30 June 2016 Pink on the morning horizon, “red eye” in pictures – are we capturing a glimpse of our inner sun?

Hi again, this post came to me after going outside and taking some pictures of the morning sky….lots of pink.  Well after I came back in, I decided to capture our smallest house guest, Bear, our neighbors 16 yr old Chihuahua on film.  Something struck me as I looked at the picture of little Bear with his “red eyes”…..they looked a lot like the pictures I took of the “cherry” morning sun!  What if the red eye of pictures could be like seeing a glimpse of the inner “sun” within each of us?  What if instead of it being something to “correct” is could be something to cherish getting to see?!!!  Most people think of red eyes as “evil” or “bad” and if “red eye” shows up in a picture it needs to be corrected or it’s a camera malfunction sort of thing.

Something to think about the next time to go to correct a photo with red-eye in it….you might be blocking out someone’s “sun!”

(I know, it’s a weird train of thought, but that’s how I think! If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t think like other people lol!)

http://www.allaboutvision.com/resources/red-eye-photo.htm – interesting article with the scientific/logical spin about why red-eye occurs in pictures and how to prevent and or correct it (should you choose to).

Why Eyes Look Red in Photos – (excerpt, go to link for full article) 
and How to Prevent and Fix Red-Eye



30 June 2016 The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box (2013), my silly “superpower” , latest drawings, Nikola Tesla’s mysterious Black Box

Hi there…are you up as early as I am as I write to you from my dimension lol?!  Woke up at like 3:02 am and just haven’t been able to get back to sleep.  Now the dogs, to include our two guests are up so we are out in the living room while we are trying to let Kyle get some sleep for a change….he hasn’t been getting much lately.  Some of it is Link waking him up and some of it we think might be new allergy medicine related.  He switched up Claritin for Allegra and ever since he’s not been sleeping all night.

Anyhew….so I’m up.  Last night after we both decided we couldn’t watch our DVD movie Pan from Netflix, Kyle picked a random movie on live-streaming Netflix called The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box.  What is funny is now the drawing I did yesterday with the “TBB” (Tesla Black Box was what I was thinking when I did it) made sense.  In this movie there is a “magical box” with mysterious and dangerous powers…The Midas Box.

27 June 2016 Jackie 350 pm drawing Alvarado TX

So this is where my “superpower” comment comes in.  For the longest time I have done drawings that will end up having themes that usually show up in movies we’ll “seemingly” at random watch later.   Sometimes it will be a tv show or something else but usually a “media” type thing.  It’s like an “Easter egg” from the Universe saying ” this is why you watched this.”  So my drawing above is a good example of what I’m talking about.  Kyle and I joke about my “superpower” as being about as useful as changing a television channel at times!  LOL!


We enjoyed this movie!  So many familiar faces!  One face I did not recognize, but found striking, was the actor who was Moriah Mundi, Aneurin Barnard.  He looked like someone who had just stepped out of a very old painting…familiar even!  He also made me think of Kyle McLachlan as a young man too (Dune).  It was interesting to see actor Sam Neill portraying yet another character who has access to a powerful alien device and go mad with the acquisition of it!  In the sci-fi movie Event Horizon…which is a horrifyingly good sci-fi film he really “goes there!”  (Event Horizon: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119081/?ref_=nm_knf_i3).  I enjoyed seeing Michael Sheen again and felt his charm and charisma as the character Charity really brought light to the movie.  I love his teeth – his smile is very distinct.  Kyle was wondering where he had seen actress Lena Heady  before and I said “Game of Thrones of course!”  She was also in the first 300 film and did a great job there as well.


The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box  (2013)

Plot Summary

Showing one plot summary

Ancient mysteries. Powerful evil. And a fearless hero’s quest through a fantastical realm of steam-powered wonders and sinister magic… In THE ADVENTURER: THE CURSE OF THE MIDAS BOX, seventeen-year-old Mariah Mundi’s life is turned upside down when his parents vanish and his younger brother is kidnapped. Following a trail of clues to the darkly majestic Prince Regent Hotel, Mariah discovers a hidden realm of child-stealing monsters, deadly secrets and a long-lost artifact that grants limitless wealth – but also devastating supernatural power. With the fate of his world, and his family at stake, Mariah will risk everything to unravel the Curse of the Midas Box!

So what will these two drawings I did yesterday mean we are watching in the future?!  LOL!  Who knows.  We’ll just have to “see.”  Much love to you through the wires today!

Your one assignment today is to BE YOU!!!  You are good enough!

*adding this as a “p.s” for you if your are curious about my Tesla Black Box reference

http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/tesla/esp_tesla_14.htm (for complete article)

The Black Box

Himself an Austrian military man and a trained aviator, Mr. Savo was extremely opened about certain long-cherished incidents in which his uncle’s genius was consistently made manifest.

Mr. Savo reported that in 1931, he participated in an experiment involving aetheric power. Unexpectedly, almost inappropriately, he was asked to accompany his uncle on a long train ride to Buffalo. A few times in this journey, Mr. Savo asked the nature of their journey. Dr. Tesla remained unwilling to disclose any information, speaking rather directly to this issue.

Taken into a small garage, Dr. Tesla walked directly to a Pierce Arrow, opened the hood and began making a few adjustments. In place of the engine, there was an AC motor. This measured a little more than 3 feet long, and a little more than 2 feet in diameter. From it trailed two very thick cables, which connected with the dashboard. In addition, there was an ordinary 12-volt storage battery.

