1 Feb 2016 A Sunday with family and friends

Hello to you!  I hope your Monday (or whatever day this is for you lol) is going great!

Yesterday was a really nice day in all the ways a day can be.  We had another day of fantastic weather for Mom and Dad’s visit here and just enjoyed it together.  Mom, Dad, the dogs and I were able to sit out back and visit…just soak up the warmth.  We also had a wonderful meal at our local Waffle House, our favorite cook was there and as always, she and her team did a fantastic job!  Thank you!  Link decided Mom and Dad were o.k. the DAY before they were leaving!  Typical Link!


In the evening, I was blessed to ride to my friend Sarah Brock’s new office in Ft. Worth with her beautiful Mom Mary Jo.  We joined Sarah and some of her dearest friends to both bless and celebrate the beginning of a great new adventure for Sarah.  It takes great courage to do what she’s done in expanding her vision (and workspace) to greater share her  gifts and Eastern Medicinal training to her current clients, prospective clients and to all of us who love her.  I tried to get some pictures and wish I’d got a group shot as I didn’t get a picture of MJ (me lol)!  She brought some of her wonderful essential oil mixes for the blessing she gave with all of us for Sarah’s treatment room.  For those who are in the world of Holistic medicine (and not), the treatment room is a sacred space.  It was just beautiful to be with such special women (and young man) for such an occasion.  Rebecca, who has a practice of her own, brought her drum.  She’s in training to learn more about drumming and plays beautifully — she, Rhonda and I had some time to blend our voices and rhythms together.

http://www.sarahbrock.com/contact–schedule-a-session.html – Sarah Brock website

http://www.kavyahealingarts.com/ – Rebecca Lippens website

Rhonda Martin is a Hospice Nurse in Ft. Worth TX area and also on Facebook

(they are on Facebook also)

It’s so important to support our friends and loved ones at times of joy such as last night and times when things are at their most dire.  Loving and supporting those we love and care about is one of the primary reasons, I believe, we are here on this earth!   Yesterday with Mom, I realized it’s a good thing to ask questions of our parents from the heart because the answers….they are so powerful for the heart!  As you get older, you realize you don’t have all the time in the world to do such things.  If there are those “core” things you need to know from your parents or others you love…don’t waste anymore time!  I love you Momma!  I love you Dad!  Thanksgiving will be here before we know it 🙂

Mom and I

Mom and I

Dad and I before they headed out to the next leg of their winter flight!

Dad and I before they headed out to the next leg of their winter flight!


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