2 June 2016 More rain in Texas, my pink spirit book message for today, new camera, hope in our young and Bumblebees interacting with flowers energy fields

Hi there…..hard to believe it’s already 1:48 pm in the afternoon!  The rain has finally stopped for a bit and I’m so grateful for that.  The ground is so saturated here and the continuing heavy rainfall is causing a lot high water at our place and around town.  Thank goodness for that thing called “Intermittent showers!”  Others around the state and from what I read this morning, parts of France and Germany (Western Europe) aren’t having such grace and are experiencing a lot of flooding right now.

Deep again in our backyard this morning!

Deep again in our backyard this morning!

How Link and Amber chose to cope with more rain

How Link and Amber chose to cope with more rain

Kyle had to go and pick up his new lenses this morning and it was raining pretty hard….against my better judgement lol I went along and was a horrible passenger!….”Jackie quit side-seat driving!”  While I waited for him to drop off his frames, I sat in the car and pulled out my pink spirit book as I felt writing in it would help calm me down.  I had to smile at the “time stamp” on the message as a couple of my friends on Facebook have started to note the time and these are a couple of numbers that have come up for them.

2 June 2016 Jackies pink spirit book message for today Alvarado TX

On the way to Vision City, Kyle and I were having some passionate discussion about how mad we are at the world at large right now.  We are pissed at our government (all levels), the political process, the entertainment industry (especially after the fiasco of my not being able to watch more than the first Episode of the Roots remake or The Hollow Crown without having a cable tv service!  Things are getting so overly fragmented with how people can get access to what they want to see), our financial institutions, immigration, human rights (LGBTQ and minorities), guns, Western medicine, Harambe the gorilla’s death…..on and on.  I was feeling my entire insides turn to dark mush and had to put the kibosh on it like I already had to for myself earlier this morning when I woke up at 2:30 am (again)!

I suggested to him that we “dial things back to love and light” because I was starting to not feel well with our current line of discussion.  I asked Kyle to return to his personal Universe and find things he was grateful for in it and it wasn’t long before we were able to calm things down.  So much of what we are pissed about doesn’t affect us directly but being the kind of people we are, we still feel affected by what is going on in our world.  We both feel that whatever misfortune and or injustice falls on one of us, that’s any living creature on this planet, it affects us too….we care.   Alas, lol, we are but mortals and cannot change the entire course of the world at the snap of our fingers….that whole multi-verses bleeding over and affecting those around them thingy….BUT we can make our personal Universes positive examples for others….LEAD BY OUR EXAMPLE!  Focus on what we want to see and we will eventually see more of it.  The same holds true when we Focus on what DON’T want to see.  Here is, drum roll please, FREE WILL!!!


Canon Powershot SX610 HS

Canon Powershot SX610 HS – no pics with it yet, battery is charging

While we were waiting for Kyle’s glasses to be ready, we went over to Best Buy to look for a new camera.  The one we have, a Canon Powershot A580 has started to “eat batteries” at an accelerated rate and takes way too long to take a picture.   It was a birthday gift from Kyle’s  folks probably 6 or 7 years ago now and has been a great camera up until recently.   We now have an 18X optical zoom up from 4X and 20 megapixils instead of just 8!!  Big time upgrade and it wasn’t too expensive.  It’s still easy to use like the other one which was a requirement before I’d buy it.  One we looked at had “too many buttons and options – too complicated” my comments made our Best Buy sales consultant Ryan (who looked a lot like the wonderful actor Zachary Quinto) chuckle.  If you are going to buy a camera and go to Best Buy in Burleson TX, see Ryan!

So now you can all look forward to much less granulated photos from me!  Hmmmmm….may have to keep the other one around for portraits of me haha….the blurrier the better!

Time to wrap things up and get on with what is left of today….just flying by.  Much love and hugs to you through the wires today.  YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE!

