30 June 2016 Pink on the morning horizon, “red eye” in pictures – are we capturing a glimpse of our inner sun?

Hi again, this post came to me after going outside and taking some pictures of the morning sky….lots of pink.  Well after I came back in, I decided to capture our smallest house guest, Bear, our neighbors 16 yr old Chihuahua on film.  Something struck me as I looked at the picture of little Bear with his “red eyes”…..they looked a lot like the pictures I took of the “cherry” morning sun!  What if the red eye of pictures could be like seeing a glimpse of the inner “sun” within each of us?  What if instead of it being something to “correct” is could be something to cherish getting to see?!!!  Most people think of red eyes as “evil” or “bad” and if “red eye” shows up in a picture it needs to be corrected or it’s a camera malfunction sort of thing.

Something to think about the next time to go to correct a photo with red-eye in it….you might be blocking out someone’s “sun!”

(I know, it’s a weird train of thought, but that’s how I think! If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t think like other people lol!)

http://www.allaboutvision.com/resources/red-eye-photo.htm – interesting article with the scientific/logical spin about why red-eye occurs in pictures and how to prevent and or correct it (should you choose to).

Why Eyes Look Red in Photos – (excerpt, go to link for full article) 
and How to Prevent and Fix Red-Eye



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