19 May 2016 Rainy day farewells to a friend

Hello,  how are you today?

We have gentle rains this morning and the backyard is a vibrant green…..so beautiful.  The dogs didn’t think so AT ALL but I got them out for business….standing in the rain with them for support LOL.  Link didn’t seem to appreciate my showing of solidarity and I’ll probably find one of his turds in the hall later.  Ungrateful and onry little git that he can be….part of why we love him so.  Personality plus!  Both of our dogs are like that.

Ronald Ray Pedde

Ronald Ray Pedde

On the 16th I mentioned feeling very mixed up, sad, relieved, grateful but I didn’t feel I could share why out of respect for the Pedde and White families.  I wanted to wait to say anything here until they were ready and wanted people to know.

What I knew of Ron came through the mail via wonderful letters from his wife and my friend Lesley (my Mom and Les have been friends for like 50 years now?!)…..letters filled with love and family (their grandson Colin especially), favorite foods, travel (they got to kiss the Blarney stone!), laughter, celebrations, triumphs, wood-working projects, sorrows and disappointments.   When Ron was initially diagnosed, we even did some long distance healing work whether he knew it or not!   I was so proud when Lesley mentioned he had opened up to the possible benefits of chakra healing.  My kind of  spiritual/holistic healing stuff was WAY out of his comfort zone so reading that was such a big deal to me!

When Dad called me Monday night to tell me Ron was gone I wasn’t surprised and found myself more angry than sad.  I almost wore a path through our back lawn all the way to the soil pacing and ranting….I won’t share details (between God and me) but let’s just say there were a lot of f-words and other expletives regarding cancer medicine and Western medicine in general until I calmed down!  As I’ve said many times, I love my human therapist dearly,  but Mother Nature is the best and the only one who can get me truly back to a “love” space when I get so upset.

After several minutes of this, I came to the realization I can’t change anything about what happened to Ron but I could change how I felt inside about it now.  So the next day I decided to make pendants out of the shells Mom had brought to me from Ron’s daughter Shannon and grandson Colin.  They were thinking of me and my orgonite and how may be I could use them in a batch.  Since I no longer make epoxy based orgonite because I don’t want to contribute to toxic substances in the environment, I made pendants for all of them with the shells!  WE are orgonite!  Ron was a craftsman of the highest order….I thought it was a fitting way to honor him.

Sea Shells can remind us of immortality.  Long after the living creature has left the shell, the beauty they have made during their lifetime is a timeless treasure. 

Here is Ron’s obituary and I think it’s plain to see he really worked hard during the course of his life to make a positive difference in this world!  He lead by example which is one of my core values.  Kyle and I send love, hugs and prayers to our friends down South as they travel forward from this shared snippet of Horrific history (a phrase I’ve come up with to describe things like what Ron and Les went through with cancer).  We have all  experienced variations of Horrific history and it is what we do now with these horrors of the past that will define our futures.

Ronald Ray Pedde August 8, 1946 – May 16, 2016

Ronald Ray Pedde, age 69, died Monday, May 16 2016 in his home in Cibolo, Texas from esophageal cancer.

Ron is survived by his mother, Mary (Walter); his wife of 48 years, Lesley (Smith); his son Ron and his wife Linda (Bishop); his daughter Shannon White, her husband Jon and their son Colin; his sister Janet Griebel; and many extended family members and friends. He was preceded in death by his Father Eric.

Ron was born in Freeman, South Dakota on August 8, 1946. After graduating from Washington High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he enlisted in the United States Navy, serving honorably as a Machinist Mate aboard the USS Alcor from 1964 to 1967.

Following his service in the Navy, Ron attended South Dakota State University and graduated in 1973 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering.
Professionally, Ron worked in many different roles for the State of Texas in the Texas Water Commission and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, including as the Director of the Remediation Division and as the Director of Water Permits and Resource Management. Most recently, Ron worked as a Senior Project Engineer at J.D. Consulting, SAIC, and as a Principal at L&R Environmental Engineering, a consulting engineering company formed with his wife, Lesley.

A dedicated public servant, Ron served the City of Cibolo in a number of capacities, including advisory roles on numerous city committees and as a city councilman for District 1 from 2007 to 2014. While in service to the City of Cibolo, Ron’s special interests were parks and water resources.

A memorial gathering and celebration of his life will be held at Schertz Funeral Home at 2217 FM3009, Schertz, Texas on Thursday May 19th, 2016 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations in Ron’s name to the City of Cibolo Community Gardens or the MD Anderson Cancer Center at https://gifts.mdanderson.org.




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