10 June 2016 Dry drinking water, loving thank you note from Idaho City, California and Nicaraguan earthquakes, Scotland fracking moratorium and Denton TX, Bernie Sanders, California right to die law and Dr. Wilhelm Reich about DOR poisoning

Hello there!  How are you today?!  It’s Friday here – another week flashes by.  Yesterday was a good day.  Kyle’s brother Drew stopped by to pick up his birthday present and we all went to our local Waffle House for breakfast which was good as always.  For some reason their All-Star breakfast combo has just the right balance of everything that keeps us full for quite a long time and doesn’t make us feel like crap after eating it.  I’m always amused when Kyle and Drew get together.  They are so “brothers” in just about everything to include how they eat lol.  They both ordered the same breakfast and ate it practically the same way!

Kyle and younger brother Drew

Kyle and Drew — love these guys!

ALOT in this post today that relates to the environment and your part in it.  I hope if you decide to read on you will find the information resonant to you and your circumstances.  The information at the end from Dr. Wilhelm Reich on DOR (Deadly Orgone) poisoning seems very relevant to what I’ve been experiencing and noticing about my local environmental conditions lately.


There was a lot of sky traffic yesterday but not much in the way of “airplane poop” which was nice for a change.  There more of the “normal” looking clouds but it was incredibly dry.  I liken it to what it’s like when I drink bottled water these days – I just can’t seem to get completely hydrated.  Drinking water is so different from when I was a kid. As a kid I actually drank from the tap and felt like my thirst was quenched! I trusted the water to be clean and safe for me to drink and it actually tasted really good…..I didn’t know any better.  Sometimes it would be really nice to just be blissfully unaware of this shit.

This morning we saw a couple commercial flights go overhead and no visible trails behind them at all.  I noticed yesterday the small white jets I see a lot, the ones that fly at higher elevations and leave the most spreading trails, will be flying along and then all the sudden start leaving the trails.  Is this just part of flying an aircraft, like what happens when you gun it on a car to blow out exhaust? Probably, but I don’t know much about aircraft.  It’s like anything, it could be “normal” or it could be malicious.  Such is the seemingly inherent nature of ANYTHING humans beings create…duplicity of its purpose.



Yesterday I got a beautiful little thank you note in the mail and tree of life pendant from a gal I met through my Aunt who runs a store in Idaho City Idaho.  She sent it on the one year anniversary of the fire that destroyed her shop and several others.  After the fire, I had written her a letter of encouragement and gratitude for making a space for me and my stuff in her shop.  Her doing that really helped my self-esteem because most of the time I give the stuff I make away and didn’t know if people really thought it had value or were just being nice to me.  Some of the stuff I had there was lost to the fire but it was no big deal.  It just meant so much to me she that was willing to try and sell the things I make in her store.  People are always telling me I could sell my stuff but when I try I suck at it!  So I was grateful to her for that part too.  Well they have since rebuilt, better than before, and she just wanted to let me know how much my encouragement after the fire meant to her.  Got me all teary!!! I’m so happy for her and her family that they are back on their feet and doing so well!  Thank you Lisa for such a welcomed dose of love!  You are AWESOME SAUCE!

http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/article40862208.html (excerpt) 5 June 2015

Idaho City fire: Owners of gutted businesses examine what comes next

Calamity Jayne’s, Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor, Main Street Floral and Candle Shop, Old Time Photo and Idaho City Trading Post were completely destroyed by a fire sparked early Friday morning, along with one vacant storefront on the north end of the block.

Idaho City Fire Chief Terry Teeter said it took about four hours of work by four different fire agencies, seven fire engines and 25 firefighters to extinguish the four-alarm blaze that started at about 2:45 a.m. Idaho City firefighters remained on the scene all day to work with an Idaho fire marshal. The investigation into the cause of the fire could take weeks, Teeter said.

A full damage estimate wasn’t available Friday, but the Boise County Assessor’s Office valued the entire complex at about $311,000.

