31 Jan 2016 Mom’s Embroidery, Keshe healing wand and Earthing — health benefits right under your bare feet!

What a wonderful weekend it’s been! Gorgeous weather for Mom and Dad’s visit.  Mom finished the embroidered pillowcases for us and they came out really nice!  She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to get them done while they were here.  She’s a lot like me with such things.  When I get it into my head I want to finish something…fatigue doesn’t usually stop me lol.

I wanted to share something interesting I came across in the December issue of a little magazine published here in Texas called Living Natural First.  The topic is Earthing.  What is it?  It’s taking your shoes and socks off and letting your feet actually touch Mother Earth for a change!!  What a concept right?!  As children, many of us did that and then for some reason we stop….get all wearing shoes and stuff.  One of the greatest benefits that Clint Ober, a pioneer in actually showing the science behind the benefits of walking barefoot discovered is reduction in inflammation.  I’ve provided some links and and actual article from heartinstitutemd.com on this practice.  For folks like myself and my local family/tribe members…we already knew about and do this — especially “grounding” which is vital for light workers and practitioners of Holistic Medicine.  Why not give it a try?!  Just watch your step (we have to watch for red ants here!)

http://www.livingnaturalfirst.com/livingnaturalfirstmagazine.php – website
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Living-Natural-First/139658926062123 – facebook
https://www.earthing.com/what-is-earthing/ – Earthing website

What is “Grounding” or “Earthing”?

During my many years in medical practice I have seen remarkable advances in technology that give physicians unprecedented ability to save lives.

However, if you were to ask me about the most impressive breakthroughs, I am positive one of my answers would surprise you. It has nothing to do with high-tech at all. It is the very Earth you live on. Literally, the ground beneath your feet.

Earthing: Healing Power Beneath Your Feet

Woman laying in grass, Earthing can provide health benefits

Do you recall walking barefoot along wet sand at the beach or on a field of dew-moistened grass?  Do you recall feeling some tingling in your feet or legs, or a sense of warmth or well-being rising up into your body? That sensation is the result of direct barefoot contact with the surface of the Earth, which brims with natural, subtle energy.

The Earth, you see, is an electrical planet, and you are a bioelectrical being living on an electrical planet. Your body functions electrically. Your heart and nervous system are prime examples.

Emerging science reveals that direct contact with the ground allows you to receive an energy infusion, compliments of Mother Earth. Think of it as “vitamin G” – G for ground. Just as the sun above creates vitamin D in your body, the ground below provides you with vitamin G, a kind of “electrical nutrition.”

This energy infusion is powerful stuff. It can restore and stabilize the bioelectrical circuitry that governs your physiology and organs, harmonize your basic biological rhythms, boost self-healing mechanisms, reduce inflammation and pain, and improve your sleep and feeling of calmness. When these things happen, you feel better in a big way.

Quiz: “What’s Your Grounding IQ?”

The discovery of these benefits, and the dynamics behind them, is the subject of a 2010 book I am proud to have co-authored − Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (Basic Health Publications) and which has now been published in more than 12 languages. The research and the personal experiences of thousands of individuals all over the world, including doctors, suggest that we humans live on a global treatment table…but don’t know it.

Learn how Earthing has the potential to help promote health and healing in the body! Simple, effective, and best of all natural, Earthing is truly an amazing discovery. Click here to listen to the audiobook version now – it’s FREE!

We Are Disconnected from the Earth 

Modern lifestyle, including the widespread use of insulating rubber- or plastic-soled shoes, has disconnected most people in so-called developed societies from the Earth’s surface energy. Most of us don’t walk barefoot nor do we sleep on the ground as we did in times past. This physical disconnect from the Earth may be a totally overlooked cause of abnormal physiology and may actually contribute to inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep. By reconnecting to the Earth, many common symptoms are often relieved and even eliminated. People tend to sleep better and have more energy. They feel better.

The research, which I am proud to have been part of, along with many testimonials, provides intriguing evidence of significant physiological shifts in the direction of a revitalized and healthier functioning body − generated simply by regularly walking barefoot outdoors or, while indoors, sleeping on a conductive bed sheet or sitting/working with your feet on a conductive floor mat connected to the Earth via a wire.

