11 May 2016 Two-legged beings and the Gift of Choice….the light and dark side of the rainbow

Hello out there!  Hope you are well this morning.  I didn’t get much sleep last night as we had some late night storms roll through with a lot of wind and Kyle was doing a lot of sleep walking/talking.  He works out stuff from his days that stress him out through “active dreaming.”   Had interesting call with my brother-in-law yesterday afternoon.  A guy from the company he quit his job abruptly from was killed on the job yesterday!  I think he said the guy was struck by a piece of steel.  Talk about getting validation for making a decision to quit a job!  WOW!  What’s sad is he knew and liked the guy too….he was one of the few guys he actually got along with while working there.  Kyle has had similar stuff happen so far in his welding career.  Every place he’s worked he’s come home with cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises – some quite serious.  We’ve also heard similar horror stories from other Industrial/Manufacturing workers we know working here in North Texas.  Most workers suffer in silence.  The Unions did have some benefits and fighting for higher workplace safety standards and accountability was definitely a big one!  Prayers to the family and friends of the man who died and those just like him all over our country who do all those dangerous and dirty jobs most of us dare never do!

On to spiritual things……spirit food

Yesterday I saw a post from my Quantum Touch instructor Carol Lee on Facebook that really resonated with me.  It was a video from the Anasazi Organization:  from their About Us page:

In the Native American tradition, life is a “walking.” One’s walking is determined by the state of one’s heart toward all that is around him. “Anasazi” is a Navajo word commonly interpreted as the “ancient ones” or “wise teachers.” According to legend, these wise teachers taught that the Creator placed man on the Earth in order for him to learn to “walk forward”—in harmony with man and all creation.

For years, ANASAZI Foundation—a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Arizona—has served families by introducing them to the wisdom of the lives led by these ancient ones.

I loved the message so much from Good Buffalo Eagle I did a transcript of it so I would always have it.  I’m considering buying the book his message comes from called The Seven Paths.  What’s funny is in the evening after seeing this video and capturing the words to print, a storm started brewing and I captured several pictures.  Well for some reason, when I saw the sky was that funny gold color the sky gets when a storm interacts with the setting sun, I ran out to take pictures and eventually found a rainbow in our backyard!  Remember me mentioning yesterday about the pink in the rainbow and stuff?  Too cool right?!  Well to take it a step further, the rainbow had a visible piece in the light side of the sky and a visible piece in the darker sky!  I think after you read this message from Good Buffalo Eagle, you’ll agree the dark and light rainbow is like an exclamation point behind his words:

“I am Good Buffalo Eagle.  Hear my words.  The Creator gave all Two-legged beings a sacred gift.  We call this the Gift of Choice.  Regardless of where we are born, all come to the Earth with this gift.  Along with this Gift of Choice, all Two-legged beings have a sense of knowing right from wrong from the One Who Stands Within.  Therefore, the Gift of Choice allows us to choose knowingly.  My Pauline, the woman of my Heart, states that in her Navajo language, life is a walking, a journey.  So if life upon Mother Earth is a journey, there are two ways to walk.  By applying the Gift of Choice, we can choose towalk forward or we can choose to walk backwards.  Because we choose knowingly, with every step we take forward or backward, we are accountable.

Consequences, however, are not chosen.  They might be delayed, but by and by they will come.

Forward walking choices are rewarded with consequences that light the way to peace, happiness, joy, comfort, knowledge and wisdom. 

Backward walking choices bring to the Two-legged beings consequences of misery, despair and darkness.

At the end of our lives, when our bodies are about to be laid in Mother Earth we will know for ourselves whether we are a Two-legged being full of light or a Two-legged being full of darkness.  At that time, we cannot turn around and point a finger accusingly in the air.  We will know because we are the ones who choose to walk toward the light or backward toward darkness.

Hear my words.

For you can turn toward a New Beginning.  Don’t believe the dark whisperings that invite you to walk backward.  At any time in your life, no matter how young or old you are, you have the power to turn and walk forward.

We extend an invitation to all to utilize the power of the Gift of Choice, which will teach us.

Let’s look at the present and with anticipation into the future at what we can become.  A Two-legged being full of light!

I am Good Buffalo Eagle and I have spoken.” 

From the Seven Paths by Anasazi Foundation

The Seven Paths Good Buffalo Eagle

https://www.facebook.com/anasazifoundation/ – the video is on this page, 28 April 2016 post




“Anasazi” redirects here. For other uses, see Anasazi (disambiguation).

The Ancestral Puebloans were an ancient Native American culture that spanned the present-day Four Corners region of the United States, comprising southeastern Utah, northeastern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado.[1] It is believed that the Ancestral Puebloans developed, at least in part, from the Oshara Tradition, who developed from the Picosa culture. They lived in a range of structures that included small family pit houses, larger structures to house clans, grand pueblos, and cliff-sited dwellings for defense. The Ancestral Puebloans possessed a complex network that stretched across the Colorado Plateau linking hundreds of communities and population centers. They held a distinct knowledge of celestial sciences that found form in their architecture. The Kiva, a congregational space that was used chiefly for ceremonial purposes, was an integral part of this ancient people’s community structure.

In contemporary times, the people and their archaeological culture were referred to as Anasazi for historical purposes, a name which was given them by the Navajo, who were not their descendants. Reflecting historic traditions, the term was used to mean “ancient enemies,” and contemporary Puebloans do not want this term used.[2][3]

Archaeologists continue to debate when this distinct culture emerged. The current consensus, based on terminology defined by the Pecos Classification, suggests their emergence around the 12th century BCE, during the archaeologically designated Early Basketmaker II Era. Beginning with the earliest explorations and excavations, researchers identified Ancestral Puebloans as the forerunners of contemporary Pueblo peoples.[1][3] Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in the United States are credited to the Pueblos: Mesa Verde National Park, Chaco Culture National Historical Park and Taos Pueblo.


Love, hugs and light to you through the vastness of cyberspace and beyond! 

10 May 2016 - drawing for today...the Love frequency we all share....Love...the unseen pink

10 May 2016 – drawing for today…the Love frequency we all share….Love…the unseen pink






2 comments on “11 May 2016 Two-legged beings and the Gift of Choice….the light and dark side of the rainbow

  1. I’m so sorry for your Kyle… hope all wounds heal up without complications…I love your drawing… it’s a true thing that the love comes from the inside… to have a good heart is the most important thing…

    • He’s working at a place now that has Unions and much higher safety standards so the only thing hurting on him lately is his feet and back from just being on them all day. It was so hard to see him come home all burned up the first few times — I hated seeing his beautiful hands and body getting scarred up ! We did shed some tears over those together. The manual labor working force goes through so much so our world can “go” and most people have not idea of their suffering. Love is truly an inside job – hugs.

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