It was “just a standard structural fire; once it lights it goes,” Teeter said.

Read more here: http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/article40862208.html#storylink=cpy

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Idaho-City-Trading-Post/234923746564070 – Idaho City Trading Post Facebook page – better than before!


Now to other Mother Earth happenings! Earthquakes and natural gas well fracking

A couple of recent earthquakes in Nicaragua and then California got me curious to see if they were connected.  Sure enough if you look at the map picture, Nicaragua and California “line up.” I would have to look into this further to see if they are on the same fault lines.

California and Nicaragua line up

California and Nicaragua line up


Jun 10 2016, 4:22 am ET

Earthquake Shakes Northwestern Nicaragua

by F. Brinley Bruton

A strong quake struck northwestern Nicaragua close to the Honduran border Thursday night.

A strong quake hit northwestern Nicaragua on Thursday night. Google Maps

The temblor with a preliminary magnitude of 6.1 prompted the government to shut schools in the cities of Leon and Chinandega, presidential adviser on education Salvador Vanegas tweeted.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake’s epicenter was 16 miles northeast of Chinandega. The USGS said it had a depth of 6.2 miles and struck late Thursday night.

The earthquake was felt strongly in Nicaragua’s capital, Managua, more than 70 miles south of the epicenter, according to The Associated Press. Reports on social media indicated that the quake also shook communities in neighboring countries of El Salvador and Honduras

The quake forced hospital patients in Chinandega to spend the night in the open on gurneys, La Prensa newspaper reported.

Some residents of the small peninsular community of Punta Venecia fled coastal areas out of fear of a tsunami, the paper added.

Southern California rocked by 5.2 earthquake

Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY 8:43 a.m. EDT June 10, 2016

LOS ANGELES — An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2 rocked Southern California, rousing residents out of bed at about 1:05 a.m. PT on Friday.

The quake was centered about 13 miles north-northwest near Borrego Springs in the desert east of Los Angeles, the U.S. Geological Service reported. It was initially rated at 5.1, but was upgraded to 5.2 within an hour afterward.

On the west side of Los Angeles, about 100 miles from the epicenter, the quake produced a long shaking motion lasting about 30 seconds. There was no hard jolt.

In USA TODAY’s news bureau on the ninth floor of an office tower near Los Angeles International Airport, window blinds shook and the building structure rolled in steady waves.

The quake was also felt in San Diego.

What’s wierd is just yesterday I had commented on an Anonymous Facebook post about their post regarding Scotland putting a moratorium on fracking:

Scotland Just Banned Fracking Forever

“Jackie Wygant – When you frack in one place it’s like a needle taking blood from a vein in a human being. The location of the needle may not be the collapsing point (aka recent Canadian sinkhole) and the sinkholes we are seeing show up in parts of the US that do not frack.”

Sadly, if Scotland is like Denton TX, the fracking moratorium isn’t going to last long!

Denton TX voted to ban fracking and then the Texas legislature made it law that municipal and city governments can’t control where gas and oil wells can be drilled.

http://www.wsj.com/articles/texas-moves-to-prohibit-local-fracking-bans-1431967882 (excerpt)
By Russell Gold

Updated May 18, 2015 4:51 p.m. ET

AUSTIN, Texas—Last year, a city in North Texas banned fracking. State lawmakers want to make sure that never happens again.

On Monday, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law that prohibits bans of hydraulic fracturing altogether and makes it much harder for municipal and county governments to control where oil and gas wells can be drilled. Similar efforts are cropping up in states including New Mexico, Ohio, Colorado and Oklahoma, where both chambers of the legislature have passed a bill that limits local governments to “reasonable” restrictions on oil and gas activities.

This is all part of a broader legislative and judicial effort, backed by the oil industry, to limit local governments’ ability to regulate drilling. Backers say that both the Oklahoma and Texas bills were proposed in response to a voter-approved ban on fracking in Denton, Texas, in November.

One of the authors of the Texas bill said his motivation was to protect an economically important industry. “Oil is a huge job driver for the state of Texas,” said state Sen. Troy Fraser, a Republican from the central part of the state.