A Solution for Inflammation?

In recent years, inflammation has come to the forefront of medical attention and been recognized as the leading underlying trigger of chronic pain and most major health disorders, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.  “All roads to chronic disease lead through inflammation,” researchers are increasingly saying. Bodies are on fire.

One of the major benefits of Earthing is that it appears to assuage inflammation through the transfer of negatively-charged electrons from the surface of the Earth into the body (where the electrons neutralize positively-charged destructive free radicals involved in chronic inflammation).

The potential benefits from the Earth’s energy on the brain, heart, muscles, immune and nervous systems − and in turn the whole body and the aging process − are massive. Medically, this is a big deal!

I see Earthing as a profoundly simple, practical, effective, and cost-cutting way to combat common illnesses and pain problems, and make people healthier. In my own field of cardiology, Earthing has shown great promise – I have personally heard, from both individuals and doctors, of improvements in circulation, arrhythmias, blood pressure, and neuropathy.

The Earth as a Blood Thinner

I have collaborated in several small Earthing pilot studies that have exciting implications. One, on the electrodynamics (zeta potential) of blood cells, indicates that Earthing can significantly improve viscosity (blood thickness), inflammation, and flow. There are clear indications that individuals with a variety of cardiovascular conditions may benefit greatly from Earthing.

Diabetes, which carries a high risk for cardiovascular disease and arterial and nervous tissue damage, is a global epidemic for which Earthing may have significant promise.

The blood study I did has been published by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and can be read online at http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/acm.2011.0820

Another study I worked on showed how Earthing can contribute to a de-stressing and balancing effect on the nervous system, and as a result, on heart function. This study, published in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, can be read online at http://imjournal.com/pdfarticles/IMCJ10_3_p16_24chevalier.pdf

A review of all the Earthing research conducted to date can be found here at the online website of the Journal of Environmental Health and Policy at http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jeph/2012/291541/

Earthing excites me just as it does other health professionals who witness the remarkably broad and significant effects that the Earth’s energy has on health. This is a simple, natural, and profound resource that has been overlooked in the health equation. I believe that the scientific investigation of the Earthing phenomenon has just scratched the surface of a whole new and exciting frontier for exploration that is nothing less than a huge healing bounty from Nature.

Biophysicist James Oschman, Ph.D., author of Energy Medicine:The Scientific Basis (Churchill Livingstone, 2000), sums up Earthing this way: “The moment your foot touches the Earth, or you connect to the Earth through a wire, your physiology changes. An immediate normalization begins. And an anti-inflammatory switch is turned on. People stay inflamed because they never connect with the Earth, the source of free electrons which can neutralize the free radicals in the body that cause disease and cellular destruction. Earthing is the easiest and most profound lifestyle change anyone can make.”

How to Earth Yourself

Go barefoot for forty minutes outside and see what a difference that makes on your pain or stress level. Sit, stand, or walk on grass, sand, dirt, or concrete − preferably wet, for greater conduction of the Earth’s electrons. These are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the Earth’s electrons. Wood, asphalt, and vinyl are not conductive.

Ideally, you want to sustain the Earthing experience and make it a part of your daily routine. The easiest way is to use an Earthing system indoors such as bed sheets, mats, or body bands connected via a wire to a properly grounded electrical outlet inside a home or to a ground rod outside. These systems incorporate carbon or silver mesh to conduct the Earth’s energy and can be used in bed, while watching TV or reading, or while working at the desk.

For more information about, and to see a selection of, indoor grounding products, visit Grounded.com or call (800) 228-1507.

Additional Resources:

For the full and fascinating Earthing story, I recommend the Earthing book I wrote with Clint Ober and health writer Martin Zucker.

And for children, Laura Koniver, MD has also just released this new book: From the Ground Up


26 Jan 2016 Dr. Wilhem Reich Character Armor, Drawing, night moon pics, Keshe Foundation device, Muse and Bastille music

Hello everyone – I hope this finds you warmer than I am here in North Texas….another chilly one! I don’t mind though and will be getting out to enjoy it!