P.S  Congratulations to my nephew Zachary on his graduation from high school.  So proud of him and his sisters, my brother and his wife.  In this crazy world of ours, there is still hope!  I see it in these smiling faces.

left to right: Amanda, Zachary, Megan and in front is Sophie

left to right: Amanda, Zachary, Megan and in front is Sophie

Interesting news that showed up on my radar yesterday about what they are discovering about bee’s and the electric fields emitted from flowers!  When I’m outside and interact with the trees and flowers in our backyard, I like to try and connect with this energy.


Bumblebees’ Little Hairs Can Sense Flowers’ Electric Fields

Scientists say bumblebees can sense flowers’ electric fields through the bees’ fuzzy hairs. Jens Meyer/AP hide caption

toggle caption Jens Meyer/AP

May 30, 2016·3:00 PM ET
Scientists say bumblebees can sense flowers’ electric fields through the bees’ fuzzy hairs.
Jens Meyer/AP
Scientists say bumblebees can sense flowers’ electric fields through the bees’ fuzzy hairs.

Flowers generate weak electric fields, and a new study shows that bumblebees can actually sense those electric fields using the tiny hairs on their fuzzy little bodies.

“The bumblebees can feel that hair bend and use that feeling to tell the difference between flowers,” says Gregory Sutton, a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

People used to think that perceiving natural electric fields was something that animals only did in water. Sharks and eels can do it, for example. The platypus and spiny anteaters were the only land critters known to have electroreceptive organs, but these have to be submerged in water in order to work.

Then, a few years ago, Sutton and his colleagues showed that bumblebees could sense electric fields in the air.

“There is, all the time, a background electric field in the atmosphere,” says Sutton. “Any plant that’s connected to the ground will generate its own electric field just by interactions with the atmosphere.”

He wondered if bumblebees could sense those electric fields and use them in some way. So his team tested that idea with the help of a bunch of almost identical artificial flowers.

The scientists took half of the flowers and put 30 volts on them, then filled them with sugar water. The other flowers were filled with a bitter liquid. “And the bees will eventually learn to go to the ones that are charged to 30 volts,” says Sutton.

When they turned off the voltage, the bees lost the ability to differentiate between the flowers and began to forage randomly, showing that the bees really were relying on those electric fields.

But how were the bumblebees able to sense them? That’s what the researchers tracked in their latest study, described in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“We used a laser beam that could measure small motions of an antenna or a hair, and that’s how we measured how much the air and the antenna moved in response to an electric field,” says Sutton.

They also stuck a very fine electrode wire into the nerve at the socket of the bottom of a hair to record the activity of nerve cells there.

“They’ve got these really fuzzy hairs all over their body, and when they approach something with an electric field, that electric field will bend the hairs on their body,” says Sutton. And that bending generates a nerve signal.

The results suggest that bumblebees can sense an electric field produced by a flower that’s up to 55 centimeters (nearly 22 inches) away. But that’s under ideal conditions in the lab — Sutton says 10 centimeters or so (about 4 inches) is more likely in the real world.

“I’m very excited by this because these little mechanically sensitive hairs are common all over the insect world,” says Sutton. “I think this might be something we see in more insects than just bumblebees.”

“Basically this just adds to the long list of incredible things that bees can do,” says Robert Gegear, who studies pollinating insects at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass.

He says it’s unclear if bees really use electric fields in the real world, where flowers have a ton of other compelling features, like color and smell.

“And so the one question I have is: ‘What is the functional relevance?’ — not just from the bee side but from the plant side as well,” says Gegear.

For all we know, Gegear says, bumblebees may detect electric fields for something that has nothing to do with flowers, like navigation or communication.







2 comments on “2 June 2016 More rain in Texas, my pink spirit book message for today, new camera, hope in our young and Bumblebees interacting with flowers energy fields

  1. please let me know how you like your new cam, I look for a small one I can take to all places :o) I hope the flood goes away and all people and pets have a chance to escape… they even evacuated the artwork from Louvre today, so it seems more water will come :o(

    • So sorry you all are flooding over there! So weird to read about the Louvre being evacuated! The camera is going back this morning. I share in my blog today about why. Canon decided that in order for me to “free” my images I have to register for an online photo album! NOPE! Back to grainy until we find a modern camera that doesn’t require online registration.

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