15 May 2016 What Dreams May Come (1998 film), Somewhere in Time (1980 film) and lucid dreaming

Hello all – it’s Sunday here and good news, Kyle is finished with the outage!  So tonight we celebrate.  He picked up a copy of Deadpool on our day off together Friday and we will watch that tonight.  I haven’t seen it yet and know it will be extremely violent…that’s why I didn’t go to the theater with Kyle and his brother to see it.  I really love Ryan Reynolds and apparently he is in top form so I will look forward to seeing him.   His brother told me yesterday he too had purchased a Blue-Ray copy of the film along with his his lady fair asking for my Dad’s goulash recipe!  The goulash lives on to yet another generation Dad!  I’ll share the recipe at the end of the post.  My Mom and Kyle’s Mom don’t care for it much but all the men and now Alle and I just love it.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1431045/?ref_=nv_sr_1 – IMDB info on Deadpool to include trailer

So I’m sure many of you know about lucid dreaming and may have even experienced it for yourself.  I have several times and it is soooo fun!  To be in an alternate state and be able to be able to consciously fly is quite the thrill!  Well last night/this morning, my experience went a bit deeper….I was able to be someone else of the opposite sex.  In my dream I was Michael Pfilth (lol great last name but that’s what came through.  I looked up the name to make sure it wasn’t a real person and I got Michael Filth a floor expert and Michael Jackson lived in filth…sigh).  Anyways, I was this Michael and I tangibly experienced another life and unlike others I encountered in this dreamspace I was in, I wasn’t there for years.  It was a conscious choice to “stay or to go.”  Many of those I met told me about soul recognition and how over and over we would have experiences like we were in.  We would be in different bodies, different names but our souls would recognize each other.  I can remember touching things and being so surprised I could actually feel them.  At one point a terrible windstorm was threatening to wipe the place out and all I did was “want” something different and it turned into a sunny day with people laughing and swimming!

Now I realize this may just be my mind putting together snippets of all the things prominent in my consciousness for me right now.  Dreams are  bi-products of all the data we’ve put into our conscious and subconscious brains.  Dreams are the way our brains get it all sorted out….short and long-term memory storage.  When I think of how our memories are stored, I think of a huge warehouse like in X-Files or Indiana Jones which millions of boxes stacked on top of each other.    What I experienced was a delightful experience and could be nothing more than just the “process” but what if it’s not so simple?  I have to question if Dreams are more than just “organic” in nature.  After all the dreams I’ve had with deceased loved ones and friends and the other lucid dreams I’ve had through the years it seems more….for me. Are dreams the rainbow bridge between “here and there?”  Is the dream realm the path to the promised land(s) spoken of in spiritual texts?  I hope so!!!

Like most most people, I forget dreams and have seemingly dreamless nights but when dreams like I had come along….so much specific information.  Some day I’ll know for sure and I hope I will be able to find someone like me to tell about it!

Robin Williams - What Dreams May Come

Robin Williams – What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come – Trailer  (Robin Williams and Cuba Downing Jr….I miss Robin so much!)

One of my all-time favorite films is Somewhere in Time and in this film they bring to life the power of the mind to travel to other times and places.  With a fervent heart and a cheap period suite, Christopher Reeves character Richard Collier is able to travel to the time of Elise McKenna….”Is it You?”


Somewhere in Time Official Trailer #1 – Christopher Reeve Movie (1980) HD  (I haven’t stopped missing Christopher Reeves since he died…amazing man and actor)

http://www.somewhereintime.tv/intro1.htm – they have an official website where you can buy memorabilia I just found!

No matter the many “hows and ways” one might find to discount such experiences as relevant….I will not because it’s mine and I love it!  If you’ve had similar experiences as I’ve shared I’d love to read about it!  Love to you through the vastness of cyberspace and beyond…..my Universe to yours.

My Dad’s Goulash recipe for you.  It’s one of those “acquired taste” things lol.

My Dad’s goulash – he made this for me when I was a kid and I always loved it!  The important thing to remember about this recipe is unless you use measuring cups and spoons to make it, it will never turn out exactly the same every time.  Be creative with your seasoning! Use your tastebuds!

Basic ingredients I use:

1 pound of ground (meat) hamburger, 1 – 2 cups dried pasta of your choice – usually elbow macaroni, chopped or dried onion, 1 regular can of Bush baked beans (he used Campbells Pork and beans I think, Bush is better), maple syrup, mustard, bbq sauce, ketchup, salt, pepper.

Cook the pasta according to packaged instructions, rinse and set aside. Brown the hamburger and drain it. Add the cooked pasta to the cooked meat and stir. Now you add the beans, stir.

Here is where creativity and your personal tastebuds come in — add the onion, and start adding generous “blops” of the other ingredients. What I recommend is starting with the ketchup, bbq sauce and mustard, taste your mix and then add maple syrup, salt, pepper and any other seasoning you might like in such dish.

It’s important the first few times you make it to taste it as you go. Something you might try is mixing a sauce together in one bowl and then adding it to the meat/pasta/bean mix. I do the “blop” and taste method lol.


2 comments on “15 May 2016 What Dreams May Come (1998 film), Somewhere in Time (1980 film) and lucid dreaming

  1. I love Somewhere In Time too :O) I like the recipe and I bet every time you cook this goulash the taste is different… and that’s what makes this simple things so great… and I rather eat pasta with a fabulous and spice sauce than any 5-star menu :O)

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