18 June 2016 Nature commercial, kaput electronics, grave site visits, friends wedding, copper bracelet and Annie Lennox “Why”

Feeling Tired, Irritable, Stressed Out? Try Nature – one of my favorite commercials lol!

Hello to you today,  how are you doing?  Hope your day is well as it finds you visiting here.  Tomorrow is Father’s Day already….where has this year gone?!  ZOOM!!

So this morning Kyle and I were beginning to wonder if Mercury is in Retrograde again, which it isn’t.  The next time Mercury goes into Retrograde is August: http://www.almanac.com/content/mercury-retrograde so WTF?!!!  We’ve been having things happen with some of our communication devices – both a computer and a t.v. set within a day of each other …kaput!  There may be a chance he can resurrect the computer but the t.v. is destined for the curb next trash day.  We are primarily disappointed as we were enjoying playing the MMORPG Rift together and now we can’t.  I will be paying closer attention to see what it is we are supposed to be doing instead!  Sometimes when things like this happen, a space is being made for something else.  I am hoping it’s something amazing….awesome and positive.

A marker for my birth Mom but not the final resting space.

A marker for my birth Mom but not the final resting space.

I got an email from my Uncle Bill yesterday.  He was back in South Dakota for his 50th high school reunion and stopped by my Mom and his older sister Jeannie’s grave site and took pictures so I could see it.  It was so nice to see so many beautiful flowers for her there and such green grass.  I have never been to her grave but I’m thinking this year may be the year for that.  We are talking about heading to South Dakota for Thanksgiving this year.  I think one of the major reasons I’ve never visited her grave is because I know she’s not there….it’s just a marker for what remains of her earthly self.  She’s always been with me wherever I go – my heart….my spirit.  Just because we aren’t physically here doesn’t mean we aren’t “here.”  Least that’s my take on it!

Today at 4 p.m. my therapist’s receptionist and my friend Linda is getting married in Lubbock TX!   Linda has been through so much physically, emotionally and spiritually these past few years and I’m so happy for her and hope her day is SPECTACULARLY AWESOME!!  Linda is another walking and talking example of what I’ve been talking about with regards to what happens when we clear out the toxins (mental, physical and spiritual) from inside of ourselves makes space for the life we’ve always deserved….always dreamed of!  It is my firm belief that when we gain weight it is partially due to our bodies literally expanding to contain our mental, physical and spiritual misery that we accumulate.    I believe the same holds true for disease and illness.  Our bodies are the physical manifestation of the intangibles of emotional and spiritual energy.  Anyhew…..I love you Linda and am thinking of you today!

On Thursday, Kyle and I went to eat at one of our favorite places in Burleson, The Old Texas Brewery Company.  We don’t drink beer away from home but love their burgers and just the atmosphere of the place. (https://www.facebook.com/OldTexasBrewingCompany)   Anyhew, our waitress just loved all the jewelry I was wearing that day, most of it stuff I had made.  Well I had her try on one of the copper bracelets and she just loved it so I let her keep it….that’s what I do lol.  My philosophy is the highest compliment or payment I could possibly receive about the things I make is if something like that happens!  My feelings is if they are admiring it, more than likely I made it for them and was just keeping it safe until I found them 🙂  The other part is, the selfish part (duplicity of human nature), is when I do that, I get the chance to make another piece!  So I made a new bracelet yesterday and am pleased with how it came out:

Time to wrap this up.  There have been a lot of positive headlines the past couple of days and one of the biggest was from Rep House Speaker Ryan about encouraging members of the GOP to vote with a conscience and the other was the Southern Baptist Church officially saying “no” to the confederate flag.    It makes me proud to see the realization of the power of choice…free will.   We always have a choice and making the one that is in alignment with our innermost selves can be most liberating! 


Ryan says Republicans should follow ‘conscience’ on Trump

BY Matthew Daly, Associated Press   June 18, 2016 at 9:25 AM EDT

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Paul Ryan says Republican lawmakers should follow their conscience in deciding whether or not to support Donald Trump, the GOP’s presumptive nominee for president.

The Wisconsin Republican told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “the last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that’s contrary to their conscience. Of course I wouldn’t do that.”

Ryan, who has given a tepid endorsement to Trump, said he understands he is in a “very strange situation” to be supporting the party’s presumptive nominee while not urging his fellow lawmakers to follow suit. But he said Trump is “a very unique nominee.”




U.S. Southern Baptists repudiate Confederate flag

By Steve Gorman  June 18, 2016

The U.S. Southern Baptist Convention has adopted a resolution repudiating the Confederate battle flag as an emblem of slavery, marking the latest bid for racial reconciliation by America’s largest Protestant denomination.

The resolution, passed at the predominantly white convention’s annual meeting in St. Louis, calls for Southern Baptist churches to discontinue displaying the Confederate flag as a “sign of solidarity of the whole Body of Christ.”

a song of our times…..

Annie Lennox – Why (Official Music Video)


One comment on “18 June 2016 Nature commercial, kaput electronics, grave site visits, friends wedding, copper bracelet and Annie Lennox “Why”

  1. I agree with the gaining weight, our bodies way of letting us know we just may be in overload.. It happened to me.. As I was adjusting to stress in my life.. ❤
    Love ya

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