Thank you Senator Troy Frasher and Gov Greg Abbott and the rest of your crew for taking away our right to a cleaner environment so you can stay in office.  Oh and thank you for these too….



Earth Quakes

Nine earthquakes rattle North Texas in under 24 hours

Other interesting headlines:

http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/bernie-sanders-campaign-dc-vows-work-hillary-clinton/story?id=39719810 – sigh…..it’s come to this to defeat Trump

10 June 2016 hitler and mainstream media reliability

Yep….. (source Anonymous Facebook page)

Bernie Sanders to Campaign Through DC Primary but Vows to Work With Hillary Clinton

By Alexander Mallin

Jun 9, 2016, 1:39 PM ET

After a private Oval Office meeting with President Barack Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders said today he expects to “work together” with Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump while vowing to continue campaigning up to the Washington, D.C., primary on Tuesday.

Sanders arrived at the White House this morning for the meeting, two days after Obama effectively declared Clinton the winner of the Democratic primary contest.

“I look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump,” Sanders said after the meeting.

While he vowed to compete in next week’s primary, he promised to carry only his platform to his party’s convention this summer.

“These are some of the issues that many millions of Americans have supported during my campaign,” Sanders said. “These are the issues that we’ll take to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia at the end of July.”

Sanders thanked Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for not putting their “thumb on the scales” during the Democratic primaries. The senator offered no review of his 1-1/2-hour meeting with the president.

Hardly two hours after Obama released his Tuesday evening statement congratulating Clinton, Sanders took to a stage in California to inform supporters of his plans to stay in the race until the convention.

Obama told attendees at a fundraiser in New York on Wednesday night, “We just ended or sort of ended our primary season.” Top Democratic supporters of Sanders have similarly told ABC News of their readiness to rally behind Clinton.

But White House officials have maintained that Obama still has not officially endorsed Clinton, although they say that is imminent.

The White House has not provided details about the conversation between Obama and Sanders, but it was expected to center on shaping a new role for Sanders and his policy proposals in a party establishment roiled by the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist’s calls for a political revolution.

Sanders has been outspoken on his issues of disagreement with Clinton, saying he will stand firm on his push for the party to adopt a $15 per hour minimum wage and paid family and medical leave as platform positions.

After the meeting, Sanders went to Capitol Hill to hold meetings with other top Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York. He will then meet privately with Biden at the Naval Observatory in Washington.

Brittany had to leave her home in California and go to Oregon so she could die with dignity

Brittany had to leave her home in California and go to Oregon so she could die with dignity (source internet)

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/california-right-to-die_us_57583de8e4b0e39a28ac1e27 – good for California terminal patients!

Californians With Terminal Illness Now Have The Right To Die On Their Own Terms

The law was inspired by Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregon to end her own life.

06/09/2016 07:33 am ET

Mollie Reilly  

Deputy Politics Editor, The Huffington Post

California’s new right-to-die law went into effect Thursday, allowing terminally ill patients to choose to end their own lives.

“Simply having the option of medical aid in dying and the ability to shorten an unbearable dying process provides great peace of mind to terminally ill people and to their families,” Stanford Medicine physician Catherine Sonquist Forest told reporters Wednesday.

Under the End of Life Option Act, which passed last year, terminally ill patients with a prognosis of six months or less to live can obtain a prescription for a lethal dose of medication.

The law provides several protections against abuse. It requires two doctors to sign off on the patient’s prognosis and mandates that the patient make a written request and two oral requests for the lethal medication at least 15 days apart. Patients must also be deemed mentally competent and capable of making decisions about their own health.

Individual doctors and hospitals can choose whether or not to offer patients this option. Many large health care systems in California — including Kaiser, Sutter Health, the University of California and Stanford Medicine — have said they will allow their patients to seek aid in dying, according to Compassion & Choices, a leading nonprofit in the “death with dignity” movement. One doctor in Berkeley has opened a new practice specifically for seriously ill patients who seek guidance in ending their own lives.