The motor was rated at 80 horsepower. Maximum rotor speed was stated to be 30 turns per second. A 6-foot antenna rod was fitted into the rear section of the car.

Dr. Tesla stepped into the passenger side and began making adjustments on a “power receiver” which had been built directly into the dashboard. The receiver, no larger than a short-wave radio of the day, used 12 special tubes, which Dr. Tesla brought with him in a box-like case.

Mr. Savo told Mr. Ahler that Dr. Tesla built the receiver in his hotel room, a device 2 feet in length, nearly 1 foot wide, a 1/2 foot high.

These curiously constructed tubes having been properly installed in their sockets, Dr. Tesla pushed in 2 contact rods and informed Mr. Savo that power was now available to drive. Several additional meters read values, which Dr. Tesla would not explain. No sound was heard. Dr. Tesla handed Mr. Savo the ignition key and told him to start the engine, which he promptly did.

Yet hearing nothing, the accelerator was applied, and the car instantly moved. Tesla’s nephew drove this vehicle without other fuel for an undetermined long interval. Mr. Savo drove a distance of 50 miles through the city and out to the surrounding countryside. The car was tested to speeds of 90 mph, with the speedometer rated to 120.

After a time, and with increasing distance from the city itself, Dr. Tesla felt free enough to speak. Having now become sufficiently impressed with the performance of both his device and the automobile. Dr. Tesla informed his nephew that the device could not only supply the needs of the car forever, but could also supply the needs of a household “with power to spare”.

When originally asked how the device worked, Tesla was initially adamant and refused to speak. Many who have read this “apocryphal account” have stated it to be the result of an “energy broadcast”. This misinterpretation has simply caused further confusions concerning this stage of Tesla’s work. He had very obviously succeeded in performing, with this small and compact device, what he had learned in Colorado and Shoreham.

As soon as they were on the country roads, clear of the more congested areas, Tesla began to lecture on the subject. Of the motive source he referred to “a mysterious radiation, which comes out of the aether”.

The small device very obviously and effectively appropriated this energy.

Tesla also spoke very glowingly of this providence, saying of the energy itself that “it is available in limitless quantities”. Dr. Tesla stated that although “he did no know where it came from, mankind should be very grateful for its presence”. The two remained in Buffalo for 8 days, rigorously testing the car in the city and countryside.

Dr. Tesla also told Mr. Savo that the device would soon be used to drive boats, planes, trains, and other automobiles. Once, just before leaving the city limits, they stopped at a streetlight and a bystander joyfully commented concerning their lack of exhaust fumes. Mr. Savo spoke up whimsically, saying that they had “no engine“.

They left Buffalo and traveled to a predetermined location, which Dr. Tesla knew, an old farmhouse barn some 20 miles from Buffalo. Dr. Tesla and Mr. Savo left the car in this barn, took the 12 tubes and the ignition key, and departed.

Later on, Mr. Savo heard a rumor that a secretary had spoken candidly about both the receiver and the test run, being promptly fired for the security breach.

About a month after the incident, Mr. Savo received a call from a man who identified himself as Lee DeForest, who asked how he enjoyed the car. Mr. Savo expressed his joy over the mysterious affair, and Mr. DeForest declared Tesla the greatest living scientist in the world. Later, Mr. Savo asked his uncle whether or not the power receiver was being used in other applications.

He was informed that Dr. Tesla had been negotiating with a major shipbuilding company to build a boat with a similarly outfitted engine.

Asked additional questions, Dr. Tesla became annoyed. Highly concerned and personally strained over the security of this design, it seems obvious that Tesla was performing these tests in a desperate degree of secrecy for good reasons.

Tesla had already been the victim of several manipulations, deadly actions entirely sourced in a single financial house.

For this reason, secrecy and care had become his only recent excess.

29 June 2016 Side effects of Facebook may include (letting go of “friends” with love)….Sky pictures and helping a neighbor (dog sitting)

Hello to you, it’s Wednesday already!  The days have been going by so quickly!  In a few more days it will be the 4th of July!  Sheesh!  Doesn’t it seem like when your life is going well time just does that…flies by and then when you are wanting time to go faster it won’t?  It’s this phenomenon that makes me wonder if time can really be accurately measured…it seems to be different for everyone and almost situational in nature.

This was me yesterday.  A couple too many anti-Muslim, fear-mongering pro-gun rhetoric, bigotry, racism posts and I decided to cull my “friends” list which included family members.  I got so mad at one of my cousins that my cleaning OCD kicked in.  As strongly as I am in one direction, he and a couple other of my cousins are in the opposite direction.  Anyhew…when I start randomly cleaning, I’m upset. Enough!  I let them go with love!

Afterwards I felt like may be I was being a hypocrite…doing a “Facexit.”  Is it the same?  A person walking away from other people they can’t get a long or agree on much with….a country walking away from it’s people for many of the same reasons?  I guess I decided that I didn’t like who I was becoming after I read their posts and got so angry.  I’d rather let them go with love than continue to “rage” at them…drink their poison hoping it will cure them.   I can’t “make them” see my point of view, it doesn’t do me any good to get mad at them because they don’t…won’t “get it.”  You either have to accept people as they are or let them goYou can’t change other people, you have to let them be themselves.  You shouldn’t change for other people….Be yourself. 

