22 April 2016 Symbol for today honoring a man who used a symbol to defy an industry

Hello out there…..I’m still processing things.  Today’s symbol is both to mourn and to honor Prince and  it is also about defiance against the “machine”.  An ode to a rebellion only silent in tangible form.  He is one of our immortals now – the staying power of music defies any dimension.

I tried to find information about the meaning behind Prince’s symbol besides it being a middle finger to Warner Brothers and couldn’t find as much as I’d like.  On the http://prince.org/site there was talk of being an alchemist symbol: http://prince.org/msg/7/195052


“Some people rebel with raised fists and gun barrels pressed against flesh and some people are welcomed into the echoed halls of the Muses…their whispers translated into melodies to defy the seeming forever flesh of the masters.”

when doves cry-prince & revolution

Love to you through the wires and through the winds that sustain and bless us.


2 comments on “22 April 2016 Symbol for today honoring a man who used a symbol to defy an industry

  1. I’m honest, today I cried ….. for an artist who was unique. Once in the 80’s the world was splitted in Michael Jackson fans and Prince worshippers… I was a member of Prince fraction and I’m grateful that he was there to write music what helped me to carry on. Oh how I cried to purple rain about a lost love ….

    • Easy I am still freaked out….too many of my favorite artists and it’s only April! Prince helped me so much when I was “weird” teen. I wasn’t outgoing or popular but watching his movie and singing along with his albums helped me feel like I was special – beautiful – sexy….man. I liked Michael Jackson too and both of them…this tragic end. I am praying he has better financial managers than Michael and they take proper care and respect in regards to what they find when they go to settle his estate….it’s the f-n holy grail and they should treat it as such imo of course. Sigh. If you were a neighbor we’d definitely have our Kleenex and Purple Rain blasting. Love to you.

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