So I went back to bed after Kyle left this morning and got a lot of needed sleep. I’ve been having weird dreams that definitely are like the ones I mentioned in a previous blog about dreams, “what the hell was that about??” kind of thing but in reflection I can see my mind was just processing things….moving files I don’t need in short-term memory to long-term storage.

Anyhew..as I was waking up I was thinking and asking, “what is todays topic?” and immediately what came to mind was, “Is it putting on your holy armor or the iron maiden.” So the topic for today relates to the theory Dr. Wilhelm Reich developed called “Character Armor.”  What this is to me is what I’ve noticed for a long, long time and I read in his book last night, he did too, that at about ages 4-5, our families, our churches, or schools…the world….starts to build us a very restricting and uncomfortable suit of armor that gradually disables us….inhibits all natural and healthy function we had as children.

Diagram of Character Armor Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Diagram of Character Armor Dr. Wilhelm Reich


Reich’s Concept of Armoring

July 29, 2013

Dr. Patricia Frisch

Wilhelm Reich’s Armoring

Wilhelm Reich coined the term armoring as a reference to character and body armor. Initially trained as a psychoanalyst with Freud, Reich veered from standard theory and practice and over time conceptualized a very different paradigm. He practiced with an engaged style in the here and now, interacting with how patients presented in the office and toward him.

Reich created the term character armor. He meant that we all have coping patterns – stylistic character defenses that we develop throughout our life, usually starting before we can think or talk. We scope out our life situation with parents, caregivers, and early schooling, and figure out the best way to adapt. Depending on how our life unfolds, our defensive structure either becomes more adaptive or becomes problematic. Reich called our habitual demeanor, stance and attitude character armor. Our dominant, submissive, pleasing, withdrawn, petulant, stubborn styles, for example, become a uniform we wear in relationships – our suit of armor.

As Reich’s work progressed scientifically, his focus turned to the body and the way it mirrors the character in all systems. He found that our bodies embody the template of our personalities and conform to those dictates. Reich discovered the basic pulsation in the universe and that healthy organisms and organs have natural expansion and contraction. That life energy pulsates. When we are armored, our pulsation is interrupted and the movement restricted; the energy flow throughout our body is impeded. We may experience this as a lack of sensation, aliveness, a stiffness or tension. Armor can develop into painful sensation if places in our body have chronic holding or are under-charged. So our physicality speaks as well as our voice. Our armoring reduces our creative capacity, our natural expression of our unique Self.

If we allow expansion, we naturally experience new ideas and interests that we have energy to pursue. As we reinstate our natural pulsation by interrupting our character and dissolving our body armor, we naturally and spontaneously embrace life in the way suited to us. When we are imprisoned in unconscious ways of being, we lose flexibility necessary for healthy adaptation.

Links for further reading:

http://www.wilhelmreichtrust.org/character_analysis.pdf – Character Analysis 3rd edition Dr. Wilhelm Reich

http://www.newhermetics.com/pdfs/ReichianCharacterArmor.pdf – Character Armor of Wilhem Reich

Love and light to you through the wires….through the armor that binds you.

Muse – Uprising [Official Video]


Bastille – Of The Night


Bastille – Bad Blood

Muse – Madness

22 Jan 2016 We are all suns and morning with my dogs in pictures

A picture story for you this morning.  Spot and Link have failed to grasp the concept of Mother Natures climate control.  They think because it’s warm and pleasant inside that it’s going to be that way outside…even after repeated attempts by me to show them differently!!  It’s all about the routine and dogs are happiest when you don’t deviate.   We have a routine and Kyle and I (mostly me during the week) are not allowed to take weekends off!!  ROFL.  Our morning walks is something they don’t often let me off the hook from doing.  Every time we go it’s like Six Flags for dogs!  So it’s time to bundle up and “show them”, once again, the sun has fooled them yet again!

We are all suns and have to create our own warmth even during the coldest of times inside or out.  Dogs…well….they create their own warmth and are smart enough to cuddle up and get some of ours LOL.