*side note – what is going on in our world feels very familiar.  As I worded it yesterday after seeing a video of some serious ugly on a bus in England towards a minority, “This is how they teach our young to eat each other…..these kids were taught this, modeled this and the government and the same people who “made” these kids made it ok when they decided to Brexit.”

source internet

source internet

I took some sky pictures yesterday.  It’s really cool to watch the clouds boiling up in a circle around you.  It was neat last night.  I went out a bit before we retired for the night after sharing a Music and Memory video on my Facebook page that had success stories from Australia.  The first song that was ready to play on my own Ipod (the same type shown in the video I shared – the Ipod Shuffle) was “TNT for the Brain” by Enigma….perfect!  I just started moving and connecting with everything…felt great!  Perfect song as music is TNT for my own brain!

Enigma – T.N.T. For The Brain

then this song that I first heard watching this video a couple years ago by Solace called Saptak.  Justice is a word that came to mind as I listened..after seeing so much ugly from Britain and other parts of the world towards Muslims…towards anyone their culture, their church, their government, their parents, their friends, their television, movies, and even some video games have taught them them is “evil” or “bad” :

Irina Akulenko – “Justice” from “Tarot – Fantasy Belly Dance” DVD – WorldDanceNewYork.com

and then it started to rain just as this song ended….I saw the flashes of lightening behind my closed eyes and when I opened them then came the real thunder and lightening.


http://musicandmemory.org/ – Music and Memory (music a tool to help reclaim lost memories – dementia and alzheimers)

28 June 2016 “Zebras” of my past (PKD ref), Dreams of bells, Stonehenge musical rocks, “playing your own tune” and congrats to Latrice Royale and Christopher

Hello to you, hope you are doing well today or doing as best as can be expected for whatever you are going through.  Some of us in the world are going through more than our fair share of “stuff” right now.  My life seems like a nostalgic farm scene painting compared to much of what I see and feel going on around me!  It’s going to be another really hot day.  I know it’s real hot when Spot doesn’t even want to stay in the backyard more than a couple of minutes.

When it’s hot, reading is a great past time.  So I have continued reading about Philip K. Dick and came across something that made me get chills, the word “Zebra.”

Great quote from PKD

Great quote from PKD

“He referred to the “transcendentally rational mind” as “Zebra”, “God” and “VALIS”. Dick wrote about the experiences, first in the semi-autobiographical novel Radio Free Albemuth and then in VALIS, The Divine Invasion and the unfinished The Owl in Daylight (the VALIS trilogy).” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_K._Dick) (Valis is the other book I bought the other day!)

When I was at Huguley in September 2015 and at Mesa Springs in March of this year, I can remember hearing in my head the phrase “You are a Zebra.  A Zebra changes it’s stripes.”  At one point, a man named Patrick I met at Mesa Springs was sitting near me talking on the phone and I thought I heard him say “Zebra is on” or something to that effect. He was “around me” a lot during my stay there and we talked and played cards some.  He often watched me wander around the recreation yard whilst “doing my thing” which included yoga and  singing.  I felt safe when he was around and I even tried to help him with his coughing fits (did some Quantum Touch with him)….he wouldn’t stop smoking!

Last night I looked through my notebooks from my times at the hospital to see if I had written anything about the “Zebra thing”  but  I didn’t find anything.  What I did find was like looking at the what vomit from a computer might look like!  Random data all over the place… zomg!  I don’t know if I’ll ever make sense of those words…another intersection with PKD for me.  All three times I’ve been in the hospital, similar circumstances each time, it’s taken me a long time to sort out what happened afterwards.

*side note to those taking Lamictal:  If you didn’t already know, don’t eat Grapefruit (citrus) and take Lamictal….fucks you up!!!  That’s what we think caused the second episode.

Last night I had a cool dream.  This will be another example of how the brain uses our conscious inputs during the course of our day, our lives even, to make our dream content.

I dreamt about being in a sort of classroom and everyone was playing the violin.  On a screen at the front of the room, the notes to the music they were playing was flashing very quickly “A” “G” “C” for example.  I didn’t have a violin and didn’t know how to read music.  So the teacher of the class showed me an instrument I could play how I wanted and still be part of the class.  It kind of looked like those things people have on their desks with balls attached to strings that you can set in motion but it was a musical instrument…it sounded like bells when you played it and the balls were crystals.  Philip mentioned the woman of his mystical experience taking him to a paradise and he heard bells.  The balls on the string I guess they were singing crystals which ties in nicely to the something I read recently about at Stonehenge rocks having musical properties.  The teacher said I could play along while the others played their violins….I could fill in the blank spaces….but she said, “Just don’t overdue it!”

stonehendge morning light


“A team of researchers from London’s Royal College of Art (RCA) have discovered that the stones used to construct Stonehenge hold musical properties  and when struck, sound like bells, drums and gongs.  It is suggested that these properties could be the reason why the builders were willing to travel so far to source the stones from Wales and bring them to the site in Salisbury Plain, England”

What I got out of this dream is a truth for myself.  Even if all these pieces in the dream are just my minds way of processing conscious data, there was a message for me in it.

I don’t follow the music written by others, I never have.  I have always played my own tune.  I have a lot of musical instruments in my house that I play my own tunes on – a  couple of recorders (one from grade school!), the Polish lap harp I’ve shown you, the tuning fork and chime, my drum and I sing my own tunes…singing has gone all the way back to me being a small child….singing to the neighbor girls using a jump rope handle or singing gibberish operas while washing the dishes. It’s not just musical instruments in which I’ve played my own tune….my entire existence I’ve tried to be myself and often met with great resistance!  A rebellious child, a rebellious student, a rebellious GI, a rebellious patient, a rebellious woman and citizen and a rebellious wife.  A rebel WITH a cause, the sole cause, to preserve ME.

