lot  like a friend I had named Linda Dodd!  Looking through my old Senior Class year book just now….a lot of these people look like cast from the show.  Sigh…what happened to all of these people?  I guess if I ever decide to go to a class reunion I’ll find out.

We watched episode 6 last night and there was a song I heard that gave me goosebumps and made me go, “OMG!  I know that song!!!” Turns out I did!  Here’s my note for the train of thought I had to use to find it using You Tube lol…ended up with Tangerine Dream, their song Exit from the album of the same name!  Kyle couldn’t believe how fired up I got about finding this song lol.  This is the power of music…music is the key to the human time machine.  ( – these folks are helping people reclaim their memory with music!)

Anyhew….got another letter from my Mom and a letter from Les yesterday….know what I’ll be doing today lol!  I love getting the letters so need to make sure I send out encouragement to the writers LOL!  Love you Mom and Les and a hug and love to anyone visiting here today.

I know times are hard for this ol’ world but keep your eyes on the prize….what is a mere flicker of peace now can manifest into full light….we just have to put all our “lights” together. 

29 July 2016 Helping others, my symbolic corner-to-corner afghan, a visit from some canine old “friends” in my dreams, Green Party candidate Jill Stein interview makes Fox News head explode, yet another option to voting for Trump or Clinton…Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson

Hello to you.  Hope this finds you having a good day.  It’s Friday around 10:12 am here.  I’m a little later at writing to you today because after we walked the dogs this morning, we went to our local Waffle House for breakfast before going grocery shopping.  We had the delightful surprise of seeing our neighbor Pam already seated at the Waffle House, so we joined her and had a nice visit.  It was great to get caught up with her and Kyle did his usually sneaky and paid for her breakfast when we left LOL.  I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to get away with that but it’s fun to try!  She’s one of those people who doesn’t accept something for nothing.  She should…she’s such a wonderful neighbor and friend and we try to take care of each other.

So anyhew…..

Yesterday was awesome because Katie, Jonathan and Robbie came and picked up our old brown couch and coffee table.  It’s their first apartment and they didn’t have any furniture and I remember what that was like!  When my first husband and I got our first apartment we had nothing too – used card board boxes for our furniture!  When Kyle and I moved in together, we didn’t have much either so we know what it’s like!  It was just such a great feeling to see Katie’s face as she described telling her Mom about the couch….”Mom we are going to have a couch!”  I love the thought of a world where we can do for each other like that.  They helped us by taking the couch as we were going to be replacing it, and we helped them by giving them a couch!  A world where things don’t go to waste is what I want to see….repurposing!

Dreams…..well last night the only dream I remember was a very brief one.  It was being followed by 3 senior German Shepherd dogs and the dream ending up with me standing on a car with them following in the distance.  This dream is significant to me because of another dream I had back in I want to say 2001 when I was still in the Air Force back at Patrick AFB FL in base housing.  It was around the time I was transitioning out because of medical retirement and I was attending many AA meetings and trying to do volunteer work.  I was overextending myself and had just come home from trying to find a fund raising event I wanted to go to.  I had written down the address and directions and just couldn’t find the place!  I had driven back and forth and all over the place trying to find it….it was as if the place had just disappeared from the map!  When I got home I was on my last nerve and took a large butcher knife and held it to my wrists and started yelling at God, “Is this what you want me to do?!!  Is this what you WANT?!”  A voice inside told me to put the knife down, I was tired….go take a nap.  Well I did and fell asleep almost instantly.
Then there was this dream that ties into the one from last night.

I was watching three German Shepherd puppies and they were being nice to me and we were playing at first but all the sudden they started to get very aggressive and I tried to run from them.  Then I saw a scene of those three puppies each holding a part of a white rabbit in their teeth and pulling….they were going to tear the rabbit apart!  I woke up with the realization that this dream was symbolic of what I was doing to myself in my life at that time….I was the white rabbit and the life I was living was “for the dogs!”  The dogs were symbolic of the people, places and things I was allowing to “use me up” and in the dream, symbolically tear me to pieces.

When you are a volunteer and  people know that you are a nice person who “can’t say no” easily….they will tap that shit until it’s dry!  From personal experience and what I’ve heard from others, this happens a lot in volunteering!  “Volunteer Fatigue!”  It’s so important to establish healthy boundaries when you are a volunteer and stick to them.  It’s got to be okay to say no!  When volunteering becomes more of a job than just something you are doing to help out….hmmmmm!

So what does it mean to have this dream of the three very old German Shepherd dogs following me and my actually escaping to the top of a symbolic image of a car?  Freedom perhaps?  The “dogs of war,” albeit my own personal war, are still there but old, tired and I may have found an escape from them?  How to escape from the top of a car….you fly!

I don’t have wings you can see with the naked eye, but I know they are there.  Wings can be made of feathers or they can be made of intangible things like faith, hope, joy and love.  Wings made of intangible things allow you to flow above, below and in between….to be seen but also unseen. 
*side note – when Kyle and I were talking about the triumvirate idea for our government,  I had a thought that these 3 dogs could be symbolic of that too somehow?  Instead of tearing rabbits apart, the three dogs had matured and may still have the desire to chase the rabbit but have decided to just follow it instead?

The first Triumvirate formed in 60 BC between Pompey, Crassus and Caesar...they sealed the deal with Caesars daughter Julia.

