14 May 2016 One of those kind of days – stray dog, Hellsing Ultimate (animated series), GANS and the wisdom of Dune

Hello Saturday morning…..or is it Sunday…..Monday?  My days are starting to run together!

So Kyle had to go into work this morning and a little later we’ll find out if he’s one of the folks being let go for this outage or if they still want him around to answer phones lol.  They keep messing up his qualification sheet so he is unable to do much during the day.  Hopefully he’s off the hook but no expectations.  We are grateful no matter what.

As he was headed out of the neighborhood, he saw a large dog chasing the car so he called me and asked if I’d call the Johnson County non-emergency number and see if they could help get her safe.  I’ll be honest.  I had planned to write a letter to the family friends I mentioned yesterday and my folks and didn’t want to have something stop me again so I didn’t call.  Well when I went out to put the letters in the mailbox….there was the sweet old girl he told me about.  She was a very old and heavy with fur.  I think she was a  collie/shepherd mix and the sweetest thing.  I got her some water and food to try and keep her near me, which I had no problem doing,  and then I called the number.  After I called, I saw flashes of lightning and she was so hot and stressed….she started to wander and so I followed her with my flashlight.  Well her timing was right on because once we got to where Kyle had originally seen her, our local earth angels in blue arrived (City of Alvarado Police – I think the world of these folks!).

At first she was really uncertain about all those flashing lights but was willing to get in one of their cars with little effort.  Oh I cried after they left with her…..I always do with these types of things.  Our local shelter is busting at the seams with strays right now and unless her owners show up to rescue her….she’s probably not long for this world.   All I can do now is what I did — a blurp on Facebook and a note here and of course pray for her.  All I asked of the sky flashing with lightning as I walked home….”Please be kind to her.”

The angel of my morning was heavier and older than this but very close in coloring and body type

The angel of my morning was heavier and older than this but very close in coloring and body type

One of those types of days…..a day of the heart….a day of those pesky things called “feelings!”

Alucard from Helsing Anime

Alucard from Helsing Anime

Last night we finally got to watch a couple of DVD’s we’ve had on our Netflix cue for probably a year now – Hellsing Ultimate.  We own the original version of the animated Hellsing series but found out the Ultimate existed and put it on our cue to see if it was worth owning.  Hellsing is like Vampire Hunter D on crack or something like that.  The Ultimate version is much more violent/gory, the Police Girl Seras is much more endowed and far more ditzy than in the original version, you get to see a lot more Alucard (this anime and Alucard specifically are my guilty pleasure!) and you get backstory that wasn’t in the original.  This version of the series feels more complete.  We have to wait for the Fourth Disk now and didn’t even get the first one — they took it off the cue!  We are fortunate as we’ve seen and own the whole series so missing things isn’t such a big deal.  We’ll probably buy it later.

Hellsing Ultimate OVA trailer


I wanted to share a little Keshe Foundation blurp.  I had made myself a couple of vials of GANS earlier this year and put them beside my bed.   I don’t know if it’s placebo,  but they have actually helped me.  When I was sick with a cold and allergies, I held the vials on either side of my nose/sinus area and actually got relief.   I could feel a tangible pressure change in my energy field.  At times I got really cold too.   I almost needed to make myself a head band with a place to insert the vials as I would fall asleep with them in my hands and dropped them lol.


My Gans vials — both have double coils – one with brass and another, the teal colored one, has copper. Just salt water I had soaked in metals. I also made myself a medi-pen and both Kyle and I have felt relief from it but not as strong as these vials.


Before bed I was reading the next novel in the Dune Series, The House of Harkonnen and this quote (picture) really spoke to me….so much brilliance in these books!  I really want the Dune series translated into film.   I think I would enjoy it far more than Star Wars!

IMG_0967 IMG_0969

That’s it from here for now.  Sounds like the storm is closer.  My love and hugs from my Universe to yours.


4 comments on “14 May 2016 One of those kind of days – stray dog, Hellsing Ultimate (animated series), GANS and the wisdom of Dune

    • Thank you Easy on all paws….no matter what I have to trust all will be well for the old sweet puppy girl and for this old girl (weather wise)! Not going to worry!

    • Just talked to the dogs owner who is a neighbor! Such great news. Her name is Macy and this is the first time she’s gotten out since they rescued her from previous (neglectful) owners! She’s afraid of thunderstorms. I am so relieved! Your crossed paws and ours worked Easy!

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