What a fight it has been and continues to be!  Sometimes the consequence of being your true self is a life of isolation and loneliness.  People keep their distance, even if they care about you, because they just don’t “get you” or don’t feel comfortable around you.

My life with other people, even Kyle at times, has been a life often littered with misunderstandings and confusion.  Those who do attempt to penetrate the walls of my “rainbow fortress”,  often have difficulty beginning to comprehend what I am saying, what I am thinking and feeling.  The way I express these things is alien to them.  It’s so frustrating to be around people sometimes because I don’t feel like I can be entirely myself for fear they will think “I’m off the rails again”….silence or aloofness is oftentimes the panacea for that!   When you are someone like me, people don’t mean to but they do not weigh you on the same scale as they do “normal” people.  I feel like much of what I express gets discounted as “part of my condition” to put it politely or just  more “conspiracy theory” or “crazy talk” and it hurts to know that even if it isn’t “said”.  Many people can’t handle what being around me makes them feel so they will keep their distance.  As an Empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive person) I usually can’t handle what being around other people makes me feel I keep my distance too!  So you see I am both the prison and the warden at the same time!  (I do best in very small groups and if there is emotions involved…outside is best…it’s “big enough.”)


It is so easy to get swept under the tide of our “civilization” and “societal norms”…..much of which is the stuff of nightmares and amnesia. We are born fresh and yet I wonder if we are born “knowing” in our “unknowing” blank slateness.  We come here knowing deep within ourselves why we are here and the world we are plunged into strips away our possibility of ever “becoming” that being.  It is my suspicion that if we all “became” who we were born to be, this current time of ours would be quite different….beyond our wildest dreams.

Time to wrap up this visit from my dimension to yours lol.  Thank you for visiting from wherever and whenever you are (Mr. Keshe always says that when he opens his teachings and I like that!)  and if no one has told you today, “YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE!  I LOVE YOU!”

PS congrats to the beautiful inside and out Latrice Royale and her beau Christopher Hamblin.   Latrice proposed and he said yes!!!  I absolutely love Latrice who was one our favorite Drag Queens on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.  Latrice actually makes the effort to acknowledge my comments when I make them on her Facebook page which says a lot…she has millions of fans besides me!  Love you both!  AWESOME SAUCE!!!

Drag Race Star Latrice Royale Proposes To Boyfriend On Stage In Seattle

Drag Race Star Latrice Royale Proposes To Boyfriend On Stage In Seattle


We are thrilled to report that Drag Race star Latrice Royale has proposed to her boyfriend Christopher Hamblin this weekend.

https://www.instagram.com/p/w7EgqRJrr6/embed/captioned/?v=7Latrice got down on one knee and proposed at R Place in Seattle’s gay neighborhood.

JuJubee captured the entire proposal:

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Congratulations to the happy couple!


– See more at: http://www.thegailygrind.com/2016/06/27/drag-race-star-latrice-royale-proposes-to-boyfriend-on-stage-in-seattle/#sthash.YZkmNixx.dpuf


27 June 2016 Afternoon Drawing and photos of potential stormy sky that includes interesting airplanes

Just a quick post before bed because for some reason it is important to do so.  Probably so I’ll be able to sleep?  Depends on the stormy looking skies out there right now if I sleep.

My camera is seriously on the fritz — going to try and change the batteries again but think we will have to finally decide on a replacement after some research.  I feel like I’ve been doing CPR every time I use my camera lately lol!  Anyhew — love to you through the wires.

27 June 2016 A Life of Philip K. Dick The Man Who Remembered The Future (book Anthony Peake), MMORPG Rift Dimensions and our reality, Prometheus, my Oct 2003 Ichthys pendant drawing and one of the finest “Dark-haired” girls in Hollywood history Louise Brooks

Hello and good morning.  It’s morning in my dimension as I write to you. Increasingly, I’ve started to think of us as dimensions and how we communicate and travel as inter-dimensional travel.  Thank you MMORPG Rift lol!  Rift is the online game I play (Kyle may be able to play with me again if we can get his computer to work) and there is a place we have to store digital things you might find in a home like a chair or whatever called a “Dimension.”  Early on in the game, you do a quest to obtain a key to your first Dimension and later on you can get keys to other Dimensions by buying them, random drops or from your Minions when you send them out.  One of my characters, Alex Grayson (I’ve mentioned him before, made in honor of actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers awesome portrayal of Dracula), has 4 different Dimensions.  Our favorite is called the Mathosian Highlands. Kyle’s avatar and I actually decorated this one together as a “shared Dimension.” It’s a wide open dimension next to a body of water and a mountain.

Alex has quite a dimension building him a village just because the show got cancelled doesn't mean things can't happen elsewhere!

Alex has quite a dimension building him a village just because the show got cancelled doesn’t mean things can’t happen elsewhere!

Blue is definitely his color

Blue is definitely his color

It’s this concept from Rift that got me to thinking about Dimensions the way I do now and the ultimate possibility, which is actually discussed in some circles, of us eventually being made into digital avatars, uploaded into a program and actually become Dimensional travelers for real.  No more need of anything tangible….completely digital.

The only thing that keeps me from completely endorsing this line of thinking is this.  It would be all too easy for someone with the right connections, like it is in our current world, to gain control of our avatars and they would corrupt our files, alter them without our permission or delete them entirely….write over us with new more compliant avatars. If we are to think like Philip K. Dick (PKD) on this…..we are probably already in such an existence.  Like Philip, Kyle and I often find living on this planet to be an almost surreal experience…what is reality?  What does it mean to be alive?  What is the value of life?  Is all life of the same value and if not, why not?