The first Triumvirate formed in 60 BC between Pompey, Crassus and Caesar…they sealed the deal with Caesars daughter Julia.

I’m on the last part of a symbolic corner-to-corner afghan I’m making.  It’s not a mix of colors most people would put together but I did because it has meaning to me.  The white is the purity of a thought…a child before they come under the influences of the world we’ve created, the browns, tans and white yarn are symbolic of the labels we’ve given ourselves for our “colors” and how we are all woven together,  The pink, white and tan yarn is symbolic of my discovery of the “hidden pink” in the rainbow…”pink spirit” and finally the blue, white, pink and yellow is symbolic of my dreams for this world…the move to total unity of all living beings…peaceful coexistence of all creation.

One more thing……

Yesterday I mentioned the Triumvirate idea and how I’m considering Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein as an alternative in the upcoming election.  Well on BING there was this note for this article, “Don’t forget about this guy” and I was amused lol!  It was like that Progressive Insurance commercial where Flo is trying to sell insurance like a drug dealer…”psst…hey…over here!!”  I’m not a Libertarian but I did mention this party as a viable option to voting for Hillary and Donald.  I didn’t know they had a candidate running also!  I’m excited to see other options are available and making it through the Trump and Clinton campaign (noise) to the surface so people can see a way out of this poop pile of an election we got going here.   Ted Cruz said one thing I agree with this year and that is, “Vote with your conscience!”   You have options…you ALWAYS have a choice.

Libertarian candidates say Mitt Romney is considering endorsing them

<img alt=”Gary Johnson talks possible Mitt Romney endorsement” class=”media__image” src=””>
Gary Johnson talks possible Mitt Romney endorsement

Gary Johnson talks possible Mitt Romney endorsement

 (to see video go to main page)
Gary Johnson talks possible Mitt Romney endorsement 00:47

Washington (CNN)Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson told CNN Thursday that Mitt Romney was considering endorsing him for president this fall.

Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he and Romney had spoken in recent weeks.
“I think he’s considering the possibility of doing this,” Johnson said, “of actually endorsing the two of us.”
Romney has previously said that he would look at the ticket but has not publicly committed to supporting them.
CNN has reached out to Romney for comment.
William Weld, a Romney associate and Johnson’s running mate, agreed with Johnson, especially if they meet the threshold in polling to make the general election debates.
“He’s thinking about it, Wolf, and I don’t want to press the point unless we get to 15%, because then I think the case for it is overwhelming.”
Romney told CNN last month that he was considering Johnson and would make a decision once he got to know him better.
“If Bill Weld were at the top of the ticket, it would be very easy for me to vote for Bill Weld for president,” Romney said. “So I’ll get to know Gary Johnson better and see if he’s someone who I could end up voting for. That’s something which I’ll evaluate over the coming weeks and months.”



28 July 2016 Fight or flight – walking as therapy, my dreams the past couple of days (Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, Triumvirates, and healing people..healing couches)

Hello to you. How are you doing?  Me?  Well I’m doing better than I was yesterday.  Yesterday was a “fight or flight” kind of feeling day.  My friend Rhonda, “practically my twin” ( we are the same age only I’m 8 months older) as she reminded me yesterday, agreed we are both having trouble staying in our skins lately.  At times, everything feels like “too much.”

Ms. Rhonda Martin our  songbird

Ms. Rhonda Martin our songbird

We got rain late yesterday afternoon…finally!!  So grateful for that.

So I spent a lot of time outside yesterday with my therapist(s). When I get “like this” spending time with Mom and Dad Nature is about the only way I’ll be consoled. When I was on medication and got like this,  the medication didn’t even touch it! I did a lot of talking and crying, which I needed to do…they don’t mind!  I have found when I go outside to deal with my problems, the earth and sky are “big enough” to take whatever I’m carrying emotionally, spiritually and physically and comfortable silence is okay!  They don’t charge extra!

The other thing I did was walk my back yard.

Walking is an activity I have always used since I was very young, to help me when I want to fight or take flight.

My mother-in-law Beth planted a seed recently about keeping track of how many steps you walk in a day.  So yesterday, at Kyle’s suggestion, I used his 3DS to count the number of steps I walked in the backyard.  He suggested this after I told him I was using my hands to count my steps.  He said using the 3DS would count the steps for me and free my mind for other things.  Worked like a charm!  I’m going to look into an inexpensive pedometer.  LOL – we’ll call it “Jackie-Go!”

So I’ve had a couple of interesting dreams I remembered that I wanted to share with you.

source internet - John looked like this only younger and his hair was completely white like snow

source internet – John looked like this only younger and his hair was completely white like snow

Yesterday I mentioned we woke up really early, so I ended up going back to bed to rest.  I had a dream with the Daily Show Host John Stewart in it.  I don’t remember anything more than his having pure white hair and his face was very young.  Then I was looking at a dusk sky and saw a blurry white light off in the distance.  It was moving in a wierd way and I was trying to focus on it but couldn’t get a good look at it….it felt so real! Kind of like thinking you might be looking at a UFO but are pretty sure it’s just a plane in the distance sort of thing.  Well I woke up before I could  find out what it was.

source: – this is a lot like what the blurry light looked like in my dream

A big part of my unhappiness is stemming from what’s going on in our country with regards to our upcoming Presidential election.  I have been feeling like we are fucked no matter who we put in office right now.  After I woke up from the dream,  I got on Facebook and Abby Martin had posted a new video of her at the DNC and she was doing interviews with people.  They started talking about Jill Stein as a possible alternative to Bernie Sanders.

