24 June 2016 Voice of Fire, the Mother’s Song….He Named Me Malala (2015) and Britain leaves the EU

Hello to you! It’s Friday here as I write to you. I wasn’t sure if I was going to write today. As I replied to Kyle this morning when he asked me if I had a blog topic for today, “the Universe is silent! If I’m supposed to write today, something will come.”

I decided to take advantage of being able to watch He Named Me Malala on Hulu. Previously, we had the movie on our Netflix cue and had to wait a couple of movies before I could see it.

After the dog walk, I decided to spend my morning time outside and before I went I took out my trusty black Sharpee pen and drew a dragon breathing fire on my left hand and one breathing water on the right. The past couple of days my inner dragon, the more fierce part of my spirit, has been edging out. I don’t believe dragons are bad or evil….they are protectors and symbols of strength to me. Sometimes I need dragons more than I need butterflies and rainbows.

When I came back in, I decided to watch the movie about Malala and I’m so glad I did! I already was in love with her from the day I found out about her….the day she was shot in a school bus along with a couple of her friends back in Pakistan..9 Oct 2012. I can remember praying for her along with the rest of the world that cared about her and was so relieved to hear she was saved!

Today I needed to hear Malala. When I see her name it says to me, “Mother’s song” and after watching her movie, I think “Voice of Fire.” It is stories like hers and that of her family that help bring me “back to center.” Thank you for that Malala!


“It is better to live like a lion for one day than to live like a slave for 1,000 years,” Malala Yousafzai says over the beautiful opening sequence of, “He Named Me Malala.” The quote comes from Malalai, her namesake and a girl who led Afghani forces over the British Empire in 1880.

I find it ironic that I chose to watch this film about two girls that had their lives and one of them, their death, intermingled with the British Empire that has now voted to leave the EU!


LONDON — British voters defied their leaders and international allies by cutting ties with the European Union in a stunning result Friday that threw financial markets into chaos, forced Britain’s prime minister to resign and unleashed a new independence quest by Scotland.

As Britain absorbed the earth-shaking news, the political fallout reached to the highest level with Prime Minister David Cameron saying he would step down after championing the campaign to remain in the European Union.

I want to be happy for the voters of Britain and potentially Scotland and Ireland but I feel sick about this for some reason…a sense of dread?  In the pit of my stomach, which has fallen deep, I sense something wicked this way comes.  Something is screaming at me that “they don’t just do this without there being a reason.”  I will pray about it and hope for the very best but my body won’t make it easy for me.










3 comments on “24 June 2016 Voice of Fire, the Mother’s Song….He Named Me Malala (2015) and Britain leaves the EU

    • For some time I have been viewing the world stage and the current events as a chess board. Mostly pawns have been moving around and now Queen and Country have decided to move their pieces. I want to be happy but I feel dread.

  1. I hope it is a new start for the UK… and I hope their former partners will not block or hamper them… but I fear there comes more and what next… Nevertheless all people including our british neighbors here were in good mood no sad faces and no worries… may it continue…

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