Questions for our creator right?!!  I’m hoping we aren’t in a Prometheus (sci-fi movie by Ridley Scott) type construct of existence…..our maker would take one look at some of those who are responsible for our current existence and the most anxious to meet “God” and I am thinking we would hear a collective “Squish” sound of the creators boot crushing their bodies…..”I made you because I could, that’s all and I am not pleased with what you are.  I will try again.”  Yeah, no more “rainbow treatises” in Prometheus!
Prometheus: Engineer Corrects Weyland


Yesterday, Kyle and I visited Half Price Books in Burleson and I picked up Valis by PKD and a biography by Anthony Peake about Philip’s life.  Kyle got the next two Dune books from the new series by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson which are ironically in line with PKD and his simulcra – Dune The Machine Crusade and Dune the Battle of Corrin.  I’ve started to read Anthony’s book on PKD and it’s kind of freaky all the intersections our lives have taken.  The places he lived (my first duty station was at Travis AFB CA, I was stationed in Germany and my third and favorite assignment was in Colorado Springs CO!), types of people in his life, his life experiences, his addictions to work and substances, and his mental and spiritual being.  I found out his mom, Dorothy (my first husbands mothers name!) was for a time interested in the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and orgone energy! I listened to this interview yesterday as he tried to explain the mystical experience he had in Feb-March 1974 “2-3-74” as he referred to it and was pretty surprised.

Philip K Dick on his mystical experiences

Robot Makes Freaky Prediction – PKD robot on Nova program

The woman I drew at random the day before I saw the robot version of his head talk looks a lot like one of his “dark-haired” girls and in particular the one with the gold Ichthys pendant….like this:

Are all these things coincidences?  Is this just me searching for the meaning of my existence in another?  Seeking and finding validation in another?  May be.  I just feel on a personal level it could be more.  I’m looking forward to continuing on with the intersection of my dimension and Philip’s.

55-Minute BBC Arena documentary on Louise Brooks (1986) – the year I joined the military and was stationed at Travis AFB CA and around the same time I saw Blade Runner for the first time.  Louise has always fascinated me!  She was so beautiful, vibrant and mysterious!  I regret parting with a biography/picture book I had for so many years about her.  Pandora’s Box is an amazing film and I recommend it if you haven’t ever seen it.  Louise is on the finest examples of PKD’s style “dark-haired” girls I think (wink)!


26 June 2016 Music to Relax your Dog, Know Your Rights (The Clash), Philip K. Dick’s pink beam and robot prediction, Forbidden Bookshelves Mark Crispin Miller, BE YOURSELF not the “next” somebody else!

Hello all, it’s Sunday and I’m up earlier than I wanted to be but I blame Link.  When the boy has to go outside he’s not content to just wake up one of us, we ALL have to be awake and it doesn’t matter how early it is.  So I’m up and my mind is humming with so much stuff to share.  Hopefully I won’t overwhelm you.  If you are experiencing what I am lately, it is information overload.  There are so many people, including myself, “talking” at once that it’s almost paralyzing to try and decide which voice to focus in on and “listen” to (read, watch etc.)  A little Kindle free application I like allows me to put things into text documents and send them to my Kindle to read or listen to later.  I’m going to start doing that again to try and help me navigate through the stuff I want to know more about.

A couple of things “stood out yesterday.”  I found a You Tube page with relaxing music for dogs and it kind of worked on Link!  I thought it was really cool that these folks have realized what I did a long time ago – music soothes not only people but most any life form on this planet.  The music in this example is actually some of my favorite kind of music and when I hum or sing to myself, it is at this frequency.  Give it a try!  They have breed specific stuff, music for separation anxiety, illness and more.

Maltese Music! Relaxing Dog Music Specially Designed for the Maltese Breed!  (Turns out our Link is considered a “malchi” which is maltese and chihuaha mix)

Relax My Dog – Relaxing Music for Dogs

As I’ve been trying to digest “Brexit” and now Texas is on the “Texit” bandwagon, this song has come up a lot by the Clash – Know Your Rights.  These excerpts from where I’m at reading Dune House of Corrino fit nicely too:

The Clash – Know your Rights – lyrics

Know Your Rights

By The Clash

This is a public service announcement
With guitar
Know your rights
All three of them

Number one
You have the right not to be killed
Murder is a crime
Unless it was done
By a policeman
Or an aristocrat
Oh, know your rights

And number two
You have the right to food money
Providing of course
You don’t mind a little
Investigation, humiliation
And if you cross your fingers

Know your rights
These are your rights
Hey, say, Wang

Oh, know these rights

Number three
You have the right to free speech
As long as
You’re not dumb enough to actually try it

Know your rights
These are your rights
Oh, know your rights
These are your rights
All three of ’em
It has been suggested in some quarters
That this is not enough

Get off the streets
Get off the streets


© Universal Music Publishing Group

For non-commercial use only.

Data from: LyricFind


Yesterday Anonymous posted this video on Facebook about an robot/android fashioned after the sci-fi author Philip K. Dick and I guess it wasn’t a coincidence!  I’ve written about my feeling about irresponsible robotics and what happens when we are not conscious about what we are training artificial intelligence to do….like drones for example.  Drones can take pretty aerial shots of Mount Rushmore or they can shoot and kill people.

