6 Jan 2016 Nikola Tesla interview inspiration, Doodling, important info on Keshe Foundation health pens, Gravity and Wrinkles and NRA anti-gun tirade

Hello out there – hope today finds you well. This morning has been inspirational for me.

First….another example of why I love my man LOL!  He brings home cupcakes!

He LOVES me! Kyle after work bringing home cupcakes because I said I was craving cake!

He LOVES me! Kyle after work bringing home cupcakes because I said I was craving cake!

5 Jan 2016 closeup on cupcakes Kyle brought home for us Alvarado TX


Secondly – here is my latest corner to corner crack afghan I finished yesterday!  It’s nice and warm for watching tv on the couch 🙂

I used 4 of these for lap blanket

I used 4 of these for lap blanket

5 Jan 2016 overall view Bernat yarn lap blanket Alvarado TX 5 Jan 2016 closeup corner to corner Bernat yarn lap blanket Alvarado TX


This mornings inspirations came from a video/audio I found a You tube.  Someone made an audio and video presentation of the interview done by a journalist with Nikola Tesla back in 1899 by a John Smith: http://www.freedomtek.org/en/texts/nikola_tesla_interview_1899.php  – if you can get past the robotic female and male voices, the powerful messages are there and extremely relevant to our times.

NIKOLA TESLA – Everything is the Light – Interview with Nikola Tesla
Gary Lite


And as I was watching it, I was intrigued to see this image from the presentation (one in the middle):

6 Jan 2016 notes while and after watching Nikola Tesla interview video Alvarado TX 2

When I was in my doctors office on Monday I had to wait to be seen (no surprise but he’s worth it) and I hadn’t brought anything to keep me occupied in the meantime. The oversized fashion magazines didn’t hold my interest.  So I pulled out the little notebook I always have in my purse and started to look harder at the Map to Multiplication I had printed out and brought along to show my doctor.  These are my doodles:

6 Jan 2016 trying to puzzle out Map to Multiplication in Dr office on 4 Jan 2016 Alvarado TX 6 Jan 2016 puzzling Map to Multiplication and image today from Nikola Tesla Youtube video Alvarado TX

After I saw the video image this morning I had to smile at my doodles.

During and after I watched the video the thoughts I’ve put to my sketchpad here came to me. I feel like what Nikola said way back in his time and what Mr. Keshe is now bringing forth are the same messages.  Mr. Keshe has credited Nikola as part of the inspiration and innovation behind his work, much of what Mr. Keshe is teaching is an echo from the past.  It seems this time people are listening and taking action to bring this to our reality.  I know I am trying!

6 Jan 2016 notes while and after watching Nikola Tesla interview video Alvarado TX 1 6 Jan 2016 notes while and after watching Nikola Tesla interview video Alvarado TX 2

Yesterday I finished watching the 94th Knowledge Seekers Workshop presentation and an important bit of information was shared regarding the Health Pens we’ve all been making.  Mr. Keshe stressed, and I don’t recall him mentioning this earlier but he probably did, it’s important to not hold the pen when trying to heal yourself.  I should have already known this from what I’ve learned and experienced doing the energy work Quantum Touch.  You CAN work on yourself but you usually get better results from someone else helping you.  The reason is – you are the cause of whatever is wrong to start with so chances are you aren’t going to fix it yourself!  It has to do with energy resonance.  When you try to heal yourself you are basically trying to use the same energy frequency, yours, to heal something already at your energy frequency.  Each of us has a different energy resonance field and so when someone of a higher vibration works with us, we heal or recover faster than if we try to do it ourselves.

This is VERY important because if you aren’t experiencing the results you would expect from the Health Pen – this is probably why. You would of laughed at me as I experimented placing my pen at different levels so I could reach the sore spot in my back and then knees lol!

Here is a picture I drew based on what Mr. Keshe talked about regarding where the energy field from the pen goes. It’s not like a regular pen that you apply to paper and the ink goes directly to the paper.  This is plasma energy which doesn’t flow just up and down:

5 Jan 2016 note from what learned watching 94th Knowledge seekers health pen Alvarado TX

The last inspiration that came to me after watching the video was relating to the wrinkles on my face I don’t like. I realize I’m nearing 50 so gravity is winning but it doesn’t mean I have to give up.  I don’t like buying commercial beauty products unless they are certified organic anymore.

So when I got to thinking and looking at what happens when you put your hair up in a towel – it pulls back your face and often you look younger. I think when people have plastic surgery done to their faces the surgeons pull back and remove excess skin (hence the really scary face jobs we see these days).  We are trying to defy a powerful force that from birth will eventually pull us back into the earth….gravity.

This is why people who grow to 6 feet tall, over time, do not stay 6 ft tall.

So I riddled about what people currently do to try and firm their faces without surgery. They use clay, firming masks etc.  Then I got to thinking about that organic  glue recipe I’ve been using to seal my organic orgonite bowls and well…..I’m starting to test it for other things!  My mind works that way lol.  So today begins the test, me the test subject and we’ll see.  I did something a little different, I added some of my non-caustic GaNs soup I’ve had going for weeks now to the mix just to see if anything special happens.  I’ll keep you posted.


Everyday life is an experiment – a chance to explore my world while having fun doing it!

On a much more somber note……

Yesterday I did something toxic to me. I went on an anti-gun tirade on Facebook which like most times, amounts to one thing….me  getting pissed off and putting power into the very thing I want to change.  One thing I am going to hold on to about it is posting statistics from the http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/ website.  Most people tune-out tirades and push back more strongly with their position on issues but sometimes seeing actual facts might generate a different reaction.

http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/last-72-hours – 256 reported incidents

http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting – the first mass shooting, on the 1st day of the year….Texas.  The same state that is shamelessly promoting more and more extreme pro-gun policies.


  • Total Number of Incidents 572
  • Number of Deaths1 157
  • Number of Injuries1 348
  • Number of Children (age 0-11) Killed/Injured1 10
  • Number of Teens (age 12-17) Killed/Injured1 28
  • Mass Shooting2 1
  • Officer Involved Incident2 52
  • Home Invasion2 21
  • Defensive Use2 15
  • Accidental Shooting2 30

Gun violence  and crime incidents are collected/validated from 1,500 sources daily – incidents and their source data are found at the gunviolencearchive.org website.

1: Actual number of deaths and injuries 2: Number of INCIDENTS reported and verified

Numbers on this table reflect a subset of all information collected and will not add to 100% of incidents.

http://www.gunviolencearchive.org  http://www.facebook.com/gunviolencearchive

Data Validated: January 06, 2016


Gun Violence Archive (GVA) is a not for profit corporation formed in 2013 to provide free online public access to accurate information about gun-related violence in the United States. GVA will collect and check for accuracy, comprehensive information about gun-related violence in the U.S. and then post and disseminate it online.


Love, hugs and light through the wires. Go in or go out and play!!! 






2 comments on “6 Jan 2016 Nikola Tesla interview inspiration, Doodling, important info on Keshe Foundation health pens, Gravity and Wrinkles and NRA anti-gun tirade

    • You are so right. To combat this in my small way – a simple prayer each day for all those involved with making these numbers from the arms manufacturers, the lobbies like the NRA that endorse there purchase and use with fear, the elected officials profiting and endorsing guns and those souls who consciously or unconsciously are keeping the previous in power and profit. Whatever is for their greatest good. I don’t know all the answers – from the moment the first gun was made this whole issue has become a growing and complex monster. A monster feeding on fear.

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