24 May 2016 Watching old game shows – a snapshot to the past and an escape from daily news

Hello there!  Hope your well in the time and space this finds you.  I’m up early again….sigh….and I bought whole bean coffee instead of ground.  What that means is I am grinding coffee beans in a grinder meant for nuts and that doesn’t work very well LOL!  My coffee is currently the consistency of tea LOL.  When Kyle gets up he will be making a trip to get us ground coffee or finding me a proper grinder!  Lesson?  PAY ATTENTION to what we are buying….literally….read the feckin label before dropping something in the shopping cart.

I could babble today about so many things.  Most of them pretty negative too.  I have been reading headlines about big company mergers that are concerning, my government blaming Saudi Arabia for 9/11 and encouraging victims to sue them, more minority vs cop related shootings, all the ways voting is being f’d with……omg it’s just on and on.  I decided against it because I want you to be able to come here and get a break from all that and for a selfish reason – I get sick when I “ingest” too much shitty news.  I know this about myself and I just keep going back for more!  It’s a lot like what I’m having to relearn with the Lucky Charms “thing”  my body and I are going through right now.

If I’m going to “eat” bad stuff (whatever it is),  I’m making a conscious decision to be miserable afterwards!  If I suffer,  I chose to suffer.

I’m guessing the only way I could truly free myself from “news sludge” would be to get rid of every tech device we have and that’s not going to happen so working on free will it is!

Anyhew – last night Kyle had one of the many obscure free channels we get with our antenna on called Buzzr tv.  They play reruns of old game shows all day and it’s amusing for us older farts to get a time-warp back to those times and amusing for the young who get to watch older people get excited about seeing stuff from “when they were younger.”  The one we caught part of was called Press Your Luck.  I actually recognized a lot of the brands of the prizes they were giving away.  It’s amazing to see how far kitchen technology has come from even just 1983!   Hotpoint was the brand we saw last night and after doing a search – they are still around!

Hotpoint Fridge ad from 1980's

Hotpoint Fridge ad from 1980’s – I grew up with a red appliances – one of my Mom’s favorite colors.


Press Your Luck Episode #35 – Dave/Jon/Robin

After I got beyond the reminiscing,  I got to thinking.  Scary right?  “I’m tinking, I’m tinking”!  What happened to the game contestants after the show?  Wouldn’t that be interesting to find some of these people, if they are still alive of course, and find out what happened on the Florida trip they won?  Where did they go in their brand new car?  What did they cook after they got their complete Hot Point kitchen?  How did just being on a game show affect the rest of their lives?  I can only imagine how big a deal it would be to be on a show like that and especially if you were a big winner.

There is a documentary in there somewhere LOL.

Hope you have a good rest of the day and I send you love and hugs from my Universe to Yours!






2 comments on “24 May 2016 Watching old game shows – a snapshot to the past and an escape from daily news

  1. I’m with you on the news front. It ruined my day completely. But even without reading or watching the news trouble found me. Gas is limited here now and the stores have not much to sell because of the strike 😥

    • Negative news has a way of doing that – the pesky uninvited guest we ask repeatedly to get out of our lives but it always finds an excuse to stay longer. I’m sorry you all are having food and gas supply issues….the ol’ scarcity punishment to the consumers who are just trying to make the world a better place the future. Keep us posted! Btw your painting project is a great distraction tool – I am enjoying your color choices and experiments!

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