Jill Stein for President?!  I'm going to be taking a closer look at her!  I want the answer to be YES!

Jill Stein for President?! I’m going to be taking a closer look at her! I want the answer to be YES!

Who is Jill Stein?!  She’s the presumptive nominee for the Green Party and I didn’t even realize it!  To the best of my knowledge, and I say this because we don’t watch mainstream news, she’s had no air-time at all. Is she the “light in the sky” I was trying to get a better look at?  My last hope for this election?  Well I did some reading about her and may be she is.  I have about 4 months to finalize my decision.  I don’t give a shit if she’s a “3rd party” because Kyle and I agree with her, the 2 party system we have is BROKEN! Kyle and I think there should be a member of each party in office – a “triumvirate.”  You would have a Republican, a Democrat and then a Green Party, Libertarian or other 3rd party candidate…no more President and Vice President.

The first Triumvirate formed in 60 BC between Pompey, Crassus and Caesar...they sealed the deal with Caesars daughter Julia.

The first Triumvirate formed in 60 BC between Pompey, Crassus and Caesar…they sealed the deal with Caesars daughter Julia.

Link to learn more about Jill’s vision for our country’s future:

source internet - "Eleven" from Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown

source internet – “Eleven” from Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown

This morning I woke up from having a dream that I know got triggered by watching Stranger Things ( before bed last night.  We are up to episode 4 and learning more about the little girl “Eleven.”  My dream was about being on a military installation and interacting with elderly veterans.  I came up to a woman who was very sick and had breathing tubes in her nose.  I was there to do Quantum Touch.  When I do this work in real life, I only touch people if they want me to….people today do not like to be touched I’ve found and it was no different in my dream.  *It is ironic that it’s probably the lack of human touch in our world that is why we are so emotionally and spiritually sick!

So anyways it was different with this woman.  She wasn’t going to ask me for my help so I said to her, “I’m going to heal you right now!” I took her head into my hands and almost immediately her face took on a healthy glow and the breathing tubes disappeared like magic.  I was startled but realized in dreams you can do these sort of things.  She was understandably excited but I emphasized to her that when she talked to others about me to tell them that I helped her heal herself.  Things could get bad for me if it was anything else.  I woke up after that.

Whenever I’ve done Quantum touch with people in “real life,” I always emphasize this.  The energy source we tap into doesn’t completely belong to us…it is Source…God…Love energy that belongs to all of us.  I look at energy healing like Quantum Touch as much like a putting jumper cables on a car battery that needs a jump.  The power source for healing is already there, it just needs a little help.  – link to web site if your curious

source - Internet Quantum Touch

source – Internet Quantum Touch

Anyhew….time to get on with the day.  A friend of our brother-in-law expressed interest in our brown couch and said they would come by today to pick it up!  YAY!  We will be replacing it with a sectional with recliners we are getting from Kyle’s folks who are replacing their couch! This sectional is special.  It is the very first couch Spot slept on when Kyle’s folks adopted her…the couch Kyle’s Dad slept all night with Spot when she got so sick they thought they would lose her.  Our brown couch was purchased when Kyle’s Dad was staying with us after his car accident.  He spent a lot of time resting on it as he healed!  It was on this couch that my Mom allowed me to do Quantum Touch with her for the first time…it was on her knee before she was going to have surgery.  I will always remember her saying she felt warm, relaxed and best of all…Loved.  For the first time in my life, I was able to truly show my Mom Dianne how grateful I was for her and how much I loved her.  We seem to have a healing couch theme here don’t we?!  New furniture is overrated “-)

last look at our brown couch - we got this shortly after moving to Texas.  Kyle's Dad stayed with us and he rested on to heal after his accident in 2009

last look at our brown couch – we got this shortly after moving to Texas. Kyle’s Dad stayed with us and he rested on to heal after his accident in 2009

Love to you today!

27 July 2016 Birthday wishes for Jonathan Rhys Myers, Abby Martin (Breaking the Set) DNC convention arrest and Climate Inaction Figures

Hello there, how are you doing today?!  Well I woke up around 2 a.m. and just couldn’t go back to sleep and neither could Kyle….so we are up!  Might as well be productive right?!

Well for starters wanted to wish the talented and handsome actor Jonathan Rhys Myers a Happy Birthday!  Hope he is able to take some time out to celebrate and enjoy his day.  This has been a big year for him and I hope the momentum continues for him (and Mara and Toccoa!)   These pictures  (all internet sourced) kind of show my journey of my fandom with Jon.  The role that really brought him back into my sights was his portrayal of  Alexander Grayson a.k.a Dracula in the 2013 NBC series (sadly only 1 season!).  He has a lot of new things in the mill and I’m looking forward to seeing them.  Jon has “Adopted the Pace of Nature, her Secret it Patience” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) and is reaping his reward.  Well done!


This morning I found out Abby Martin, host of the show Breaking the Set (I was so moved by her farewell speech on the final episode I did a transcript on one of my posts!)

was arrested at the Democratic National Convention!!!  She was hurt inside and out during this ordeal.  I don’t understand why this happened or what point was being made but it sickens me.  I’m glad she is ok and my prayers and positive thoughts go to her right now.  Stay strong Abby!  Thank you for your courage and making this video so we can let people know what’s going on.  We are seeing some “true colors” of this country and I’m not happy about it but it’s all part of the struggle we are in and we must stay the course.