Love and hugs through the wires and have a lovely weekend! I think I’ll give you a break until Monday *wink


21 Jan 2016 Where do we go when we dream? Do we go to someone else’s dreams? Is it spirits or Tinnitus?!

Hello again, yes, a double post today but I promise this will be MUCH shorter and less serious. It’s a gray, misty morning and my bread dough, much like the sun it seems, doesn’t even feel like rising today!  For those of you in Europe, I know, I’m just whining lol.  I remember when I lived there it was like this a lot.  The umbrella, raincoat and goloshes a permanent fixture at the front door!

21 Jan 2016 Jackie drawing of what its like to sleep at night Alvarado TX

Me trying to sleep!

So anyways. I decided to draw this morning and this is what made it to paper.  It’s supposed to represent me and what it’s like for to attempt to get sleep at night!  I’ll be dog tired and as soon as the lights go out….POP!  Eyelids wide open!  I hear every little noise (have to wear earplugs) to include a high pitch, fluctuating “light bulb turning on” sound or that sound tv’s sometimes make .  What’s ironic is it could be the earplugs causing me to hear it!

I always try to remain objective about these things so there could be a logical explanation like the condition known as Tinnitis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinnitus .  It could also be spirit communication as this blogger describes from her experience: http://www.anysiakiel.com/communicating-with-spirits/whos-ringing-in-your-ears/.  From my experience, the noise doesn’t happen all the time and the sounds usually are accompanied by the hair going up on the back of the neck, the sense of someone moving around and being watched kind of thing.   I haven’t had my ears checked in a long time so hard to say what’s really going on.  I’m not concerned either way.

I’ve found putting the special quartz crystal I’ve had since the early 2000’s, I call her “Sister” (this happened after reading book called Voices of our Ancestors), on my third eye area sometimes helps “quiet” things down.  What’s funny is unless I use something to keep her there, I’ll fall asleep and turn on my side….bloop….there she goes and I’m awake again LOL!

21 Jan 2016 my quartz crystal for sleeping Sister Alvarado TX

Something I’ve thought for quite a long time and I’ve heard other HSP’s (Highly Sensitive People) and Empaths talk about this too is when you sleep during the day it’s more restful because the rest of the waking world’s minds are occupied with their day to day crap. At night, however, most of us sleep at the same time and for those of us sensitives….other people don’t always seem to stay in their dream worlds and neither do we!  “Dream walking” they call it.

So where do we go when we dream? Do we sometimes end up in other people’s dreams or have other people get into ours?  Have you ever had a dream and woke up saying, “What the hell was THAT all about?!  Who were those people?!  Nothing in my life experience makes this dream make sense….it’s like it was being in someone else’s dream!”  This happens to me.  The dream experience is like it’s from someone else’s perspective if that makes sense.  Like seeing the dream world through the eyes of someone else.  WEIRD!

Anyhew – something to think about if your trapped in the house too.  Love and light to you!


14 Jan 2016 Good-bye to my Star Dad

I’m still processing the loss of David.  The past couple of days I’ve been listening to interviews he did through the years and listening to my CD collection of his music….honoring and celebrating his life, mourning…trying to come to terms.  He was so funny….many of his interviews have made me smile and laugh…the creepy thing though….it’s like listening to myself.  This morning it really hit me hard that this amazing man was in many ways a father to me and much of who I was and who I am now I can attribute to his influences.

My flesh and blood Dad is an amazing man who I love very much, but he and I don’t have many interests in common.  The one important thing we do have in common — Love…that’s a big one!  My Dad went through hell and a hand basket to make sure I always had food, clothing, shelter and Love.  I’ll never forget seeing him sitting by our little Christmas tree when we lived in a tiny house in Tea SD exasperated.  He was a single father trying to provide for his little girl and he was having such a hard time.  He was so thin I suspect he didn’t do a lot for himself so I would have what I needed.  He is a selfless man.  Thank you DAD!

Then there is David….we had so much in common it freaks me out as I reflect but in a good freak out.  I’m so grateful I was alive at the same time he was and am blessed with all the lessons and gifts he’s left behind for all of his children like me.  To me he’s like the “All-Father” to kids like us.  I think many “outsiders” and “freaks” like myself would say David was a beacon in the hell that is being “different,” the “other.”