Robot Makes Freaky Prediction (android based on author Philip K. Dick…I doubt he would like this much!)

I started to read about Philip and came across this information, which if true, is very timely to my recent “pink spirit” and some of the wierd stuff I’ve been through the past couple of years.  Philip’s book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_Androids_Dream_of_Electric_Sheep%3F) is the inspiring work behind my favorite sci-fi film Blade Runner. This morning there seems to be yet another “intersection” between Philip and I.  Back in 2002, around the time of my first “break-down”, I got a tattoo on my right ankle of an Ichthys.  At the time, I considered myself a Christian and was just starting to be a “friend of Bill” (AA) and the tattoo symbolized “a meeting.”  As any of you familiar with how AA works (and Christianity), a lot of what makes it work is the meetings – sharing our experience, strength and hope to help ourselves as we help others.


Paranormal experiences and mental health issues[edit]

“On February 20, 1974, while recovering from the effects of sodium pentothal administered for the extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth, Dick received a home delivery of Darvon from a young woman. When he opened the door, he was struck by the beauty of the dark-haired girl and was especially drawn to her golden necklace. He asked her about its curious fish-shaped design. “This is a sign used by the early Christians,” she said, and then left. Dick called the symbol the “vesicle pisces”. This name seems to have been based on his conflation of two related symbols, the Christian ichthys symbol (two intersecting arcs delineating a fish in profile) which the woman was wearing, and the vesica piscis.[24]

Dick recounted that as the sun glinted off the gold pendant, the reflection caused the generation of a “pink beam” of light that mesmerized him. He came to believe the beam imparted wisdom and clairvoyance, and also believed it to be intelligent. On one occasion, Dick was startled by a separate recurrence of the pink beam. It imparted the information to him that his infant son was ill. The Dicks rushed the child to the hospital, where his suspicion was confirmed by professional diagnosis.[25]

After the woman’s departure, Dick began experiencing strange hallucinations. Although initially attributing them to side effects from medication, he considered this explanation implausible after weeks of continued hallucinations. “I experienced an invasion of my mind by a transcendentally rational mind, as if I had been insane all my life and suddenly I had become sane,” Dick told Charles Platt.[26]

Throughout February and March 1974, Dick experienced a series of hallucinations, which he referred to as “2-3-74”, shorthand for February–March 1974. Aside from the “pink beam”, Dick described the initial hallucinations as geometric patterns, and, occasionally, brief pictures of Jesus and ancient Rome. As the hallucinations increased in length and frequency, Dick claimed he began to live two parallel lives, one as himself, “Philip K. Dick”, and one as “Thomas”, a Christian persecuted by Romans in the first century AD. He referred to the “transcendentally rational mind” as “Zebra”, “God” and “VALIS”. Dick wrote about the experiences, first in the semi-autobiographical novel Radio Free Albemuth and then in VALIS, The Divine Invasion and the unfinished The Owl in Daylight (the VALIS trilogy).

At one point Dick felt that he had been taken over by the spirit of the prophet Elijah. He believed that an episode in his novel Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said was a detailed retelling of a biblical story from the Book of Acts, which he had never read.[27] Dick documented and discussed his experiences and faith in a private journal he called his “exegesis”, portions of which were later published as The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick.”

Interesting?  Wierdly wonderful isn’t it?  I’d been asking the Universe for some shred of something and I got a piece…thank you Universe.

I also learned about Mark Crispin Miller and his efforts to get books that have been banned, priced out of the reach of the average person or limited to private collections made available to folks like us again.  He calls it the “Forbidden Bookshelf.”  Holy shite is there a lot to read!!!   It was good to see Abby again!  Awesome sauce!

Forbidden Bookshelf: Professor Mark Crispin Miller

Forbidden Bookshelf

http://markcrispinmiller.com/ – main website
Somehow all of this here belongs together and if you don’t see that I hope there is something of this that will resonate…will speak to you.  A phrase that finally got me out of bed this morning to the point of writing it down is in context of a phrase I keep hearing on America’s Got Talent and even heard on Malala’s documentary. The phrase “you could be the next – blank, fill in name here.”  You may have several parts of the code that when activated can make you appear and act much like someone you might strive to be but you will never BE that person.  There is only one of anyone!  Even a clone, a “replicant”, an android or a robot will never be exactly who it is trying to mimic….because as long as there is an “observer” to the “experiment” the observer’s wishes and desires will always affect the outcome of the overall experiment.   

An overbearing parent living vicariously through their child will ultimately meet with the child’s rebellion.

Here is the phrase that came to me about this:  “Don’t strive to be another person that already exists or existed….”the next (fill in name here)…simply just BE YOURSELF!”

25 June 2016 Listeria in my Nature Valley Protein Bar – The price of “more” and “faster” is more Recalls (or worse)

Hi there!  It’s Saturday as I write to you.  This morning Kyle and I did our, “you walk the dogs and I’ll go get groceries” deal.  He knows how much I don’t like grocery shopping and after getting bit by mosquitoes 5 times on the hand in just a couple of minutes while taking the dogs out for morning business….he’d rather not open his body for more of that.  Mosquito bites on the hands are the worst!  Anyhew.  I was looking at the receipt to make the deduction in our checkbook and saw those words you don’t want to see, “RECALL.”


Turns out some Nature Valley protein bars we had bought and have long since eaten were subjected to a recall because of Listeria contamination!  Now the days of weakness and excess time in the toilet make sense!!  Thanks a lot Nature Valley and Brookshires for letting us know AFTER THE FACT!  It’s almost to the point you can’t eat anything anymore without getting sick from it.  I think this is a reflection of something bigger than a simple bacteria!



