8 May 2016 A day of LOVE and Gratitude – Our Anniversary and Mother’s Day

Hello all, hope this finds you well or at least as well as you can be given your current circumstances. Some of us in the world are going through the hardest stuff we’ve ever been through and being “well” isn’t part of today….just “being” is all.

Mom and Dad I hope your travels today are safe and I look forward to hearing from you!

Today is Kyle and my 8th wedding anniversary AND Mother’s Day

8 May 2016 - two very tired people in love this morning before Kyle went to work at 4 a.m.!

8 May 2016 – two very tired people in love this morning before Kyle went to work at 4 a.m.!

As you can tell by the photo I took this morning before he left for work at 4 a.m. this morning, we are tired lol but still mindful of the gift that is “us.” Where does the time ago?! We met for the first time in person at the Orlando Florida airport a couple days before New Year’s Eve in 2004…..and fast forward…8 years married. NEVER take a moment for granted. You gather together enough moments and you get 13 years!

Kyle is truly the best present the Universe, Source, God has ever given me aside of the gift of being here on this beautiful planet. Kyle is everything I’m not most of the time. He is sweet, funny, a fantastic listener, thoughtful, compassionate, smart, sexy and so so kind. To me, he is everything that is sweet and good left in the world even after his sometimes cruel immersion into what this world can be at times.

In his presence I always feel grateful, I feel beautiful, sexy and most of all unconditionally loved. He is always in my corner and I am always in his. We don’t always agree on everything. We don’t always like the same things. We don’t always want the same things out of life but we make it work. Each day we tend the garden that is us – some days better than others but we always try to do our best.

Above any other person, place and or thing in this world there is US. We place US before anything and if anything is going to jeopardize what is US we are very critical about it’s role in our lives. Lately it has been hard with his current job and the horrible hours….why people have to be awake before the sun comes up and go to bed before the sun goes down makes no sense….but we are hoping it’s going to be good for his future career opportunities and ultimately good for US. These couple of weeks of so many things that do not make sense are worth enduring for US and what we hope for our future.

Last night laying in bed, I got teary thinking about things. In spite of all I have found out about the world I live in and the lengths sometimes well-meaning people will do to preserve their interests, I still have hope in all of this….still have hope in the world US. Until the last day comes I choose to hold on to hope because I have the only thing that has or ever will matter in my existence…..LOVE.

I love you Kyle Martin Wygant from the very first til the very last. Thank you for choosing me!

The other blessing of today is the opportunity to speak of the Love I have for my Mom(s)!

Some of us didn’t choose to be Mother’s of our own children. Some of us either had them put upon us by choices we made or in other cases some other unseen hand was at work. The maternal instinct, whether we choose to be a “real mom” or not usually lingers somewhere inside of us and I am grateful my Mom, Dianne, found that instinct for me!

Picture of Mom Dianne and I many years ago during a visit home to Sioux Falls SD

Picture of Mom Dianne and I many years ago during a visit home to Sioux Falls SD

Mom I am grateful you chose and continue to choose me to be your daughter. From every perfume scented letter, every gift, every visit, and every call…..text now….”I love you to the moon and back.” I love you to the moon and back too! You are precious and you are loved! I am so blessed to have a Mom that with all my short comings, trials and errors just loves me anyway.  That is Love!

A loving remembering of the other Mom’s in my life!  I would not be even a shred of the person I am today had it not been for the unconditional love of my many Mom(s).  Thank you for keeping my heart in one piece!  I don’t have pictures of all of the them here but you know who you are!

AND last the ways I get to be a Mom in life:


5 comments on “8 May 2016 A day of LOVE and Gratitude – Our Anniversary and Mother’s Day

  1. I could feel your joy in your life with Kyle and the love of your parents in your writing. Made me get tears reading.. Lots of Love sent to you and Kyle from Cheyenne WY!

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