He proved you could be yourself and truly make a life for yourself and leave an eternal legacy.

Anyhew….still processing this.  To me his death was like losing a family member….he’s been a part of my life for 30+ years!  Not quite as long as my own Daddy but close.  Another reason I think this hurts so bad….David was about the age of my Dad and that is a kick in my heart.   Some day I’m going to have to part with my Dad and the mere thought seriously fucks with my head and heart.  Those of you who have lost your parents know this kind of thing….it’s a fact of life….the punch line to the cruel joke of being a human being.  Being born already dying.  Ugh!  Thank God for nature, music, laughter, art, dancing…..Love.  The fine tethers that keep us all from going completely insane.

This is my drawing today of where I’m at today.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  My Love to you.

Good-bye for now my Star Dad.....

Good-bye for now my Star Dad…..

Link enjoying little corner to corner I made with extra yard..kind of Yin and Yang image isn't it?

Link enjoying little corner to corner I made with extra yard..kind of Yin and Yang image isn’t it?

11 Jan 2016 Solitary Experiments – Road to Horizon – Keshe Foundation Technology and exploration

Hello all and welcome to Monday (here as I write this anyways!) – Hope this finds you in good health and spirits!

I’m not going to blah blah this morning too much.  I finished watching the Keshe Foundations 95th Knowledge Seekers Workshop and it was really helpful as once the copper ordered arrives, Kyle and I are going to give an official go at trying to complete a system.  My experiments so far and everything I’ve learned from following the Keshe teachings since October of last year have prepared me.  I was happy to see an actual diagram in the video to show how the coils are connected and it’s cool to see innovators exploring new ways to do the connections to make it both easier and less wire mess I want to say.  We also got to see the latest progress on Ali’s ship set up and a new one from a Jackie out of Switzerland.  So far we have about 5 people who are at this advanced stage and will be joining the team to build ships for the future.

This weekend I put together a “half size” coil in the new design and it was so pretty I couldn’t nanocoat and GANS it lol!  What was really amazing is Kyle actually felt the magnetic field when he held it.  He seldom feels anything with the things I’ve made so far – except my bowls.  He thinks because he’s a welder who has electricity coursing through his body each day, it was make him less sensitive to lower levels of energy fields.  So his saying he felt something with the little wand…..thrilling!

Mr. Keshe mentioned something interesting with the new 90 degree inner coil setup when used for health purposes — make two and one should have a stronger field than the other.  This got me to thinking about the energy healing work I have learned to do which involves using both hands on either side of the location I’m trying to help the person heal or alleviate pain.  After experimenting with Kyle by holding my wand in one hand and placing my hand by itself on each side of his head, he felt the hand without the wand more strongly than the hand holding the wand!  So without even nanocoating or GaNsing the coils….perceptible energy emissions!  He heard a ringing sound when the wand was close to his ears.  Another thing with this — it’s not the size of the coils but what GaNs you use to coat the coils will determine the individual strengths.   With the new 90 degree setup of the coils, you can move the inner coil to adjust the field and what type of energy signal you want to send.

As usual, lol, the video had “technical” difficulties but they are getting better!  I like that when Mr. Keshe is teaching now, he isn’t in front of the classroom anymore but he has the camera focused on a piece of paper that he draws on to explain what he’s talking about.  This teaching style works better for me!

Here are pictures from my experimenting and playing this weekend and an interesting song I’ve liked for a couple years now that is perfect for the journey those of us who are involved with this new technology are on!


Solitary Experiments- Road To Horizon



Uploaded on Jan 17, 2010
“Road To Horizon” off of Solitary Experiment’s In The Eye Of The Beholder Album. (2009)

Look back at what you leave, but keep your eyes
focused on where you’re headed.
Run fast to catch the train, you’ll try your best
but I don’t know if you get it.

We rise again from ashes to create ourselves anew,
from all the good things we have failed to do.

We’re walking on though desert sand,
clouds drifting slowly upon the land.
Tremendous heat under the glowing sun,
on the road to horizon the weakest one falling down.