Some religiously affiliated hospitals, however, are likely to opt out of the program.

The law was inspired by Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old California resident who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Maynard made national news for her decision to move to Oregon and seek care under that state’s right-to-die law.

“I am heartbroken that I had to leave behind my home, my community and my friends in California. But I am dying and I refuse to lose my dignity. I refuse to subject myself and my family to purposeless, prolonged pain and suffering at the hands of an incurable disease,” Maynard said in a video message to lawmakers prior to her death in late 2014. “No one should have to leave their home and community for peace of mind, to escape suffering and to plan for a gentle death.”

In a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, Maynard’s widower, Dan Diaz, explained why the issue was so important to his late wife. Diaz and Maynard’s mother, Debbie Ziegler, have become two of the death-with-dignity movement’s most vocal advocates, testifying in front of the California state legislature last year and aiding similar campaigns in other states.

Having the option to die on her own terms “allowed [Maynard] to focus on living life,” said Diaz.

“She didn’t have to be consumed with that fear of that brutal dying process that was coming for her,” he said. “This program, its very existence empowers the individual and it provides a great sense of control and relief.”

On the same call, Elizabeth Wallner, a single mother who has battled advanced colon cancer since 2011, said that she’s relieved the law is going into effect and that she takes comfort in knowing she can end her life if her “suffering becomes intolerable.”

“I don’t want to die, but death itself doesn’t really scare me,” Wallner said. “What scares me the most is dying slowly and painfully, and traumatizing my beloved son Nathaniel, my parents and siblings, and the other people in my life whom I love.”

While it’s not known how many Californians will take advantage of the new law, statistics from Oregon offer some perspective. Since the latter state’s right-to-die law went into effect in 1998, the number of prescriptions and related deaths has increased steadily. In the first year, 24 people received prescriptions for lethal medications, while 16 patients eventually took the medicine and died. Last year, 218 patients were prescribed such medications, and 132 decided to take them. In total, 991 terminally ill Oregonians have chosen to end their lives thus.

Access to the new option is an issue. While Californians in major cities are likely to find a doctor who will aid them in dying, residents of less populated areas may not have the same resources available. Compassion & Choices’ California director, Matt Whitaker, said that access is “absolutely a concern” and that his group is working to educate patients and physicians around the state about the new measure in hopes of increasing the number of participating facilities.

The law has been met with criticism from Catholic groups objecting on religious grounds. Others have raised the possibility of lethal drugs being offered to poor patients as an alternative to expensive, potentially life-saving treatments. A UCLA study released in May, which was based on data from Oregon and Washington state, found those fears to be unsubstantiated. It said that most patients who sought aid in dying were white, highly educated and privately insured.

DOR - Dr. Wilhelm Reich acronym for deadly orgone

Drawing I did yesterday afternoon…a sky grid if you will. The DOR – Dr. Wilhelm Reich acronym for deadly orgone.

The Symptoms of DOR Poisoning
By Dr. Wilhelm Reich
Posted March 15, 2006


Wilhelm Reich- CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering), OROP Desert
Part 1: Space Ships, DOR & Drought

“The reader of Oranur may remember that M? had struck for the first time forcefully at the end of March 1952, when no Oranur experimentation was going on at Orgonon [Reich’s laboratory and research estate located in Rangely, Maine]. But already in January 1951, at the very start of Oranur, a major problem was the falling ill of most workers at Orgonon.

As the months and years passed by, many millions of people all through the USA and the world fell ill from DOR sickness. The basic and typical symptoms of DOR sickness, commonly referred to as “Virus X” or “Intestinal Flu”, will be enumerated later. DOR sickness has nothing to do with any virus. It is a clear-cut, well circumscribed disease due to pre-atomic “DOR clouds”. These black clouds were passing at irregular intervals over various parts of the world, for various lengths of time, from a few minutes to several days. What is being called “smog” over big cities is a mixture of fog, soot, etc. This fog becomes stagnant and does not dissolve when DOR clouds are present in the atmosphere. It appears not only over big cities, but also in the open countryside which is free of any industrial smoke. So-called “smog” has, therefore, little to do with smoke; however, industrial regions full of soot may well enhance the hovering of DOR clouds over big cities. This makes the situation worse than it would be without the presence of smoke particles in the air. The Orgone Institute organized and received reports from many parts of the USA about DOR sickness, the bulk of the reports coming from New York.

