8 April 2016 Symbol for today Acceptance, dreams and MMORPG life

8 April 2016 Acceptance symbol for the day

Symbol for today is Acceptance – the arrows towards the triangle symbolize arms holding on

8 April 2016 Kyle Wygant

Kyle this morning — my everything


Prayer for today — best one I ever learned when it comes to Acceptance!

I’m in a sort of lethargic “space” this morning.  Kyle and I haven’t been sleeping real well lately which is ironic as I did have many vivid dreams last night.  I have got a “sour stomach” in the middle of the night now…thank God for peppermint!  One of the dreams was about making amends with the psychiatrist I fired.  I was at his office and a nurse or someone there interacted with me and all the sudden started acting strangely.  I did my QT thingy and could see steam coming off my hand afterwards!  The dream was so specific he even told me the milligrams I should be taking for my current medication LOL!  No, I haven’t called to really do this but it was thought provoking.  The other dream was about a family friend and getting news they chose to die.  I don’t like those so I won’t get into specifics.   When I have a lot of vivid dreams I don’t wake up rested….I feel like I’ve worked or  been busy all night!

The phenomenon common to American neighborhoods in spring called “Yard Sales” has started and with our narrow roads, we had to alter the dog walk this morning significantly.  We plan to take part in the antique alley next weekend.  We don’t have enough for a full-blown sale but since the city is waiving fees for a sale….going to take advantage of it.  As far as walks in the neighborhood, we are looking forward to when the road leading to the new addition to the neighborhood is officially open so we can avoid some of the traffic.   Looks like they are getting close to opening it up.

Yesterday I decided to spice things up with Rift (the MMORPG I play) and made a male character for a change lol….Alex Grayson (ode to my favorite Television Dracula played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers)!  It’s fun to do this because I am enjoying seeing how different the outfits look on the male versus the female.  A lot of the outfits on a female look like they might be worn in a red light district!  Not much protection in combat!  In the wardrobe function, they have a random button you can choose and it’s fun to see what outfits it comes up with.  Some of them are pretty darn cool lol.  I’ll have to get a picture of him all duded up!

We tried downloading Terra yesterday as an alternative MMO and NOPE!  Just didn’t like how it played.   It took 15 hours to download and less than 15 minutes to decide it wasn’t worth playing.  What we went through is the typical process when trying to find a new MMORPG to play and is why it has been hard for us to quit Rift.  What’s sad is you spend all that time downloading and to uninstall….a few seconds!!!  ARGGGHH!!!  Ah well….serenity prayer it is.

Hope you are well and enjoy the weekend!  Love, hugs and light to you!

Jonathan as Dracula - I was so excited about this as I just adored him in The Tudors and felt he was perfect for this role and he didn't disappoint!

Jonathan as Dracula – my inspiration for my new Rift character Alex Grayson. Jon’s portrayal of Dracula is my favorite to date and I’ve been watching movies about Dracula ever since I was a little girl.

Bruderschaft – Forever (Original Club Mix)


One comment on “8 April 2016 Symbol for today Acceptance, dreams and MMORPG life

  1. I’m with you, such dreams are exhausting… I feel like the loser of a free for all the morning after :o( it was a good decision to use a symbol with arms what hold you after such a bad night…

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