Move on to a new chosen realm,
whatever still happens everything is purpose.
Bring back the golden years, the secret slumbers
deep underneath the surface.

We rise again from ashes to create ourselves anew,
from all the good things we have failed to do.

We climbed the highest mountains.
We explored the universe.
We dived into the deepest oceans.
We discovered new life forms.

We’re walking on though desert sand,
clouds drifting slowly upon the land.
Tremendous heat under the glowing sun,
on the road to horizon the weakest one falling down.
https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoldenAgeofGans/ – awesome Facebook where many of us following and experimenting with Keshe Foundation technology share our discoveries, thoughts and ideas

95th Knowledge Seekers Workshop January 7th @ 9AM CET

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

P.S. used the Amazon gift card from brother-in-laws to buy books I’ve been wanting on Tesla and Reich’s work along with the copper:

My Inventions Paperback – April 15, 2013 by Nikola Tesla (Author)http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1484127358?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00

The Cancer Biopathy (The Discovery of Orgone, Vol. 2) Hardcover – December, 1973 by Wilhelm Reich (Author) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0374118361?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00

The Function of the Orgasm: Sex-Economic Problems of Biological Energy (The Discovery of the Orgone, Vol. 1) Paperback – May 1, 1986 – Wilhelm Reich (Author), Vincent R. Carfagno (Translator)

http://www.quantumtouch.com/index.php?lang=en – energy healing modality I learned a couple of years ago and have been using with great results.  The first part of the healing process I’ve noticed most always begins with the emotions.  This is the same principle Mr. Keshe has expressed in his teachings.


8 Jan 2016 8 Jan 2016 Happy reunions, magic of dewdrops, thoughtful in-laws, Cakes Cupcake shop and music of friendship

Hello to all of you visiting today! Hope this finds you well and happy.  I’m posting late  today – it’s been a busy but great day!

This morning my prayers about a lost Chihuahua were answered. While I was walking the dogs last weekend a couple stopped me to ask if I’d seen a little tan dog.  They were here from Canada getting work done on their RV (Alvarado has one of the largest RV businesses in the state!) and the little one had run away when it got scared.  Kyle told me later he’d seen a little dog near the utility crews fixing our power lines but hadn’t stopped.  I hadn’t seen the little one in the neighborhood but last night my next door neighbor said he had seen it in his backyard and it liked to play with his Yorkie Buster.

Well I woke early this morning with this on my mind and I decided as soon as I could I’d call the RV places to see which one the owners were using and let them know we may have found their dog. I also called our wonderful Animal Control Officer Janelle Grooms and she was glad to hear this news as she and hundreds of other folks in town had been looking everywhere for this little dog!

Sure enough when my neighbor let the owners in the backyard, the little ones fur momma was able to coax her out of her hiding spot – oh my gosh there is nothing quite like seeing such a moment! She wanted to give my neighbor a reward and we were like no way!  Well what’s funny is I went on the Animal Shelters Facebook page so I could get the picture of the reunion for this post and the shelter had put up a list of things they needed.  Moments later the owners came back by to give me $100 to either give to my neighbor or the Animal Shelter.  My neighbor and I didn’t want a reward so I was able to take it to the shelter and it will hopefully help them with their list!  Isn’t this beautiful how everything works out?! Along with the money I took some of my blankets I’ve made, towels and a couple of toys over along with the money.  When it  comes to running a non-profit animal shelter, EVERYTHING helps!  If you have a shelter near you and you have the means to help DO IT! 🙂

This is what we are here to do – help each other.  It’s amazing how people can do so much good if they work together.

THEN, the day just kept getting better. Kyle’s Mom and Dad had just dropped off his brother to spend time with a friend and they decided to stop at our favorite bakery up the street, Cakes, and bring me more cupcakes LOL.  Like Mother and Father….like son!  How thoughtful and perfect timing….we just ran out of the ones Kyle brought home.

