27 June 2016 A Life of Philip K. Dick The Man Who Remembered The Future (book Anthony Peake), MMORPG Rift Dimensions and our reality, Prometheus, my Oct 2003 Ichthys pendant drawing and one of the finest “Dark-haired” girls in Hollywood history Louise Brooks

Hello and good morning.  It’s morning in my dimension as I write to you. Increasingly, I’ve started to think of us as dimensions and how we communicate and travel as inter-dimensional travel.  Thank you MMORPG Rift lol!  Rift is the online game I play (Kyle may be able to play with me again if we can get his computer to work) and there is a place we have to store digital things you might find in a home like a chair or whatever called a “Dimension.”  Early on in the game, you do a quest to obtain a key to your first Dimension and later on you can get keys to other Dimensions by buying them, random drops or from your Minions when you send them out.  One of my characters, Alex Grayson (I’ve mentioned him before, made in honor of actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers awesome portrayal of Dracula), has 4 different Dimensions.  Our favorite is called the Mathosian Highlands. Kyle’s avatar and I actually decorated this one together as a “shared Dimension.” It’s a wide open dimension next to a body of water and a mountain.

Alex has quite a dimension building him a village just because the show got cancelled doesn't mean things can't happen elsewhere!

Alex has quite a dimension building him a village just because the show got cancelled doesn’t mean things can’t happen elsewhere!

Blue is definitely his color

Blue is definitely his color

It’s this concept from Rift that got me to thinking about Dimensions the way I do now and the ultimate possibility, which is actually discussed in some circles, of us eventually being made into digital avatars, uploaded into a program and actually become Dimensional travelers for real.  No more need of anything tangible….completely digital.

The only thing that keeps me from completely endorsing this line of thinking is this.  It would be all too easy for someone with the right connections, like it is in our current world, to gain control of our avatars and they would corrupt our files, alter them without our permission or delete them entirely….write over us with new more compliant avatars. If we are to think like Philip K. Dick (PKD) on this…..we are probably already in such an existence.  Like Philip, Kyle and I often find living on this planet to be an almost surreal experience…what is reality?  What does it mean to be alive?  What is the value of life?  Is all life of the same value and if not, why not?

Questions for our creator right?!!  I’m hoping we aren’t in a Prometheus (sci-fi movie by Ridley Scott) type construct of existence…..our maker would take one look at some of those who are responsible for our current existence and the most anxious to meet “God” and I am thinking we would hear a collective “Squish” sound of the creators boot crushing their bodies…..”I made you because I could, that’s all and I am not pleased with what you are.  I will try again.”  Yeah, no more “rainbow treatises” in Prometheus!
Prometheus: Engineer Corrects Weyland


Yesterday, Kyle and I visited Half Price Books in Burleson and I picked up Valis by PKD and a biography by Anthony Peake about Philip’s life.  Kyle got the next two Dune books from the new series by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson which are ironically in line with PKD and his simulcra – Dune The Machine Crusade and Dune the Battle of Corrin.  I’ve started to read Anthony’s book on PKD and it’s kind of freaky all the intersections our lives have taken.  The places he lived (my first duty station was at Travis AFB CA, I was stationed in Germany and my third and favorite assignment was in Colorado Springs CO!), types of people in his life, his life experiences, his addictions to work and substances, and his mental and spiritual being.  I found out his mom, Dorothy (my first husbands mothers name!) was for a time interested in the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and orgone energy! I listened to this interview yesterday as he tried to explain the mystical experience he had in Feb-March 1974 “2-3-74” as he referred to it and was pretty surprised.

Philip K Dick on his mystical experiences

Robot Makes Freaky Prediction – PKD robot on Nova program

The woman I drew at random the day before I saw the robot version of his head talk looks a lot like one of his “dark-haired” girls and in particular the one with the gold Ichthys pendant….like this:

Are all these things coincidences?  Is this just me searching for the meaning of my existence in another?  Seeking and finding validation in another?  May be.  I just feel on a personal level it could be more.  I’m looking forward to continuing on with the intersection of my dimension and Philip’s.

55-Minute BBC Arena documentary on Louise Brooks (1986) – the year I joined the military and was stationed at Travis AFB CA and around the same time I saw Blade Runner for the first time.  Louise has always fascinated me!  She was so beautiful, vibrant and mysterious!  I regret parting with a biography/picture book I had for so many years about her.  Pandora’s Box is an amazing film and I recommend it if you haven’t ever seen it.  Louise is on the finest examples of PKD’s style “dark-haired” girls I think (wink)!



5 comments on “27 June 2016 A Life of Philip K. Dick The Man Who Remembered The Future (book Anthony Peake), MMORPG Rift Dimensions and our reality, Prometheus, my Oct 2003 Ichthys pendant drawing and one of the finest “Dark-haired” girls in Hollywood history Louise Brooks

    • I think your right – we are organic but we are indeed programmed…part of a larger “program.” When I try to change my behavior I think of it as “reprogramming” my CPU for a brain 🙂 Hope you are well my friend!

  1. I like the concept of dimensional life, Jackie. I’m not a gamer, however, I like the hierarchy and organization you describe. How about if it were applied to us, right now. For example, what if we are each avatars of the Divine (or God, or whatever term one is comfortable using for that concept), each one of us a perfect and complete expression individualized according to our own specifications. Even though we appear to be separate, we are also simultaneously all One.

    It’s already so. We just have trouble wrapping our minds around that because we’re so attached to the individual avatar…. xoxoM

    • I like your concept of things M – how I see things is a variation I guess. We are like a bunch of little dimension bubbles floating around and sometimes we share space and have a shared experience and sometimes we are on our own. For example Kyle and I traveling together is like two little dimension bubbles in our dimensional passenger vehicle (our car) passing by a bunch of other dimension bubbles in their cars, walking out of gas station etc. and for a brief moment in our dimensional travels we cross paths even if for just a flicker of time….only slightly aware of each others presence. Then there is the massive experiences like concerts, going to the movies etc….but even then with all of us in a shared space we are still all having completely different versions…perceptions of the exact time and space. We are biologically incapable of perceiving an experience exactly the same! It’s a fascinating subject. I believe we are all part of one “source” but each of us making up the One are like the individual blood platelets in their veins if that makes sense? !! We could talk for hours I think!

      • I agree, Jackie, about the blood platelets analogy. The thing is, we’re so invested in our perceived separateness, that becomes our “reality” Hard to pull out of that! And, yes, we probably COULD talk for hours! lol xoM

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