Typical symptoms of DOR sickness are:

General fatigue and emotional distress; in some cases the fatigue is interrupted or even replaced by emotional outbursts of hatred. Nausea frequently follows in the wake of prolonged fatigue. Pressure in head, chest, arms and legs are common. Respiration is difficult, and sensations of lack of oxygen frequently accompany the distress. Thirst, hunger for much water, is grave under conditions which promote a DOR atmosphere, such as presence of fluorescent lights, neon signs in a restaurant, clocks and watches with luminous dials, x-ray machines in a hospital filled with filing cabinets which act as accumulators of atmospheric energy.

Hot flashes alternate with a blackness of appearance. Faces appear bluish to purple. People seem to be choking, as it were. They complain about “something wrong in the air”, or “something queer going on”.

Heart failures with subsequent death are frequent, especially when prolonged fog or drizzling rain with low-lying clouds prevent the supply of fresh oxygen and OR energy from the atmosphere.

Diarrhea is one of the most distressing symptoms in prolonged DOR emergency. The stools become black, due to Melanor which is being eliminated through the intestinal tract. They also become. In advanced cases, soft to watery and contain much mucus. Symptoms of dysentery may develop further, up to amoebae in the stools. This has nothing whatever to do with “infection”. The protozoa develop from low-charged epithelia (see the Cancer Biopathy, 1948).

When the atmosphere clears again, either spontaneously or by means of DOR removal, the symptoms likewise abate, but they never fully disappear as long as there are DOR clouds passing over the region or, as in big cities, are hovering over buildings for weeks on end. The discoloration of the atmosphere may go as far as a dirty brown in the smog or fog.

The stools of DOR-sick people may at times become white or gray from lack of bile. But the blackish soft and watery stool is the more typical symptom.

Nausea may develop into frequent vomiting.

Tachycardia is not an infrequent symptom in some cases.

Typical is also a shivering or fibrillar quivering of muscle groups in various parts of the body. Such fibrillations may harass the heart.

Typical of DOR sickness is an emotional dullness, a letdown in stamina which at times takes the form of stupor in some cases. It goes hand-in-hand with a dull gaze in the eyes, with an expression of despair of the face, not necessarily known to the victim of the disease. At times, a metal ceiling in a room full of people may induce a complete standstill of emotional functioning.

During 1952 and 1953, there were more prison riots in the USA than ever before in a similar stretch of time. This is now understandable as a revolt of organisms against the torture of living in metal cages with DOR clouds present.

In addition to these typical symptoms, persons may develop various atypical symptoms from their individual constitution in response to DOR. Those suffering from a slight liver disturbance may develop severe hepatic syndromes.

Loss of body heat down to a temperature of 96? F or less has been observed in several cases.

Swelling of glands (parotis, submaxillaris), edema of tongue, uvula, glottis, were frequent occurrences.

Total flacid paralysis of legs was seen several times in one case.

Sever thirst, due to dehydration of blood and tissues, and oxygen hunger, due to reduction of oxygen in the air through DOR, are the most distressing syndromes.

It was found that the following remedies at least alleviate the distress.

Frequent warm, soaking baths eliminate Melanor from the skin.

Continuous ventilation of living and sleeping quarters.

Drinking water or tea in abundance.

Orgastic discharge of bio-energy is essential.

DOR removal over the effected region with the cloudbuster at irregular intervals, according to the DOR situation, helps to keep DOR clouds moving on, and reduces at least the distress otherwise caused by accumulated and stagnant staleness of the atmosphere.”



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