On a much lighter note, Kyle saw this sponsored video on Facebook this morning and I HAD to share!  ZOMG!  Finally something to lighten things up about politics and tell the truth at the same time.  I give you, CLIMATE INACTION FIGURES!

The Koch brothers as one body with two heads says a lot doesn’t it?!

No matter what side anyone is on in all of this…..we all, and I mean all, Koch brothers too now, must decide what our priorities are and it can’t be on the material level.  Money can do a lot of things but it won’t buy you a soul.   I don’t know why, but this thought came to me and it is odd but resonates, “Even if you think money will buy you a way to live forever, who do you want to be stuck here with?!”  *context of this comment is what I’m reading in Dune Butlerian Jihad.  In this book the Titans brains are preserved in jars so they have eternal life.  All they have left is their brains in a jar that can be attached to robotic bodies that do not have any of the human senses they used to have.



Share Your Green Spaces – response to my challenge from my friend Margarita of Inner Whispers Wordpress blog

Originally posted on Inner Whispers:
I’m always amused by the notion that a densely populated urban environment is devoid of green spaces. In Manhattan alone, we are fortunate to enjoy our beloved Central Park in the middle of the island.…

26 July 2016 Bernie Sanders DNC speech, EPA and reducing jet engine aircraft exhaust, giving away your personal power (Fear energy), Morrigu returns! (for 4 at least! FFXIV free trial) and Vampire tv shows that made it into to our DVD collection – Dracula (JRM) and Moonlight

Hello to you.  How are you doing from where you are at this moment in your time?  It’s about 9:16 am as I begin writing to you. I just finished watching the C-SPAN video I’ve shared of Bernie Sanders addressing the Democratic National Convention.  Honestly, I couldn’t get through all of it because it just hurt too much.  Like many of the women I saw in the crowds there…I wanted to cry too.  I couldn’t listen to Bernie say nice things about Hillary Clinton and all she plans to do for this country that sounded a lot like what he was going to do…not her.  It is highly unlikely, with our electoral college system such as it is, that my vote at a registered Democrat in the red state of Texas is going to change anything regardless if I make a mark by Hillary’s name or write Bernie’s name on the ballot…..I will be doing the latter.  Unless Bernie Sanders were to come to my door and ask me…fuck BEG ME… in person to vote for Hillary….it’s not going to happen.  As the writer Mark Twain said long ago….”If voting truly mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it.”  I am beginning to believe this is true and I am ashamed of myself.  I am ashamed of my country.

This quote sums up the American political process as it seems to me....

This quote sums up the American political process as it seems to me….

Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said the election “has never been about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders,” instead “This election is about ending the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality that we have in America today.”

The American political process has been reduced to a rigged horse race where most of the horses have broken legs before the race even begins…….(me)

Was good to see this next article….it’s a good start but there is far more that needs to be done and I hope the EPA gets the balls to do it!

WASHINGTON — The government has found that jet engine exhaust is adding to climate change and endangering human health, and needs to be regulated.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday that it will use its authority under the Clean Air Act to impose limits on aircraft emissions.

Jet engines spew significant amounts of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and methane, into the upper atmosphere, where they trap heat from the sun. But proposed rules such as imposing fuel-efficiency standards have faced stiff opposition from aircraft makers and commercial airlines.

Aircraft emissions were not addressed as part of the landmark global climate agreement agreed to in Paris in December.

“Addressing pollution from aircraft is an important element of U.S. efforts to address climate change,” said Janet McCabe, EPA’s acting assistant administrator for air and radiation. She said aircraft are the third largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. transportation sector, and that is expected to increase. Cars and trucks already are regulated.

The EPA’s findings do not apply to small piston-engine planes or to military aircraft.

A U.N. panel in February recommended new emissions standards for international flights that require an average 4 percent reduction in fuel consumption during the cruising phase of flight. The new regulations from the International Civil Aviation Organization require that new aircraft designs meet the standards beginning in 2020, and that designs already in production comply by 2023.

Environmental groups have criticized the new international standards as too weak to actually slow global warming. Planes burn the most fuel during takeoffs and landings, while cruising at high altitudes is the most fuel-efficient period.

Environmentalists say aviation accounts for about 5 percent of global greenhouse emissions, though the U.N. and EPA cite studies concluding it’s actually less than 2 percent.

The EPA finding announced Monday is expected to result in similar limits on domestic carriers, which critics say is long overdue.

“People should not have to choose between mobility and a healthy climate,” said Marcie Keever, legal director for the environmental group Friends of the Earth. “The EPA’s nine-year delay on regulating aircraft emissions failed the American people. Now it’s time for the Obama administration to issue a strong rule, to hold the aviation industry accountable.”

Something that I have been working on for several years now is in regards to my “personal power.”  For much of my life, mostly on a subconscious level, I have without meter given my energy aka my personal power away to people, places and things that do nothing more than feed on it.  The type of energy I’m referring to is the energy that sparks from compassion.  In the headlines, once again, and I’m so disgusted I’m not even being specific, we have more shootings, more bombings, hostage taking….just bullshit.  In my opinion, the people “responsible” for these acts are seeking the personal power of the world that stems from the emotion… Fear.  When they make us “afraid” we give them our “fear energy” and for some people, negative attention is better than no attention at all.  A fate worse than death is to be forgotten!  A tide is rising of people who want to make their mark on the world and they are using Fear to do it.

