21 June 2016 Drawings from my past and lovely music from Morten Harket (Aha) and Reeve Carney (Dorian Gray Penny Dreadful)

Hi there, how are you all doing?!  I’m still in a funk….just felt like sleeping yesterday but thankfully I have Kyle who got me out of bed and we even played in the sprinkler….”this is even better than a pool!” (John Reep humor) Small town amusements.  ROFL.  Nothing quite so sexy as kissing your man, fully clothed, standing in a sprinkler!

I’m sorely disappointed in our government, what’s new.  They decided to said “f-u” to each other about any kind of head-way on keeping guns away from mentally unstable people….that shred of decency I was looking for from them and their sugar daddy’s at the NRA….nope!  It was too much to ask I guess (she says pulling out a stack of pink slips for everyone in Washington)…in the words of one of our candidates, one  the few admirable things about him: “Your fired!”

Anyhew…..as you who know me and are regular visitors here, I like to draw out my problems.  Here is a trip from my drawing past.  I really need to get these organized and published I think…where is my archivist lol?!!!  I would love to hire someone to just spend the next year archiving all my photos,  drawings and writings into some coherent form.  The pay wouldn’t be much but you would be compensated!   When you are a creative type, your creative “stuff” tends to get away from you.

I send my love and hugs to you through the wires and in all the elements (kisses reserved for Kyle lol)….the full moon was lovely last night.  Summer Solstice blessings to you!


I didn’t know actor Reeve Carney, Dorian Gray on Penny Dreadful, had such a lovely singing voice!  I see that season 3 is to be the last for Penny Dreadful and that is fine – frees them all to move on to other things and go out on top!

Aha – Objects in the Mirror (Morten Harket was and remains one of my favorite male singers…love harmonizing with him….Aha’s “Take on Me” video was one of the first I saw on what was then the brand new television station…MTV!)


7 comments on “21 June 2016 Drawings from my past and lovely music from Morten Harket (Aha) and Reeve Carney (Dorian Gray Penny Dreadful)

  1. I love “Hope emerges”…. it fits perfect to our crazy world… I remember Take On Me, it was so special and I loved the way they used drawings instead real people… and we sometimes met each other to watch MTV together, like in the old days were people came together to share a radio or a tv :o)

    • Thank you so much! I have a feeling someone special will be coming along to help me with this desire I have. What’s funny is I love to organize things but – other people’s things LOL! It’s always easier to do things for others that we should may be do for ourselves isn’t it?! Love you!

    • Why thank you!! I appreciate your saying that and am glad you got to see them. Drawing and writing have always been tools in my sanity toolkit…some times there isn’t enough paper LOL! Love and hugs to you today!!! Keep shining!

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