What is listeriosis?

Listeriosis is food poisoning caused by eating foods contaminated with the Listeria monocytogenes (L. monocytogenes) bacterium. In pregnant women, the infection can result in miscarriage, premature delivery, serious infection of the newborn, or even stillbirth.

Listeriosis affects mainly pregnant women, newborns, the elderly, and adults with impaired immune systems. Healthy adults and children sometimes are infected with L. monocytogenes, but they rarely become seriously ill. Babies can be born with listeriosis if their mothers eat contaminated food during pregnancy.

What causes listeriosis?

L. monocytogenes is found in soil and water.
•Vegetables can become contaminated from the soil or from manure used as fertilizer.
•Animals can carry the bacteria and can contaminate meats and dairy products.
•Processed foods, such as soft cheeses and cold cuts, can be contaminated after processing.
• Unpasteurized (raw) milk or foods made from unpasteurized milk can be contaminated.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of listeriosis include fever, muscle aches, and sometimes nausea or diarrhea. If infection spreads to the nervous system, symptoms such as headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, or convulsions can occur. But infected pregnant women may experience only a mild, flu-like illness.


The price we are paying more and more for more and faster whether it be food or cars is….Recalls.  Machines, programmed and managed as well as they can be are not human beings.  We have replaced much of what used to be done by humans because it’s “cheaper” and “more efficient” but I have to ask with all the recall notices I see….is it really?  What is a child lost to stillbirth because of contaminated food worth to a Mother?  Hmmmmmm.

There is another element to this that isn’t talked about much and that is how the human employees that manufacture our food, cars and the things we use are treated!  I think the products on the market show us an inconvenient truth.  If there is no investment in the well-being of the employees that make “our world go” then we have contaminated food, we have unsafe cars, we have cheap and poorly constructed clothing.  Employees that are treated well and have an investment in the goods and services they provide seldom put out protein bars that could kill someone or intentionally neglect to put an extra bolt or screw into a safety feature of a car.  Yes, I believe pissed off employees will intentionally sabotage operations or be less diligent about their jobs out of spite!   We see it in those You Tube videos taken in restaurants all the time!  “So you don’t like my food?!  Well f-u!  I’m going to put a nice fat booger in your salad!”

Recalls are the manifestation of what we are doing to our labor force in this country and across the globe.  You reap what you sow.

24 June 2016 Voice of Fire, the Mother’s Song….He Named Me Malala (2015) and Britain leaves the EU

Hello to you! It’s Friday here as I write to you. I wasn’t sure if I was going to write today. As I replied to Kyle this morning when he asked me if I had a blog topic for today, “the Universe is silent! If I’m supposed to write today, something will come.”

I decided to take advantage of being able to watch He Named Me Malala on Hulu. Previously, we had the movie on our Netflix cue and had to wait a couple of movies before I could see it.

After the dog walk, I decided to spend my morning time outside and before I went I took out my trusty black Sharpee pen and drew a dragon breathing fire on my left hand and one breathing water on the right. The past couple of days my inner dragon, the more fierce part of my spirit, has been edging out. I don’t believe dragons are bad or evil….they are protectors and symbols of strength to me. Sometimes I need dragons more than I need butterflies and rainbows.

When I came back in, I decided to watch the movie about Malala and I’m so glad I did! I already was in love with her from the day I found out about her….the day she was shot in a school bus along with a couple of her friends back in Pakistan..9 Oct 2012. I can remember praying for her along with the rest of the world that cared about her and was so relieved to hear she was saved!

Today I needed to hear Malala. When I see her name it says to me, “Mother’s song” and after watching her movie, I think “Voice of Fire.” It is stories like hers and that of her family that help bring me “back to center.” Thank you for that Malala!


“It is better to live like a lion for one day than to live like a slave for 1,000 years,” Malala Yousafzai says over the beautiful opening sequence of, “He Named Me Malala.” The quote comes from Malalai, her namesake and a girl who led Afghani forces over the British Empire in 1880.

I find it ironic that I chose to watch this film about two girls that had their lives and one of them, their death, intermingled with the British Empire that has now voted to leave the EU!


LONDON — British voters defied their leaders and international allies by cutting ties with the European Union in a stunning result Friday that threw financial markets into chaos, forced Britain’s prime minister to resign and unleashed a new independence quest by Scotland.

As Britain absorbed the earth-shaking news, the political fallout reached to the highest level with Prime Minister David Cameron saying he would step down after championing the campaign to remain in the European Union.

I want to be happy for the voters of Britain and potentially Scotland and Ireland but I feel sick about this for some reason…a sense of dread?  In the pit of my stomach, which has fallen deep, I sense something wicked this way comes.  Something is screaming at me that “they don’t just do this without there being a reason.”  I will pray about it and hope for the very best but my body won’t make it easy for me.









23 June 2016 Tired Thursday and Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Morton H Meyers Symphony Center Dallas in September

Hello….how are you doing today?  Me?  I’m tired and a little sore, so is Kyle.  All that water removal and cleaning yesterday!  Kyle was a little surprised to be so sore because that doesn’t normally happen to him being 31 years old and all.  I patted his shoulder on the dog walk this morning, “Welcome to your mortality sweetheart!”