How do we take away their Fear “energy” source?  We do not mention their names AT ALL ANYWHERE!  Only the names of the victims and the locations of the actions should be mentioned and how important they were and still are to this world. I have been saying this since the Columbine shootings!  Is it important to study these perpetrators and the “why’s” of their behavior and actions?  Of course!  But NOT on the public stage where THEY want it!  Each and every time these acts of violence occur, more time is spent by the media on the perpetrators than on those who were victims of the behavior.  This only bolsters more lone wolves and organizations to do more of the same….they get to be famous! They gain more of the “oil” of the human condition…FEAR energy.

A Fate Worse Than Death is to be FORGOTTEN!  Erase their “names”, take away their power.  Harry Potter author J.K Rowling kind of alluded to this with “he who shall not be named….”
This technique has worked against us in our shared past..look at most of our written history and who wrote it?  The other cliche….”History is written by the winners.” We could make this technique work to our advantage now.

Changing gears completely….fun stuff!  Morrigu DeAngelic is back! For 4 more days at least…that’s the length of the free trial!   I got pictures of her as she looked when he first got into the game yesterday…she was blonde and now she’s brunette!  In the photo gallery I added Taylor Swift and Sophie Hunter because they kind of look like Morrigu  with her two different looks.  When we originally created Morrigu, she had our favorite hair color and that was red!  Anyhew…it’s been about a year and she hasn’t changed at all LOL!  Ah the beauty of video game avatars is eternal or as as long as a video game server allows them to!  It’s fun!   Here’s a link to main FFXIV website:

Thinking about Jonathan Rhys Meyers…tomorrow is his 39th birthday!  Saw this article and agree with 2 of the 3 only because Kyle and never watched Blood Ties. – 3 Vampire Series That Could Have Been Successful (Kyle and I loved Moonlight and Dracula, never saw Blood Ties).

Vampires, for the most part, have always been successful on the small screen (as well as on the silver screen). In most recent years, we’ve had True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Penny Dreadful just to name a few. Prior to that, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Forever Knight, and even Dark Shadows proved that no matter what decade we were living in, viewers were interested in vampires. Maybe that’s why the we found the premature cancellation of three exciting vampire shows disappointing. We knew that, given a chance, these three programs could have grown into phenomenons.

(Well in my world, Moonlight and Dracula ARE Phenoms!  They actually made it into our DVD collection and we don’t typically buy movies or television shows unless we plan to watch them much more than once!)

25 July 2016 How far forwards and how far backwards do we need to go to restore balance in human advancement? Star Trek Discovery and Beyond (caution Space Ship Porn), Iran destroying satellite tv dishes, CRISPR cancer Gene therapy and the Resident Evil franchise…Umbrella Corporation

Hello there, how are you today?  Good I hope.  Wish I was hearing the sound of pitter patter on the roof (rain) but not yet.  It will come.  So today I have a “train of thought” for you with regards to advancement of our species.  As you look at the head-lines I’ve chosen here, I think you will see the promise and the folly of  where we are currently at in the process.  I firmly believe that if you want something bad enough, if you focus on something strongly enough, you or someone else will manifest that desire into reality.  This is why the old clichés “Mind your thoughts” and “Be Careful what you wish for, for surely you will get it.”  is so relevant to where we are right now.

Let’s start with my favorite place….space!

With the world premiere of Star Trek Beyond earlier this week and today’s Star Trek 50th anniversary panel in Hall H, Comic-Con 2016 is going very Starfleet. Among the news: the CBS All Access reboot will be called Star Trek Discovery, according to showrunner Bryan Fuller. He also confirmed the January 2017 debut date and said that the CBS All Access show “won’t be episodic” but rather will tell stories like a novel.

“Because it’s on CBS All Access, won’t miss anything,” Fuller said of the streaming service. “It’s all at your fingertips.”


Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Beyond

So let’s go to the opposite extreme.  From space ships to this story I saw on my “BING” this morning about how Iran is destroying satellite dishes and receivers because they are considered the source of immorality.

Iran destroyed 100,000 satellite dishes and receivers on Sunday as part of a widespread crackdown against the illegal devices that authorities say are morally damaging, a news website reported.

The destruction ceremony took place in Tehran in the presence of General Mohammad Reza Naghdi, head of Iran’s Basij militia, who warned of the impact that satellite television was having in the conservative country.

“The truth is that most satellite channels… deviate the society’s morality and culture,” he said at the event according to Basij News.
I saw this and thought they must be thinking this is why America is so corrupt….television is to blame! After recent events here…yeah I can see that.  They are not completely off-base in that line of thinking but unless you are leaving your children to be taught morality by a television set, then you shouldn’t have a problem.  I understand the temptation of technology…..the cell phones, the tablets, the pc’s, the laptops, the video game consoles, the televisions.  These are devices fraught with the condition humans put into everything they do….everything they make and that is duplicity.  When I say duplicity I mean, a device can be used for “good” or for “evil.”  Further….what is considered good or evil is a matter of perception which complicates everything even more!  I wonder why the Iranian people didn’t choose to focus on reforming themselves before having a “satellite dish burning?”  What if the story I’ve linked was about Iran staring into the face of technology and saying, “We know you are there but we will teach our children the difference between right and wrong…..the difference between fantasy and reality.  You will not be their only source of information to make this determination but you can remain as a symbol of free will.”  I challenge the Iranian people to this train of thought and you are in my positive thoughts and prayers as you face this issue in your country.

