6 Jan 2016 My journey through drawing to discovering the energy soup we all live and breathe in

Hi again!

Normally I don’t do more than a post a day here but I was inspired after I did a drawing while the power was out (the power company line men are finally straightening and rewiring all the electric poles on the road behind our house).  After I finished the drawing, which again had the energy “dots” I see, I realized my energy “dot vision” has been going on ever since my last psychotic break back on 2 Nov 2002 in a Barnes and Nobles parking lot in Melbourne Florida.  This episode was preceded by several months of looking for a man with long black hair.  During my episode this last September I was looking for the same person!


After what happened to me back in 2002, like this last time, it took me a long time to process the what and why it happened.  Doing drawings like I’m sharing with you was a way to help me puzzle it out – it still is.  I call them my “show me” drawings.  Whatever comes forth is usually a message for me at the moment or for later.  The drawings I’ve chosen to share here seem to be “for laters.”   There are several not shown here where musical notes are included.  My love of music has never waivered through my life.  In recent years, I am learning just how powerful a force music is in holistic healing.  People are reclaiming their memory and cognitive skills by hearing their favorite songs!

ANYHEW…..it was back in October of last year that I first became conscious of the work of the Keshe Foundation.  I had been an admirer of Nikola Tesla probably since I first learned of him when I lived in Colorado Springs CO which was from about 1994 thru when 9/11 and ever since (I kick myself often that even though I talked about going, I never did visit his museum there!).  In my opinion, Mr. Keshe is echoing Nikola’s work  and taking everything to the next level…actual mass manifestation….reality!   So exciting!

With all this in mind, I decided this afternoon to revisit a few of my old drawing books and found some very interesting images there that correspond very nicely to what I am seeing and hearing from Mr. Keshe and the many who are doing the work to manifest free energy.  Some of these are very simple but the messages are there.  When I look back on my drawing books from 2002 on, they are like a storybook…messages for me to travel to these days and may be beyond?  We shall see!

Thank you for taking the time to visit me!



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