31 May 2016 Heavy rains in Texas and drawing as a tool to calm myself in times of bad weather…”Don’t Worry!”

Good evening to you.  Least it is here and because of the weather we are having I am using tools in my mental health toolkit to help me get through it! We have electricity (it did flicker a couple hours ago) so I will take advantage of that!

As you can see by these pictures, Lake Wygant ak.a “lake temporary” has returned to our  backyard.  The pace of the rainfall has slowed as I write and the water is flowing out to the drains so I’m keeping my cool about it as best as I can.  With all the flooding and deaths from it down South in the Houston area, I am grateful to still have a clear view of my back door step!

For those of you in our area of the country who are going through similar or worse , especially in Houston, with this weather,  my prayers go out to you.  Remember, since there is nothing you can do to calm the storms outside of yourself, focus on calming the storm within yourself!   What can you pull out of your mental health toolkit to soothe yourself?   Peace within, peace without.  Much love to you!  Thank you for visiting me.


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