A great man once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  (Ghandi).  Do we want to go forward to space or backwards to silence?  How far forwards….how far backwards do we need to go as a world to “right the imbalanced ship”?

This question doesn’t only sit in the court of technology of also in the courts of science and medicine as is the case with this “BING” article I saw also….

This computer graphic depicts three T cells (white) attached to a cancer cell.

This computer graphic depicts three T cells (white) attached to a cancer cell. (Tim Vernon/Science Photo Library/Getty)


A novel gene-editing technique with potential to revolutionize cancer treatment has scientists in a race to test it on humans.

As the scientific journal Nature announced last week: “Chinese scientists to pioneer first human CRISPR trial.”

But wait. On the same page, there’s a link to another story from a month ago: “First CRISPR clinical trial gets green light from U.S. panel.”

So who will be first in the race to use CRISPR in humans — the U.S. or China? And what are they using CRISPR to do?

If you haven’t heard about CRISPR yet then all of this might seem  underwhelming. But for scientists like Jason Moffat, at the University of Toronto, it’s amazing news.

“That’s fast,” he said. “They’re pushing the technology really hard.”

“That’s fast. They’re pushing the technology really hard.” – Jason Moffat, University of Toronto 

CRISPR is a revolutionary genetic editing technique that has been rocking the world of biology ever since researchers first realized they could use it to edit the genome of any species with ease and precision never possible before.

At U of T, Moffat is using CRISPR to identify the set of genes that are essential for cell survival.

“It gives you the tools to ask questions about what things are doing that we could never do before,” he said. “It’s really exciting.”

Scientists are now using  CRISPR in a range of wild experiments. They’ve already designed a mechanism that could wipe out mosquitoes. And they’re also toying with using it to bring the woolly mammoth back to life.

It’s a tool so powerful, it could be used to permanently alter the human genome in a way that could be passed on to future generations.

Earlier this year, scientists from around the world gathered for an unprecedented summit in Washington, D.C., and agreed to avoid using CRISPR for human genetic engineering 

CRISPR against cancer

But what can CRISPR do in research on cancer? That’s the question that will be asked in these human trials.

CRISPR is not a therapy on its own. It’s a tool. But because of its precision, researchers are hoping it will be able to make genetic edits that are more effective than the traditional gene-editing techniques, to trigger a patient’s immune system to kill cancer cells.

Prof. Jason Moffat

‘These first tests, if done properly, are going to pave the way for how to use CRISPR to treat disease,’ says University of Toronto cancer researcher Jason Moffat. (CBC)

Both the U.S. and the Chinese teams intend to use CRISPR in similar ways, but on different cancers. The Chinese will target non-small-cell lung cancer; the U.S. team will work on melanoma, sarcoma and myeloid cancers.

They will harvest a type of immune cell, known as T cells, from a patient’s blood and then use CRISPR to tinker with a particular gene in a way that will activate the T cells to attack cancer cells. And then they will put the CRISPR-ed cells back into the patient’s body to destroy tumours.

“These first tests, if done properly, are going to pave the way for how to use CRISPR to treat disease,” said Moffat.

What risks getting lost in the excitement over these first CRISPR trials is the sobering fact that it might not work. There is the ever-present risk of unintended consequences, including CRISPR’s tendency to make unpredictable genetic edits in unwanted places.

And experiments to genetically alter cells and reprogram the immune system are inherently risky. There’s a danger of triggering a catastrophic immune response known as a cytokine storm that can fatally overwhelm the body. And by unleashing T cells against cancer, it’s also possible they’ll start attacking normal tissue, too.

Gene therapy tragedy


In this illustration of CRISPR-CAS9, the Cas9 nuclease protein (white) uses a guide RNA (pink) sequence to cut DNA (green). (Science Photo Library/Getty)

For years, the entire field of gene therapy was haunted by an experiment that went tragically wrong in 1999. That’s when an Arizona teenager died suddenly, after volunteering to be part of a gene therapy trial to correct a genetic defect that, in his case, was not life-threatening. Many believe the death set back gene therapy research for years.

And last month, a clinical trial testing the same T cell approach, but without using CRISPR, was shut down by the FDA after several patients died. The trial has since been allowed to resume.

The Chinese scientists have secured all the necessary approvals and are scheduled to begin their trial using CRISPR-edited cells in 10 lung cancer patients next month. The U.S. team still needs FDA approval, and they expect to start their trial on 18 patients later this year.

Another caveat: These are Phase 1 trials only. That means the scientists are studying toxicity and side-effects and basic biological responses. Even if all goes well, the trials to see if the approach actually works against cancer are still many years away.

Not be be a buzz kill, but apparently these people haven’t seen any of the Resident Evil ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE films and video games….Umbrella Corporation anyone?!

Earlier this year, scientists from around the world gathered for an unprecedented summit in Washington, D.C., and agreed to avoid using CRISPR for human genetic engineering ” ….yeah about that.  You still found a loop-hope didn’t you….whose going to miss a bunch of cancer patients who are dying anyways?  GROWL! 

The energy behind such endeavors as this is usually a form of “passion” and passion can be very blind and very selfish. 

