2 May 2016 Impaired thinking, the spirit and support for the Dr. Wilhelm Reich documentary film project

“The only thing I know for certain is this breath, the rest could just be an elaborate mirage.” My pink spirit book entry for today.

2002 Jackie drawing

2002 Jackie drawing

My “dashboard” (my thinking capacity) has been impaired for several days now since I got sick with allergies or “god knows what” on top of that.   My outside time has been limited and the recent rains and storms have had a role in that.  Not complaining….the air is clean(er) and cool and feels good against my skin.  My current life feels surreal if that makes sense?  Sometimes Kyle and I will ask each other for a pinch on the arm just to make sure “we are still here.”  Kyle will get a transparent feeling sometimes or we both will have that thing that happens to cartoon characters when they stop and look at the camera, acknowledging someone is watching them…”did that really just happen?”.  Boogers on the brain will do that to yah I guess LOL.

Lately I’ve found myself increasingly apathetic, pathetic or whatever about the “wrongs” going on in the world and ranting about them here….thank you booger brain right?! Everything from politics, food, medicine, employment, plant, animal and human rights….the whole laundry list.  All I see is myself and a whole bunch of other passionate people talking about it in the dysfunctional chatroom that is cyberspace.  There are a few people listening, even fewer people trying to do something(s) to make meaningful change and well just a whole lot more of the same crap that has been going on ever since I got here and eons before that….just keepin on keepin on.  Very few human beings truly give a shit about something unless it directly affects them or what belongs to them.  For example if a strange dog poops on your neighbors yard and you see it you might get disgusted but your not going to go pick it up…..but if that same dog poops on your lawn….well now!   It seems to me if more of us did care we’d already cured cancer and be vacationing on other planets by now.  I think the truth is we’ve made such a ginormous, complicated pile of shit of everything nobody truly has a clue how to get things back to balance without tipping over some other pile of shit and mess something else up.   So we seem to have a planetary case of the “F-its.”

So what now lol?  I cling to the one and final thing I have left in it all and that is my spirit.  They can dump stuff from the air, put crap in my food and water and continue to try to make me believe Oxyclean is really going to make my underwear white again …but my spirit is MINE!  Boogers on the brain or not…..all mine.   When all this whatever is going on with me clears up and so-called “clarity” returns I may think differently and slip back into the ol Jackie gear but part of me wonders if I even want to.   Is this what going back to sleep again is like?  Just one big case of I don’t give a fuck about much of anything but breathing?  I wonder?!!!

I haven’t taken complete leave of my senses and still do care about things.  For example the film project for a Dr. Wilhelm Reich documentary in progress!   Kyle and I gave the project a small token of support because we believe in Dr. Reich’s work and all those who have and still do carry on with it.  I firmly believe everyone on this planet should know that this man existed and all he tried to do to help make life for us better!


The Wilhelm Reich Documentary Film Project “PHASE TWO”

http://www.orgonomicscience.org/wilhelm-reichs-origin-life-cancer-research/ – this event happened back in July

Wilhelm Reich’s Origin of Life and Cancer Research


July 11-15, 2016 – RANGELEY, MAINE

This summer the Conference Building will temporarily function again in its original role as a student laboratory. Microscopes and objectives, Bunsen burners, pipettes, slides, cover slips, and autoclaves fill the tables as participants gather to study the microscopic work that led to Reich’s discovery of the bionous nature of living matter and its significance for an understanding and treatment of cancer.

Instructors Stephen S. Nagy, M.D., C. Grier Sellers, Ph.D. and James Strick, Ph.D. will introduce participants to the historical context and evolution of Reich’s experiments, and to a basic understanding of the light microscope and Reich’s use of and observations through this instrument.

Each day includes lectures; hands-on work with microscopes to examine preparations described in Reich’s books The Bion Experiments and The Cancer Biopathy; an optional open laboratory period in the afternoon; and evening presentations of Reich’s original time-lapse films of bions and living cancer cells.

In addition, demonstrations of the Reich Blood Test will be performed on willing volunteers who are then able to observe their blood at high magnifications using Dr. Nagy’s sophisticated Zeiss microscope.





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