21 Jan 2016 Where do we go when we dream? Do we go to someone else’s dreams? Is it spirits or Tinnitus?!

Hello again, yes, a double post today but I promise this will be MUCH shorter and less serious. It’s a gray, misty morning and my bread dough, much like the sun it seems, doesn’t even feel like rising today!  For those of you in Europe, I know, I’m just whining lol.  I remember when I lived there it was like this a lot.  The umbrella, raincoat and goloshes a permanent fixture at the front door!

21 Jan 2016 Jackie drawing of what its like to sleep at night Alvarado TX

Me trying to sleep!

So anyways. I decided to draw this morning and this is what made it to paper.  It’s supposed to represent me and what it’s like for to attempt to get sleep at night!  I’ll be dog tired and as soon as the lights go out….POP!  Eyelids wide open!  I hear every little noise (have to wear earplugs) to include a high pitch, fluctuating “light bulb turning on” sound or that sound tv’s sometimes make .  What’s ironic is it could be the earplugs causing me to hear it!

I always try to remain objective about these things so there could be a logical explanation like the condition known as Tinnitis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinnitus .  It could also be spirit communication as this blogger describes from her experience: http://www.anysiakiel.com/communicating-with-spirits/whos-ringing-in-your-ears/.  From my experience, the noise doesn’t happen all the time and the sounds usually are accompanied by the hair going up on the back of the neck, the sense of someone moving around and being watched kind of thing.   I haven’t had my ears checked in a long time so hard to say what’s really going on.  I’m not concerned either way.

I’ve found putting the special quartz crystal I’ve had since the early 2000’s, I call her “Sister” (this happened after reading book called Voices of our Ancestors), on my third eye area sometimes helps “quiet” things down.  What’s funny is unless I use something to keep her there, I’ll fall asleep and turn on my side….bloop….there she goes and I’m awake again LOL!

21 Jan 2016 my quartz crystal for sleeping Sister Alvarado TX

Something I’ve thought for quite a long time and I’ve heard other HSP’s (Highly Sensitive People) and Empaths talk about this too is when you sleep during the day it’s more restful because the rest of the waking world’s minds are occupied with their day to day crap. At night, however, most of us sleep at the same time and for those of us sensitives….other people don’t always seem to stay in their dream worlds and neither do we!  “Dream walking” they call it.

So where do we go when we dream? Do we sometimes end up in other people’s dreams or have other people get into ours?  Have you ever had a dream and woke up saying, “What the hell was THAT all about?!  Who were those people?!  Nothing in my life experience makes this dream make sense….it’s like it was being in someone else’s dream!”  This happens to me.  The dream experience is like it’s from someone else’s perspective if that makes sense.  Like seeing the dream world through the eyes of someone else.  WEIRD!

Anyhew – something to think about if your trapped in the house too.  Love and light to you!



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