When did I first truly perceive my mortality?  My 29th year.  I was working at HQ Air Force Space Command, Peterson AFB CO a.ka. “Bldg 1” at the time.  My job was to organize an annual awards and decorations ceremony for the entire Command…yeah, I don’t miss it!  So much stress and bureaucracy!  Anyhew, that day I think I spent most of it either trying not to cry or actually crying which was a big-time breach of military discipline! Being an Empath (or a highly sensitive person) in the military turned out to be very unhealthy for me.  You can’t be overly sensitive and keep up your military bearing like they want you to.

I think the cruelest joke about being a human being is coming to realize you were starting to die as soon as you were born!  Whether it’s just physical death with an “afterward” of the spirit or not, you are some point going to stop being to be this tangible, physical being called “you.”  What I’ve seen and mentioned here, and it is a comfort, is parts of us seem to get activated in other people – “a little  different but just the same.”  We just have to be sure to pay attention!  How many times have you had deja vous when you met or saw someone?  This is what I’m talking about.

The race against death and time….a race with no winners.  Just make the very best of however long you get and try not to make it harder for those coming behind you!  Right?!!

Anyhew…not much else from here.  We finished watching Season 2 of Penny Dreadful and are left wondering and knowing.  We were left wondering how they were going to get out the messes they all were in and knowing obviously they did get out of the messes, because there is a Season 3 LOL!  I have their Facebook page “Liked” but try not to do more than glance at it as to avoid too many spoilers.   Was fun to find out Sarah Greene, not related to Eva, is an Irish lass, originally from Cork Ireland.

We have at last something special to look forward to, closer than November! Kyle just bought his birthday present,  two tickets to see Distant Worlds at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas for September!  Still plenty of time for me to find a little black dress for it.  Kyle and I absolutely loves video game music and especially from Final Fantasy.  This is definitely one of those “once in a lifetime” kind of things you just make sure you do when you have the chance!
Distant Worlds Returning Home – Answers  (Susan Callaway – wow!)


http://www.ffxivpro.com/forum/topic/34373/answers-song-lyrics-from-end-of-an-era-trailer/ (lyrics)

Sylph.Ashiya 2012-11-16 11:56:40
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I keep seeing ppl wondering/asking about the song lyrics and title to “Answers” sung by Susan Callaway (the song that plays at the end of the newest FFXIV trailer) A.N She’s also the lead singer for all the vocal songs in the Distant Worlds concerts. Anywayz, here are the lyrics enjoy!

I close my eyes, tell us why must we suffer
Release your hands for your will runs asunder
My legs long tired, tell us where must we wander
How can we carry on with redemption beyond us
[End Chorus]

To all of my children in whom life flows abundant
To all of my children to whom death hath passed his judgment
The soul yearns for honor and the flesh the hereafter
Look to those who walked before to lead those who walk after

Shining is the land’s light of justice
Ever flows the land’s well of purpose
Walk free, walk free, walk free, believe,
The land’s alive, so believe

Suffer [feel] (me) Lonely [face] (me) Weakness [teach] (me) Evil [Fear] (me)
although[feel] (me) one must [face] (me) stumble [teach] (me) listen [speak] (me)
(Although we) [speak] we (might) [tell] them (we must) [tell] them (land of) [hope] hope
(Mother) [hope] hope (father) [wish] with (every) [wish] wish(has a) [roam] home
(we must go) [roam] go (listen) [roam] go (suffer) [roam] home (sanctum) [swim] leap
(And as) [speak] we (wander) [sleep] sleep (answer) [sleep on] sleep on (on)

Now open your eyes while our plight is repeated
Still deaf to our cries lost in hope we lie defeated
Our souls have been torn and our bodies forsaken
Bearing sins of the past for our future is taken

War, born of strife these trials dissuade us not
Words without sound these lies betray our thoughts
Mired by your plague of doubtful and cheap lore
Judgment binds all we hold to a memory of scorn
Tell us why, given life, we are meant to die? help us in our cry!

witness (we) suffer (we) grovel (we) reason
(we) follow (we) struggle (we) wander (we) listen
(we) whisper (we) shoulder (we) addle (we) weather
(please) answer (you) answer (me) answer together

My life is a riddle to bear rapture and sorrow
To listen to suffer to entrust unto tomorrow
In one fleeting moment from the land doth life flow
Yet in one fleeting moment for the new leaf doth grow
In the same fleeting moment thou must live, die and know

Britton Peele

The ‘Final Fantasy’ symphony, Distant Worlds, is returning to Dallas in September

Jun. 21, 2016 3:33pm
Over nearly three decades of Final Fantasy video games, one of the things that has always stood out most has been the music. Popular songs from the franchise have been covered by fans in a wide variety of ways, and there have been games dedicated entirely to hitting notes in time with series music.
But the best way to hear these iconic songs it probably when they’re played by a live orchestra. Thankfully, that will be possible for Dallas-Fort Worth area fans later this year when Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy returns to the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center September 2-3.

The concert will be performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with Grammy-winning Arnie Roth, the University of Texas at Arlington a capella choir and vocalist Susan Calloway.

The music is paired with footage from the game that each song is from, so you can get a full burst of nostalgia when experiencing the memorable opera scene from Final Fantasy VI in a whole new way.

Music you can expect to hear includes:
Final Fantasy VI: Opera ‘Maria & Draco’
Final Fantasy VII: Cosmo Canyon
Final Fantasy VIII: Fisherman’s Horizon
Final Fantasy X: Zanarkand
Final Fantasy XIV: Dragonsong
Final Fantasy XIV: Answers

Tickets go on sale June 22 at MyDSO.com and start at $49.