8 June 2016 Green fly pictures, silver dot on leaves info and birthdays

Hello all –

Hope this finds you well.  Keeping it delightfully short today!

After looking at a few pages like I’ve linked below, I’m thinking insects or fungus is the source of the silver dots I’m noticing on my trees and plants.


http://homeguides.sfgate.com/silver-spots-azalea-leaves-29003.html –  “The delicate flowers of azalea (Rhododendron spp.) seem to float like colorful clouds over deep green foliage throughout the growing season. It’s no wonder, then, that gardeners are troubled when their precious plants suddenly develop silver spots on their leaves. Silver spots do not generally indicate serious disease, however. The two main types of problems that cause silver spots to appear on azalea leaves are sap-sucking insect pests and fungal infections.”

Love, hugs and all my best wishes to you readers today! You are AWESOME SAUCE!

http://www.people.com/article/prince-day-birthday-reactions – Prince’s birthday declared a holiday in Minnesota

While my brother-in-law Drew’s birthday isn’t a state-wide we think he’s pretty special!    It’s so important to love and appreciate people while they are alive to enjoy it!


2 comments on “8 June 2016 Green fly pictures, silver dot on leaves info and birthdays

  1. Yes. I always end every phone conversation with my family with I love you. Even when we’ve been arguing and I’m mad. I don’t want the last words between us to be anything other than the Truth: I Love You! xoxoxoM

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