22 June 2016 The Universe’s scales of Happiness and Sadness (balance) and Killer Lightning – Recent Lightning deaths in India

Hi there!  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to write to you today because well, today the Universe decided to reset my internal happy to sad scales!

So let me explain.

Yesterday afternoon we had a surprise call from our friend Rhonda.  She asked if we wanted to ride with her to pick up her new Bose ear buds at the Grand Prairie Outlet Mall and we said sure!!  We were doing absolutely nothing of importance and her call was a blessing…get us OUT OF THE HOUSE!  When you are married to a homebody…well two homebodies means that even after coming up with a great idea to go do something, you will manage to talk each other out of it.  So Rhonda was our beautiful and welcomed catalyst!  We got a chance to get caught up, had some Dippin Dots ice cream and then went to one of her favorite restaurants called La Gondola in Mansfield TX for dinner (http://www.lagondola1.com/ – great food and awesome service!  Thank you Susie!).  It was so nice to be with her and be reminded of how blessed we are to have friends like her!

In addition to a wonderful time with Rhonda, I got caught up with my friend Sarah who I hadn’t heard from in months.  I was so very happy!

*can you see the huge shoe floating in the sky at this point? LOL (Margarita I put this in for you!  Our shoes dropping thoughts!)

Then fast forward to this morning.  I decided to bake bread from scratch for the first time in months and had got that started.  Kyle and I are eating breakfast and he goes to wash his hands….no hot water pressure…oh shit!  He opens the front door to go check and make sure we have water and there is water by the front door!  He knew immediately this probably meant the water heater had finally gone kaput for real on us…..he was right.  There was about a 1/2 inch of water in the garage!!!

Well, thankfully we already knew who to call as we had called them the last time we had a scare – KMP Plumbing out of Mansfield TX – https://www.kmpcorp.com/ (they have Facebook page too) .  These people were great!  Even with them being short staffed for the day, they were able to get someone out to us quickly and we got everything sorted out!  They sent us the  earth angel called Henry in his own words, “I make this look easy don’t I?!” to which Kyle and I both readily agreed.  He did a great job and was fun to talk to.  If you need a new water heater/plumber and you live near Mansfield TX – give em a call!

You know what is funny?  The Universe had given us a heads-up on this.  Yesterday when we went to Rhonda’s apartment….we drove past their main office!  The same thing happened last week with regards to our gas mower.  The day we went to eat at Old Texas Brewery, we drove by the Riggs and Stratton shop that fixes our gas mower engine and I had made note of it.  Sure enough I go to the use the mower a day later and there is something wrong with it!  The Universe does give you a heads-up a quiz is coming if your paying attention!

SO!  This is not new for me, for Kyle and I both really.  It seems like whenever we go sharply in one direction, whether it be happy or sad, something will happen to reset the scale.  To me it’s a growth opportunity, a pop quiz from the Universe  if you will.  The Universe’s way of checking to see how we are coming along with our stress and anger management skills!!!  I think we did pretty darn well together today!  We even laughed about it some….my Kyle is great at getting me to laugh when I’m not at my best!  I do the same for him when he needs it.  His joke for me today was, “There have got to be less expensive ways to get the garage floor cleaned!!!” LOL

So all said and done we now have a new water heater, the garage floor is spotless, we are going to eat my home made bread and  Kyle is finally set up for his advanced welding class that starts in August!  The scale appears balanced!

I wish I could say the same for the rest of the world….every time I look at the headlines, and I know better, there is a new “something”.  There is something freaky going on with lightning deaths.  Either they are being reported more often and have always been happening or there are more of them happening!  Who has developed the lightning death ray?!  HMMMMM!!!  My prayers go to all those affected by this latest incident in India!  I can’t imagine how freaky that would be to have that happen to you….I don’t want to.  Bottom line with storms, if there is lightning….get to shelter as soon as you can!

Lightning kills 74 people, mostly farmworkers, in India

An Indian boy who was injured Tuesday after being struck by lightning receives treatment at the district hospital in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh state, India, Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Lightning has killed dozens of people, mostly farm laborers working in fields, across eastern and northern India over the past 24 hours, officials said Wednesday.(Press Trust of India via AP) INDIA OUT, , NO ARCHIVE© The Associated Press An Indian boy who was injured Tuesday after being struck by lightning receives treatment at the district hospital in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh state, India, Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Lightning has killed dozens of people, mostly farm laborers… PATNA, India — Lightning has killed 74 people, mostly farm laborers working in fields, across eastern and northern India over the past 24 hours, officials said Wednesday.A majority of the deaths occurred in the eastern state of Bihar, where 57 people died after being struck by lightning, a state official said. At least 24 others were injured when thunderstorms and monsoon rains lashed 14 districts of the state.

Ten people were killed by lightning in neighboring Jharkhand state, six in northern Uttar Pradesh state, and another in Maharashtra, police said.

Bihar disaster management official Vyasji said scores of cattle also perished in the state after being struck by lightning.

The dead included at least eight shepherds watching their sheep, said Vyasji, who uses only one name. He told reporters that he expected the death toll to go up as reports come in from remote districts of the state.

Lightning strikes are common during India’s monsoon season, which runs from June to September. However, the recent toll is unusually high.

At least 2,000 people have died in lightning strikes in India every year since 2005, according to the National Crime Records Bureau.


5 comments on “22 June 2016 The Universe’s scales of Happiness and Sadness (balance) and Killer Lightning – Recent Lightning deaths in India

  1. it’s great to have a friend like Rhonda … think we need such a friend too, we stay too much time at home and we probably miss a lot of things around us :o)
    My thoughts are with the people of india too… I’m so sorry for all the families. It happens more and more that thunderstorms cause such a damage and the death of people… some weeks ago germany and france had to bear such a storm and now so much people in india… maybe we humans should ponder more about such problems than to destroy our planet just for money :o(

    • It took a long time to find Rhonda…we lived here about 4 or 5 years before she came into our lives! When you move into a small town and established neighborhood, it’s harder to make friends I think. I don’t think it’s easy to make true friends and when you do…hold on! We met her through another special friend of ours at one of her gatherings we used to do – drum circle, just visit and talk about thins of the spirit. Everyone is spread out now and busy so we don’t do it like we used to but we still love each other and try to stay in touch. If you all were here I think we’d be inseperable lol. Ohhh the pink rooms we’d have! I agree about what the world needs to be focusing on and I sometimes wonder if Ma and Pa Nature isn’t trying to make that point with these natural tragedies. We are focused on the wrong things. Love to you all there today. Thanks for being my friend.

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