23 June 2016 Tired Thursday and Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Morton H Meyers Symphony Center Dallas in September

Hello….how are you doing today?  Me?  I’m tired and a little sore, so is Kyle.  All that water removal and cleaning yesterday!  Kyle was a little surprised to be so sore because that doesn’t normally happen to him being 31 years old and all.  I patted his shoulder on the dog walk this morning, “Welcome to your mortality sweetheart!”

When did I first truly perceive my mortality?  My 29th year.  I was working at HQ Air Force Space Command, Peterson AFB CO a.ka. “Bldg 1” at the time.  My job was to organize an annual awards and decorations ceremony for the entire Command…yeah, I don’t miss it!  So much stress and bureaucracy!  Anyhew, that day I think I spent most of it either trying not to cry or actually crying which was a big-time breach of military discipline! Being an Empath (or a highly sensitive person) in the military turned out to be very unhealthy for me.  You can’t be overly sensitive and keep up your military bearing like they want you to.

I think the cruelest joke about being a human being is coming to realize you were starting to die as soon as you were born!  Whether it’s just physical death with an “afterward” of the spirit or not, you are some point going to stop being to be this tangible, physical being called “you.”  What I’ve seen and mentioned here, and it is a comfort, is parts of us seem to get activated in other people – “a little  different but just the same.”  We just have to be sure to pay attention!  How many times have you had deja vous when you met or saw someone?  This is what I’m talking about.

The race against death and time….a race with no winners.  Just make the very best of however long you get and try not to make it harder for those coming behind you!  Right?!!

Anyhew…not much else from here.  We finished watching Season 2 of Penny Dreadful and are left wondering and knowing.  We were left wondering how they were going to get out the messes they all were in and knowing obviously they did get out of the messes, because there is a Season 3 LOL!  I have their Facebook page “Liked” but try not to do more than glance at it as to avoid too many spoilers.   Was fun to find out Sarah Greene, not related to Eva, is an Irish lass, originally from Cork Ireland.

We have at last something special to look forward to, closer than November! Kyle just bought his birthday present,  two tickets to see Distant Worlds at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas for September!  Still plenty of time for me to find a little black dress for it.  Kyle and I absolutely loves video game music and especially from Final Fantasy.  This is definitely one of those “once in a lifetime” kind of things you just make sure you do when you have the chance!
Distant Worlds Returning Home – Answers  (Susan Callaway – wow!)


http://www.ffxivpro.com/forum/topic/34373/answers-song-lyrics-from-end-of-an-era-trailer/ (lyrics)

Sylph.Ashiya 2012-11-16 11:56:40
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I keep seeing ppl wondering/asking about the song lyrics and title to “Answers” sung by Susan Callaway (the song that plays at the end of the newest FFXIV trailer) A.N She’s also the lead singer for all the vocal songs in the Distant Worlds concerts. Anywayz, here are the lyrics enjoy!

I close my eyes, tell us why must we suffer
Release your hands for your will runs asunder
My legs long tired, tell us where must we wander
How can we carry on with redemption beyond us
[End Chorus]

To all of my children in whom life flows abundant
To all of my children to whom death hath passed his judgment
The soul yearns for honor and the flesh the hereafter
Look to those who walked before to lead those who walk after

Shining is the land’s light of justice
Ever flows the land’s well of purpose
Walk free, walk free, walk free, believe,
The land’s alive, so believe

Suffer [feel] (me) Lonely [face] (me) Weakness [teach] (me) Evil [Fear] (me)
although[feel] (me) one must [face] (me) stumble [teach] (me) listen [speak] (me)
(Although we) [speak] we (might) [tell] them (we must) [tell] them (land of) [hope] hope
(Mother) [hope] hope (father) [wish] with (every) [wish] wish(has a) [roam] home
(we must go) [roam] go (listen) [roam] go (suffer) [roam] home (sanctum) [swim] leap
(And as) [speak] we (wander) [sleep] sleep (answer) [sleep on] sleep on (on)

Now open your eyes while our plight is repeated
Still deaf to our cries lost in hope we lie defeated
Our souls have been torn and our bodies forsaken
Bearing sins of the past for our future is taken

War, born of strife these trials dissuade us not
Words without sound these lies betray our thoughts
Mired by your plague of doubtful and cheap lore
Judgment binds all we hold to a memory of scorn
Tell us why, given life, we are meant to die? help us in our cry!

witness (we) suffer (we) grovel (we) reason
(we) follow (we) struggle (we) wander (we) listen
(we) whisper (we) shoulder (we) addle (we) weather
(please) answer (you) answer (me) answer together

My life is a riddle to bear rapture and sorrow
To listen to suffer to entrust unto tomorrow
In one fleeting moment from the land doth life flow
Yet in one fleeting moment for the new leaf doth grow
In the same fleeting moment thou must live, die and know

Britton Peele

The ‘Final Fantasy’ symphony, Distant Worlds, is returning to Dallas in September

Jun. 21, 2016 3:33pm
Over nearly three decades of Final Fantasy video games, one of the things that has always stood out most has been the music. Popular songs from the franchise have been covered by fans in a wide variety of ways, and there have been games dedicated entirely to hitting notes in time with series music.
But the best way to hear these iconic songs it probably when they’re played by a live orchestra. Thankfully, that will be possible for Dallas-Fort Worth area fans later this year when Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy returns to the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center September 2-3.

The concert will be performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with Grammy-winning Arnie Roth, the University of Texas at Arlington a capella choir and vocalist Susan Calloway.

The music is paired with footage from the game that each song is from, so you can get a full burst of nostalgia when experiencing the memorable opera scene from Final Fantasy VI in a whole new way.

Music you can expect to hear includes:
Final Fantasy VI: Opera ‘Maria & Draco’
Final Fantasy VII: Cosmo Canyon
Final Fantasy VIII: Fisherman’s Horizon
Final Fantasy X: Zanarkand
Final Fantasy XIV: Dragonsong
Final Fantasy XIV: Answers

Tickets go on sale June 22 at MyDSO.com and start at $49.


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    • Awww thank you AC! Pink didn’t used to be a color I wore but ever since I saw pink in a rainbow…adopted the color pink as a spirit color…yep I wear it now! Love to you all and your precious cargo today!

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