I see these people as trying to play God….this line of research doesn’t resonate with me anymore than GMO food does.  We want more food, we want a cure….faster…NOW.  Remember, science fiction and horror stories and films are ideas made manifest into reality.  They only stay in the realm of “make-believe” because we want them to but can cross the line to reality just like every other “idea” potentially can. A thought creates a desire.  A Desire creates a plan…a strategy to acquire the Desire.  A Plan sets people, places and things into motion.  People Places and Things in Motion is called….reality.

It’s probably too late for words of caution knowing what I know about the power of Desire. There is no greater Desire that the one Desire to defeat *cheat death.    Even as strong as Love is, Love will not stop a monster once it is created.


The Sweet Relief of Jon Stewart – from Wordpress’s Rachel Mankowitz – completely agree — come back Jon!

Had to share Rachel’s words today!  I miss Jon Stewart too and the way she shared her “missing him” here really resonated with me.  There are few people in the world that can say what needs to be said in quite the way Jon does.  Thank you Rachel!


This has been a rough year for me. Just when Donald Trump took over my television set last summer, Jon Stewart left The Daily Show for parts unknown (or to help his wife rescue animals on th…

Source: The Sweet Relief of Jon Stewart

The Sweet Relief of Jon Stewart


This has been a rough year for me. Just when Donald Trump took over my television set last summer, Jon Stewart left The Daily Show for parts unknown (or to help his wife rescue animals on their family farm, whatever). I’ve tried to take comfort in Samantha Bee (Full Frontal), Larry Wilmore (The Nightly Show), and Trevor Noah (The Daily Show). I’ve come the closest to finding sustenance with the one-two punch of Rachel Maddow’s comprehensive historical take on the news on MSNBC, and Steven Colbert’s giddy musical review of the news on The Late Show. But no one filled that Jon Stewart void.


Butterfly sought comfort from Duckie.


Cricket went for the food.

I’ve watched this year as the Republicans moved from disbelief, to disgust, to acceptance, to an embrace of the post-factual Trumpian world view that we witnessed at the Republican National Convention this past week. Jon Stewart showed up Monday night on The Late Show, as promised, but only to do spit takes and reintroduce Colbert’s alter ego from The Colbert Report. It was not enough.

I watched this week as the media refused to blame Melania Trump for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, as if she is a child. But, she speaks, what, five languages, became successful on her own long before meeting Trump, and is, in fact, a forty-six year old adult woman. If Michelle Obama had been caught plagiarizing, would her speechwriter have been blamed? Or would we assume that she is an intelligent human being who can tell the difference between her own words and someone else’s? I wonder if the media think that Melania is a moron because she was a professional model, or because she’s a non-native English speaker, or if it’s because she chose to marry Donald Trump, and they assume that any truly intelligent woman would know better.

Then I watched the media fawn over Trump’s odd waxwork children, none of whom seem to be able to breathe outside of Trump’s sphere. All three of the older children work for their father, and Tiffany seems to be on her way into the organization too, now that she has been indoctrinated and proven her loyalty. How many families do you know where all of the children go into the family business, and no one goes off in another direction? Is it not allowed in this family?

But I almost lost my mind when, after Ivanka gave a lovely speech on Thursday night, seemingly advocating for Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ policies and pretending that her father is just a lovely man, Trump came out and patted her butt with both hands. That just broke me.

People have been joking about his inappropriately sexual relationship with Ivanka for a long time, ever since some disturbing pictures surfaced of her as a very young model sitting in seductive poses on her father’s lap. Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, has been making jokes all year about Trump wanting to have sex with Ivanka. There are interview clips where he talks about her sexy body, and how he would date her if she weren’t his daughter. Ivanka sits there awkwardly in these interviews, as if she isn’t taking it seriously and is just embarrassed by the silly things her father says. I took her lead and didn’t take it very seriously, either. I thought the jokes were in bad taste, actually, and that the things Trump said were just more evidence of his “word salad” problem. But when, on National television, in front of the world, in response to the air kisses she gave him from what looked like a foot away, he grabbed her ass, it all came together. This is an incest family.

In her speech, Ivanka presented her idealized father – who bears very little similarity to her actual father – and she made it clear that she advocates political beliefs that are not in concert with the Republican Party. Either she is delusional about who her father is (which would be a sign of a deeply dissociative state, common among incest survivors), and/or, she was giving a public, lady-like fuck you to that man.

People have talked about how Trump is a dictator and a narcissist and a sociopath, but all week the media have been saying that he can’t be such a bad guy with such wonderful children. Ivanka is his “closest ally and confidant,” and she is the “princess,” (according to one of her brothers), and she is going to be the “real first lady.” But Trump reminded her, in front of everyone, that he can do whatever he wants to her and no one will stop him. He owns her.

How is this man being lauded and supported by a political party that supposedly believes in Christian values? I can’t imagine what kind of moral convolutions Paul Ryan (Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives) must be going through to make this seem okay.

I did not watch the seventy-five minute speech Donald Trump went on to give at the Republican convention that night. I took the dogs out for as long a walk as possible, checked Facebook and Twitter, and then twiddled my thumbs waiting for the after shows to offer some perspective. Alex Wagner, a guest on The Daily Show, commented on the “inappropriate touching.” Larry Wilmore talked about his discomfort in finding that, for one strange moment, he found himself, eek, agreeing with Ted Cruz (“Vote your conscience.”). And then, finally, Steven Colbert came on, live, after Midnight. He looked like he’d slept in his iridescent blue suit, but he was still awake and giddy and dancing, which gave me some energy and some hope.