I had an appointment with my friend and therapist today so Kyle dropped me off and went and did errands like Petsmart, getting us a new Spot Bot steam cleaner and he stopped by our friend Beverly Toeners shop, the Texas Medicine Woman Nutrition and Wellness Center to get more vitamins (and to check on her for me, she’s such a special lady). I made my therapist laugh so hard at the end of our time when I told her about my face thingy I’m working on, “anti-gravity glue face stuff” and told her I had first tried to use duct tape!  Duct tape fix anything!  ROFL.  It was a joy to see her receptionist Linda glowing again….true love does that!  Radiant as the sun is that girls smile these days!

Yesterday afternoon our dear friend Rhonda came by to drop off my awesome Christmas gift, a proper aluminum wallet so I could get rid of my Altoids tin I’d been using Lol. She introduced us to her new family member, her gorgeous flute.  She is trying to come up with a name with input from all of us.  Not sure if she’s come up with the official name yet.  She’s thinking Madame Curry.  This morning the name Bella came to me.  She was thinking may be Luna (Lovegood from Harry Potter) as a possibility.  She played an impromptu song for Kyle and I and it was so lovely!  She is an incredible vocalist also and I hope she can find a way to join her talents like she’d like to.  We all went out for a meal at Don Chano’s up the street.  It was so nice to do that!  We don’t eat out at sit-downs very often and especially with friends.

Finally – dewdrops on the grass. Yesterday I went out to do my thing outside and was looking at the grass and got mesmerized!  SHINY!  Dewdrops on blades of grass sparkle like diamonds…like the stars.  Anything that shines gets my immediate attention LOL.  One of my little poems from long ago about this, “Stars on the lawn shimmer until dusk and then their gone.”

Love, hugs and light through the wires to you.

*I have to finish watching the last Keshe broadcast yet!


http://www.bakingyourdreamscometrue.com/ – Cakes Shop
https://www.facebook.com/alvarado.shelter/?pnref=story – City of Alvarado TX Animal Shelter website
https://www.facebook.com/Texas-Medicine-Woman-648979235229768/?pnref=lhc – Texas Medicine Woman Nutrition and Wellness center 218 NE Wilshire Blvd Burleson TX (817) 295-5252
We are a Local Wellness Center offering Massage, Cold Laser Treatments, Detox and Zyto Compass scans. We sell Herbs and Vitamins and Essential Oils.

6 Jan 2016 My journey through drawing to discovering the energy soup we all live and breathe in

Hi again!

Normally I don’t do more than a post a day here but I was inspired after I did a drawing while the power was out (the power company line men are finally straightening and rewiring all the electric poles on the road behind our house).  After I finished the drawing, which again had the energy “dots” I see, I realized my energy “dot vision” has been going on ever since my last psychotic break back on 2 Nov 2002 in a Barnes and Nobles parking lot in Melbourne Florida.  This episode was preceded by several months of looking for a man with long black hair.  During my episode this last September I was looking for the same person!


After what happened to me back in 2002, like this last time, it took me a long time to process the what and why it happened.  Doing drawings like I’m sharing with you was a way to help me puzzle it out – it still is.  I call them my “show me” drawings.  Whatever comes forth is usually a message for me at the moment or for later.  The drawings I’ve chosen to share here seem to be “for laters.”   There are several not shown here where musical notes are included.  My love of music has never waivered through my life.  In recent years, I am learning just how powerful a force music is in holistic healing.  People are reclaiming their memory and cognitive skills by hearing their favorite songs!

ANYHEW…..it was back in October of last year that I first became conscious of the work of the Keshe Foundation.  I had been an admirer of Nikola Tesla probably since I first learned of him when I lived in Colorado Springs CO which was from about 1994 thru when 9/11 and ever since (I kick myself often that even though I talked about going, I never did visit his museum there!).  In my opinion, Mr. Keshe is echoing Nikola’s work  and taking everything to the next level…actual mass manifestation….reality!   So exciting!

With all this in mind, I decided this afternoon to revisit a few of my old drawing books and found some very interesting images there that correspond very nicely to what I am seeing and hearing from Mr. Keshe and the many who are doing the work to manifest free energy.  Some of these are very simple but the messages are there.  When I look back on my drawing books from 2002 on, they are like a storybook…messages for me to travel to these days and may be beyond?  We shall see!

