29 June 2016 Side effects of Facebook may include (letting go of “friends” with love)….Sky pictures and helping a neighbor (dog sitting)

Hello to you, it’s Wednesday already!  The days have been going by so quickly!  In a few more days it will be the 4th of July!  Sheesh!  Doesn’t it seem like when your life is going well time just does that…flies by and then when you are wanting time to go faster it won’t?  It’s this phenomenon that makes me wonder if time can really be accurately measured…it seems to be different for everyone and almost situational in nature.

This was me yesterday.  A couple too many anti-Muslim, fear-mongering pro-gun rhetoric, bigotry, racism posts and I decided to cull my “friends” list which included family members.  I got so mad at one of my cousins that my cleaning OCD kicked in.  As strongly as I am in one direction, he and a couple other of my cousins are in the opposite direction.  Anyhew…when I start randomly cleaning, I’m upset. Enough!  I let them go with love!

Afterwards I felt like may be I was being a hypocrite…doing a “Facexit.”  Is it the same?  A person walking away from other people they can’t get a long or agree on much with….a country walking away from it’s people for many of the same reasons?  I guess I decided that I didn’t like who I was becoming after I read their posts and got so angry.  I’d rather let them go with love than continue to “rage” at them…drink their poison hoping it will cure them.   I can’t “make them” see my point of view, it doesn’t do me any good to get mad at them because they don’t…won’t “get it.”  You either have to accept people as they are or let them goYou can’t change other people, you have to let them be themselves.  You shouldn’t change for other people….Be yourself. 

*side note – what is going on in our world feels very familiar.  As I worded it yesterday after seeing a video of some serious ugly on a bus in England towards a minority, “This is how they teach our young to eat each other…..these kids were taught this, modeled this and the government and the same people who “made” these kids made it ok when they decided to Brexit.”

source internet

source internet

I took some sky pictures yesterday.  It’s really cool to watch the clouds boiling up in a circle around you.  It was neat last night.  I went out a bit before we retired for the night after sharing a Music and Memory video on my Facebook page that had success stories from Australia.  The first song that was ready to play on my own Ipod (the same type shown in the video I shared – the Ipod Shuffle) was “TNT for the Brain” by Enigma….perfect!  I just started moving and connecting with everything…felt great!  Perfect song as music is TNT for my own brain!

Enigma – T.N.T. For The Brain

then this song that I first heard watching this video a couple years ago by Solace called Saptak.  Justice is a word that came to mind as I listened..after seeing so much ugly from Britain and other parts of the world towards Muslims…towards anyone their culture, their church, their government, their parents, their friends, their television, movies, and even some video games have taught them them is “evil” or “bad” :

Irina Akulenko – “Justice” from “Tarot – Fantasy Belly Dance” DVD – WorldDanceNewYork.com

and then it started to rain just as this song ended….I saw the flashes of lightening behind my closed eyes and when I opened them then came the real thunder and lightening.


http://musicandmemory.org/ – Music and Memory (music a tool to help reclaim lost memories – dementia and alzheimers)


3 comments on “29 June 2016 Side effects of Facebook may include (letting go of “friends” with love)….Sky pictures and helping a neighbor (dog sitting)

  1. FB can be like a rollercoaster and I’m sometimes angry and sometimes I could cry… but I will carry on… there are so much good people, it would be sad to leave them too…

    • Your description of FB is perfect..crowded and messy! Ironically the reason I have one is to keep in touch with people and some of them who have encouraged me to keep my account open don’t even use it! LOL!

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