“Did Donald Trump pee here?”

And then, Jon Stewart popped up from under the desk, and gave me the rant I’d been waiting a year for. There’s something about his mix of outrage and earnestness and humor that digs deep into my sternum and makes room for me to breathe again. I have missed him more than I ever thought possible. I have needed his no-bullshit voice all year long and it was such a relief to breathe deeply again. But it’s not enough. It was over too soon.

I know that animal rescue is important, and I understand that Jon Stewart’s kids need his attention, and that the daily grind of the show was getting to be too much for him. But I need rescuing too, Jon. Please, come back soon!


Cricket & Butterfly waiting for Mommy

Cricket and Butterfly are waiting.

24 July 2016 Family first, Wild Sky Tribal and the Wild Ones (Belly dancing group)fundraiser for Steampunk November, Dune Butlerian Jihad, Battle Bots 2016 and Comic-con 2016 trailers I’m interested in

Hi there, good morning from here in my dimension as I write to you.  It’s a little about 9:34 am….in a couple of hours we had planned to go to a fundraising event, a “Hafla,” being hosted by Wild Sky Tribal for an event we found out about earlier this year called Steampunk November ( which is the longest running Steampunk Festival in Texas…until we got message that family was getting together today…something that rarely happens!  So….I’ll console myself with this video lol.  Family and friends come first!   Looking forward to seeing everyone today AND we get to bring the dogs.  I really don’t like leaving my dogs for hours on end…they are my family.

*congrats to the Alvarado Animal Shelter!  Their first ever Clear the Shelter Event was a great success!  YAHOOO!

from their FB page ( yesterday:

“Today 25 animals found their forever homes we didn’t clear the shelter as we had 3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 kitten left but for our first year we did awesome. Thank you to all the adopters and volunteers that came out to help!!”


24 July 2016 Steampunk November Stage-Raising, $5 Hafla, Hosted by WST!

Today at 1 PM – 4 PM

Starts in about 4 hours · 81° Sunny

Face Off Dance Studio & Event Center
1030 W Arkansas Ln, Ste 300, Arlington, Texas 76013


Hafla means PARTAY! Come to a gathering of dancers and musicians to raise funds for an ENTIRE ADDITION to the SN grounds- ~The Gypsy Camp~

The caravan is going to camp out permanently by the riverbed and requires paths, stage, lighting, electricity… Saloon Girls will be dancing at the festival on the front porch of the FaBuLoUs new saloon, but they need a place to rest their boots, alongside the Air Raiders and traveling Gypsies who wander through the camp.

So come out to a FUN and easy-going event. Bring $5 to get in the door, and then relax on a pillow, stuff your face, watch the dancers, listen to the music and enjoy. If you’re feeling generous, bring a side dish to share. (Saloon girls require a lot of energy so we feed them often.)

So grab your music and $5 to come dance, or just watch and make merry!

Started reading my next Dune book, Dune, The Butlerian Jihad.  This quote resonated with me.  It feels like Kyle and my reading of this series and these particular books at this time….is well timely.  I am seeing more and more about the robotics….they even brought back Battle Bots (which we really enjoy!).  My favorite part is usually listening to and watching the commentators Chris Rose and Kenny Florian react to what’s going on in the battle bot fighting ring!  Priceless!  Sometimes I swear they turn into to 12 year old geeks watching their science experiment go to shit in a spectacularly awesome way!

I encourage “responsible robotics” – especially people who are working on creating humanoids like from the movie Blade Runner right now.  When you give “life” you are responsible for what happens when your creation demands equality with it’s maker.   Beware the “thinking machines… fiction is currently on the path to becoming science fact!  Human beings are already a prime example of what can go right and what can go horribly wrong.  Program your children wisely “makers.”

Quote from last nights reading from Dune, The Butlerian Jihad....this book is about the rise of humans against the "thinking machines" of the Duneverse

Quote from last nights reading from Dune, The Butlerian Jihad….this book is about the rise of humans against the “thinking machines” of the Duneverse. I think this should be a cautionary tale to the Robotic Engineers of today…the “makers.”



Kyle was looking at movie trailers from Comic-con 2016 in San Diego CA this morning and these are some we are both interested in….of course Dr. Strange is on the top of MY list!  November is going to be more than just the Presidential Election I’m dreading but grateful will finally be FUCKING OVER with!, the Steampunk November festival, my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving) WITH my family for the first time in FOREVER….zomg November is going to be epic! May be 2017 will be the year we all had hoped 2016 would be but totally wasn’t!  I hope so!
Dr. Strange – 23 July 2016 Marvel Comics trailer, Comic-con San Diego 2016

Wonder Woman Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) – Gal Gadot Movie

Justice League Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) – Ben Affleck Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) – Will Arnett Movie

Vikings Renewed! Tudors Alum Jonathan Rhys Meyers Joining Cast for Season 5 (I wanted to add this into the line-up as I’m excited for Jon!)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Official Comic-Con Trailer (2016) – Eddie Redmayne Movie

Snowden Official Comic-Con Trailer (2016) – Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movie….Oliver Stone

Kong: Skull Island Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) – Tom Hiddleston Movie