10 May 2016 Special gifts, drawing and symbol for my day

Hello out there!  I wanted to tell you how exciting it is for me when I look at my stats not for “how many” visitors but from “where.”  I am so grateful to have a medium like this to reach places of the world I don’t know that I’ll ever get to personally visit but my electronic self….no limits (for the most part….sadly censorship is still an issue in many parts of our world.)!  I just want to thank you for visiting for whatever reason.  I know when one uses internet search engines you can get lead to strange places like my blog….a happy accident perhaps?!

So what’s going on here.  Well on Mother’s Day the special gift was getting to see my Mom and Dad on their way to see dear family friends in the San Antonio TX area (Cibolo).  We only had about an hour together as they had been on the road most of the day and Kyle was exhausted from another long day at work.  Everybody was TIIIIRRRREEEDDD!!!  So we met at the Dairy Queen in town, Dad’s choice, and had a meal together.  It doesn’t matter if it was just a short amount of time…..it was time with people I love and am so grateful for!  My parents are the type of people who if asked, will drive over 900 miles to be there for loved ones who have asked.  I come from some pretty awesome stock….what happened with me?!  LOL!

Yesterday Kyle’s  Mom and Dad picked up Cole early in the morning so they could close on their new house.  They left Henry and Suzie with me until they had the keys to the new house and were able to get some stuff moved in.  When they came back by later to pick up the dogs, they had a special anniversary gift for Kyle and I – an electric lawnmower!  NO MORE GAS!  YAHOOO!  We will keep the gas mower as back up of course but I’m thrilled to take the electric mower out for a spin!  I had mentioned when I was helping them load a moving truck at their house that if they ever needed a new home for their electric mower I’d be glad to take it off their hands.  Well they love theirs but remembered my “coveting” lol and got us one!  Isn’t that awesome?!  In the midst of complete chaos of a move and Dad Tim working outage hours to boot….they took the time to get that for us.  Yes, Kyle comes from pretty awesome stock and fortunately for me, nothing was lost in translation in the amazing man who is Kyle!

An electric lawn mower! So excited to be free of yet another fossil fuel dependent appliance.

An electric lawn mower! So excited to be free of yet another fossil fuel dependent appliance.

So lots of good here to include a couple of days of my being able to go outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine without totally being miserable.  This morning Link and I were visited by a hummingbird even!  I think it was hoping the remains of the red roses were a feeder.  I need to consider planting more hummingbird friendly plants….they are absolutely precious creatures.  Today’s message and symbol for the day relates to the energy field of Love.  As those of you who share your lives with dogs and or cats, there is a purity in the Love they give….unconditional.  My goal in life is to even be capable of meeting that purity I receive from my fur family a portion of the way.  Some of my greatest life teachers have been and continue to be creatures of nature…..especially in-house ambassadors like dogs and cats.

Last night before bed I was talking to Kyle about what I think happens when I spend time outside.  When I am in a Loving state of being, there is a frequency my heart generates and I think it radiates out….communicates with nature.  When I’m moving my body, especially my arms around, I wonder if that signal is amplified?  I kind of believe nature operates at a Love frequency all the time and when I am operating at that frequency….we communicate….we connect.   To me the signal “in between” is the color up until a couple of years ago I never saw in the rainbow….pink!  I was sitting in our car that has tinted windows and sometimes you can see a rainbow.  One day I was looking a little closer than normal and there it was…pink.  I had never noticed it before.  This is why I chose my spirit book to have a pink cover.

Anyhew….time to wrap this up.  I am sending you love and hugs through these wires and in the winds that surround, bless and sustain us all.  You are AWESOME SAUCE!


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