23 May 2016 Freedom and the consequences of choosing to eat too much manufactured food

Good day to you – hope this finds you well and if you’re not, I hope your day gets better!

We are up early this morning….my little ecosystem is not very happy with me this morning and has been letting me know!  I told you yesterday  I would eat the Lucky Charms (as well as other similar category foods) and I would enjoy it and then I would regret it.  We had Chinese food the other night after a very long hiatus and same thing happened.  We timed it and the food we ordered kept hunger at bay for a little more than an hour and we had the massive shites afterwards.

It seems like there are certain types of food that are just not meant for over consumption or even consumption at all and my body seems to be trying to tell me that….yet again.

The problem we are running into is finding ANYTHING we can eat without uncomfortable physical consequences afterwards.  It seems like whether or not we eat “organic, healthy and nutritious” food we get sick and have digestive problems of one kind or another.  Is this by design?  I wonder.

What is the common element to most, if not all the foods Kyle and I eat?  They are manufactured and processed by someone else!  We have been too lazy to grow our own food, can’t afford to raise our own food animals and lately I haven’t been cooking or baking as much as I used to (here’s irony for you – I haven’t felt well enough to do it!).  With something as simple as being too lazy, sick or tired to bake my own bread like I was for so long,  we noticed negative health changes….BUT….the insidious thing is we aren’t sure it’s JUST the bread!

We used to be able to pin-point more accurately what was causing our stomachs to get upset and now days we can’t….it could be the water, the air, getting exposed to someone or something with a virus or it could be any number of other things we’ve had to eat or drink.  Remember in the old courts they had food tasters for royalty so if someone was trying to poison the king or queen they could find out beforehand?  A taster wouldn’t help shite nowadays….unless of course from day one of their existence they never ate processed food so their tongue palettes remained intact.   Our palettes are so coated with gook (stuff like corn syrup) – most of us can’t taste our food or even tell if it is good anymore!

I could be wrong, pretty sure I’m not because of the nature of most “business”, but to me there seems to be an escalation of the not so hidden war that’s always been present in the food industry.  I suspect, I don’t have proof but suspect,  there is a lot more intentional (mole) corporate sabotage going on and if not that, the organic food companies are sabotaging themselves with both poor hygiene and a case of the mass manufacturing disease.  It seems like the more we are relying on mass production to process the food our animals and we eat, the sicker we are getting.   I’m not an expert, but from my own experience with cooking and baking, if you don’t maintain and clean the devices you use to make food on a regular basis (which includes yourself)  your going to get people sick.

From Dune House of Harkonnen by Frank Herbert and Kevin J Anderson

From Dune House of Harkonnen by Frank Herbert and Kevin J Anderson

Todays title is about Freedom and Consequences and choosing what you eat and living with what happens to you after your choice fits in there nicely doesn’t it? !

Kyle and I as food consumers have the Freedom to choose what food we buy and eat and based on those choices, we will pay for those choices if they end up being bad for us.  It seems the choices facing people like Kyle and I may include more gardening but even then will we feel better?  Would the fruits of our own labor help us with so many assaults of poison from above and below the soil?  I just don’t know anymore but the freedom of what we choose to do still remains….choose your poison well right?!

Link says PINEAPPLES I'm staying where it is safe and warm!

Link says PINEAPPLES I’m staying where it is safe and warm! (the lump on Kyles side of the bed is Link! LOL)



One comment on “23 May 2016 Freedom and the consequences of choosing to eat too much manufactured food

  1. I agree with you, there is something wrong. I will no longer pay more for “healthy” organic/bio- food when it causes for discomfort than “common” groceries. we currently have carrots (bio carrots!) what smell like old& dirty socks… ecen cooked they have a bad taste… just horrible :o(

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