22 May 2016 40th Birthday party for our friend Billy

Morning all, hope this finds you well today.  I am not feeling well again today and it could be any number of things causing it so I’m going to stay low-key today.  It’s a muggy, gray day and seems like a good day to rest.  Kyle was bringing in an air filter he bought at the grocery store….a tick was on it!  OMG!  Ninja Ticks!  Ninja Ticks weren’t the only thing he brought home….he’s been listening to me and my craving for Lucky Charms for quite some time now and finally decided to learn me a lesson.  I will eat the Lucky Charms, regret eating the Lucky Charms and be cured for another 5 years! In a show of solidarity, he bought himself Fruity Pebbles LOL!

Kyle decided to learn us a less on about cereal

Kyle decided to learn us a less on about cereal

Yesterday we helped our friend Billy officially turn 40.  He and his wife Erin live in Oklahoma and came down for the weekend to celebrate, his actual birthday was the 14th.  It was really nice to get caught up with Billy and Erin and spend some time with his family and close friends.   I could tell Billy was feeling very loved and grateful after all of it quieted down – turning 40 is definitely one of those “lifestones.”   His Mom had been planning this thing since the beginning of the year.  As a joke she sent him a birthday card on the 14th of every month since January!!!  You know, in case he forgot he was going to be 40 this year!  LOL!  Billy definitely gets his mischief and fun genes from his Momma.  She’s amazing and we just love her.

It was shortly after we moved here in November of 2009 that we met Billy when he was smoking by his Mom and Dad’s mailbox.  We stopped to talk with him and have been friends with him and later Erin ever since!  Video games bring people together more than just in-game!  Kyle and Billy are like peas and carrots when it comes to video games and I know if they lived closer to us there would probably be a lot of game nights!  We all agreed while talking this visit that if you want to make world peace — talk to the gamers!  We play games with people all over the world and have a great time and if we don’t you just don’t play with them again….block/ignore create new character LOL!

I was happy to get to know his sister Melody a little better – oh she’s a riot!  I told her she should try stand-up with how easily humor comes to her.  I also encouraged her to start a blog here on WordPress as she had considered writing a book but had tabled the idea.  I hope she will share herself with the world — I told her it’s great therapy.  Even if only one person reads the blog, and EVEN if that one person is just you….mission accomplished!  I’ll let you know if she does – you’d just love her.

One story she told me in particular I told her I had to put in my blog today because it was hilarious!  This was after the groups of us had kind of split up and the folks in the garage were having gun/hunting talk and we were inside at the kitchen table having the not that into guns or hunting talk.   The kitchen group could see hunting being useful for feeding the hungry – wild boar and culling overpopulation of deer but none of us actually hunt.   Well Melody shared that she had recently been banned from her husband Stephen’s Deer stand.  Apparently the last time she went with him she ate potato chips too loudly, talked too much and fell asleep LOL!  As she was telling us this I could just see that scene from How I Met Your Mother with Lily’s loud chewing:

Here are pictures from the special day:

Hope you have a great day and know you are loved and absolutely one of a kind precious!  No matter what our differences and the probably 7 billion plus one ways we can find to annoy each other about stupid and unimportant things….we are family and I love my family.  Each day is another chance to learn tolerance, patience, compassion, the willingness to learn and  understanding for those who aren’t like me.  Each day is also the chance to share my experience, strength and hope with those I find who ARE like me!  YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE!




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