4 Jan 2015 Harmless addictions? Corner to Corner afghans, Gems of War and next Keshe Foundation workshop 19 Jan 2016

Good morning all….or is it? For many of us here in the States at least it’s the dreaded go back to work after an extended holiday Monday….grrrrr.  We can do this!  One good thing was being able to kiss Kyle off to work and look up to make a wish on a shooting star!  Apparently there is an asteroid shower going on right now. Yes, we wished to make enough money so he never HAS to work again but until that comes true lol….off to work, literally the “grind” (he’s a welder).

I had an interesting dream last night. It was dark and I was standing in front of a large building, seemed like the Vatican again (what is it with these Vatican dreams lately?!) and it was very cold.  I could see steam rising out from the roof.  Then I was inside in the lower regions of it and singing some kind of song that wasn’t in English and that’s all I remember clearly.  I’ve been dreaming a lot lately.  Have you ever had so many dreams you wake up with a head ache?

So you might have heard a choir of angels singing over my house yesterday – I finally finished that wicked King size corner to corner afghan Kyle asked me to make for our bed! I even wrote in a letter to my Mom and Les yesterday proclaiming loudly I wasn’t doing one again soon….all lies.  I started my fuzzy blanket project and had good intentions at first but then……yep…..another corner to corner has begun.  Just won’t be King size this time….so I say right?!  My friend Erin and I joked about this when she was here at Christmas, she said about it, “NEVER Again!  It didn’t take you that long to get big!”

Harmless addictions. Most of us have them. Mine is now the corner to corner afghan and Kyle’s is Gems of War (crack) a free game on the PS4 and I think you can play it on your phone and other stuff too.  His brother Drew is now under the influence now too lol:

http://gemsofwar.com/ – main website

This game has all the elements that can make a little game like it addictive. It’s got flashy lights, the epic voice that gives you positive encouragement like “Mana surge” and “Rare!” There are treasure boxes.  There’s Bejeweled game elements.  There is PVP.  There are card battles.  Everything all in one and there are even guilds!  Yesterday Kyle got an error for the first time since he’s been playing.  Something about there being over 7,000 people who made a specific move he did at one time.  He can sit playing this for hours!  Yesterday he had daily objectives starting at 9 a.m. and it was around 1 p.m. or so he finally finished and took a food break!

I didn’t say anything because I was frantically working on my own form of crack….the corner to corner.

We’ve had addictive video games like this before.

I’m not a hardcore gamer like Kyle whose been playing console games since probably 8 or 9 years old, but I do play them. I can remember playing one of the very first video games, Pong, with my childhood friend (Les’s son) Ron!  Anyhew, one of the most addictive Kyle and I have played together was Blizzards Diablo 2.  It was so bad we went through time warps.  As a means of isolating ourselves from the epic ghetoness of our apartment in Delaware, we’d play this game together.  We’d start playing at 7 a.m. and by the time we actually got hungry it would be 3 or 4 in the afternoon!  Thank God our dog Sam came along who needed to go outside and made us get off our asses once in a while!

Final Fantasy XIV, the game that brought us together,  was our first addictive game experience together.  I lost 40 pounds at one point….the Final Fantasy diet we called it.  The biggest reason I played so much was it was our way of being together while I was still in Florida and he in Delaware.  The other reason was it was a way for me not to be completely alone.  We were playing during the time my marriage and Air Force career had gone to shit.

We played World of Warcraft for about 4 years and it had its addictive moments too. When you play online MMORPG’s this can happen because of the “never-ending” aspects of it.  There is always another quest.  There is always another treasure box to find.  There is always another dungeon to run for the same gear you already have but you hope it will be different this time.  I currently play the free game from Trion called Rift (my favorite classes are the Mage and Cleric) which is a lot like Wow but better in some respects.  With Rift I find it’s easier for me to disengage myself and not sit playing it for hours on end.  Kyle and I play together and basically do our daily stuff and move on to other things.  I guess as I’ve gotten older I just don’t have the stamina to sit on my ass that long LOL!

My main named Voyante is level 65 (max level) Mage.  Once you get to 65 your pretty much done with a character.  Unless you do with your 65’s like I have and retire your character or use it to farm or go look for Shinies – artifacts.  I LOVE that feature of the game!  I farm the hell out of planarite (a game currency) when I first make a character so I can buy the Quantum Sight ability as soon as possible.  This ability allows me to find red shinies AND white ones.  They have other things you can spend REX (real money) on to help you find artifacts more easily or even become a Patron and have this ability as part of the service.  This would mean a monthly subscription but we aren’t doing that.  I won’t say we haven’t spent real money on this game but we try to avoid it.  A lot of people we’ve known have thrown big bucks at the game for things like vanity gear and special mounts to boast about.  Between the two of us we have 5 characters we are leveling.  My Mage Primateria and Cleric Teslea have leveled quickly – Instant Adventures will do that for you.  Mage and Cleric are the only two classes Kyle and I like to play because Rogue and Warrior get boring over time and we aren’t spending $60 for just one new soul set they have now called a Primalist!

I have an addictive personality and when it comes to video games, so does Kyle.  A couple of years ago, around the time I quit World of Warcraft (the Cataclysm expansion killed it for me and later killed it for Kyle) I realized I was spending too much time in a world that I had nothing to show for living in.  I decided I wanted to have a tangible experience with life.  It seems I’ve gone from one addiction to another LOL….and mine makes stuff that takes up space in the real world unless I give it away or sell it.

This creates a dichotomy doesn’t it? I can either become an Armorsmith in a video game and make crappy equipment to TRY and sell or desynthesize to make other crappy stuff that doesn’t take any space in our house or I can make afghan, wire jewelry, do my experiments, draw, write, spend time outside, play and sing music…learn new things.  I feel a sense of accomplishment to hold a tangible object I’ve made with my own hands and Kyle feels a sense of accomplishment getting trophies for completing seemingly endless objectives in his games.

Whatever floats your boat right? As long as it’s in balance I think.  I am a “tangible” being living in a tangible world and to keep balance I feel like I can do both but prefer a more tangible life experience than an artificially manufactured one created by someone else.  Sometimes it’s nice to just be “brainless” and immerse myself hunting for treasures but only for a little while.  I feel there is a point when harmless addictions can cross over to not so harmless.  People have died playing video games too much.  I don’t think anyone has died making a doily!

Changing gears….


David Paul Ridley – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7165587/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 (actor friend I’ve made on Facebook that I’m also trying to support!)

Enough rambling for now. The next Keshe Foundation (http://www.keshefoundation.org/) workshop is 19 January 2016.  I will be interested to see what is next!

I need to watch these and get a review beforehand I think:

https://youtu.be/H2YfRVhS4BY-  91st Knowledge Seekers Workshop December 10 2015

https://youtu.be/xvybvJAUroY – 92nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop December 16 2015

https://youtu.be/WvdRnOX1Y4Q –  93rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 24 2015

https://youtu.be/v_3IrSPe3iU – 94th Knowledge Seekers Workshop December 31 2015

Love, hugs and light to you today!


7 comments on “4 Jan 2015 Harmless addictions? Corner to Corner afghans, Gems of War and next Keshe Foundation workshop 19 Jan 2016

    • Hi Carole and thank you for your comment and offer of notes. I deleted your phone number as it displays on this post publicly! I am currently watching the videos I missed each day and boy is there a lot to take in! Ali’s presentation for the 93rd broadcast is amazing! I am on Facebook if you want to friend me so we can communicate. Again thanks!

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