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6 Jan 2016 Nikola Tesla interview inspiration, Doodling, important info on Keshe Foundation health pens, Gravity and Wrinkles and NRA anti-gun tirade (13 Nov 2018 edit)

Hello out there – hope today finds you well. This morning has been inspirational for me.

First….another example of why I love my man LOL!  He brings home cupcakes!

5 Jan 2016 Kyle home from work with cupcakes from Cakes bakery up street Alvarado TX


*13 Nov 2018 just a note/reminder that the Map to Multiplication turned out to be the work of Joey Grether:


This mornings inspirations came from a video/audio I found a You tube.  Someone made an audio and video presentation of the interview done by a journalist with Nikola Tesla back in 1899 by a John Smith: http://www.freedomtek.org/en/texts/nikola_tesla_interview_1899.php  – if you can get past the robotic female and male voices, the powerful messages are there and extremely relevant to our times.

NIKOLA TESLA – Everything is the Light – Interview with Nikola Tesla
Gary Lite

And as I was watching it, I was intrigued to see this image from the presentation (one in the middle):


When I was in my doctors office on Monday I had to wait to be seen (no surprise but he’s worth it) and I hadn’t brought anything to keep me occupied in the meantime. The oversized fashion magazines didn’t hold my interest.  So I pulled out the little notebook I always have in my purse and started to look harder at the Map to Multiplication I had printed out and brought along to show my doctor.

After I saw the video image this morning I had to smile at my doodles.

During and after I watched the video the thoughts I’ve put to my sketchpad here came to me. I feel like what Nikola said way back in his time and what Mr. Keshe is now bringing forth are the same messages.  Mr. Keshe has credited Nikola as part of the inspiration and innovation behind his work, much of what Mr. Keshe is teaching is an echo from the past.  It seems this time people are listening and taking action to bring this to our reality.  I know I am trying!

Yesterday I finished watching the 94th Knowledge Seekers Workshop presentation and an important bit of information was shared regarding the Health Pens we’ve all been making.  Mr. Keshe stressed, and I don’t recall him mentioning this earlier but he probably did, it’s important to not hold the pen when trying to heal yourself.  I should have already known this from what I’ve learned and experienced doing the energy work Quantum Touch.  You CAN work on yourself but you usually get better results from someone else helping you.  The reason is – you are the cause of whatever is wrong to start with so chances are you aren’t going to fix it yourself!  It has to do with energy resonance.  When you try to heal yourself you are basically trying to use the same energy frequency, yours, to heal something already at your energy frequency.  Each of us has a different energy resonance field and so when someone of a higher vibration works with us, we heal or recover faster than if we try to do it ourselves.

This is VERY important because if you aren’t experiencing the results you would expect from the Health Pen – this is probably why. You would of laughed at me as I experimented placing my pen at different levels so I could reach the sore spot in my back and then knees lol!

In the gallery is a picture I drew based on what Mr. Keshe talked about regarding where the energy field from the pen goes. It’s not like a regular pen that you apply to paper and the ink goes directly to the paper.  This is plasma energy which doesn’t flow just up and down.


Everyday life is an experiment – a chance to explore my world while having fun doing it!

On a much more somber note……

Yesterday I did something toxic to me. I went on an anti-gun tirade on Facebook which like most times, amounts to one thing….me  getting pissed off and putting power into the very thing I want to change.  One thing I am going to hold on to about it is posting statistics from the http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/ website.  Most people tune-out tirades and push back more strongly with their position on issues but sometimes seeing actual facts might generate a different reaction.

http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/last-72-hours – 256 reported incidents

http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting – the first mass shooting, on the 1st day of the year….Texas.  The same state that is shamelessly promoting more and more extreme pro-gun policies.


  • Total Number of Incidents 572
  • Number of Deaths1 157
  • Number of Injuries1 348
  • Number of Children (age 0-11) Killed/Injured1 10
  • Number of Teens (age 12-17) Killed/Injured1 28
  • Mass Shooting2 1
  • Officer Involved Incident2 52
  • Home Invasion2 21
  • Defensive Use2 15
  • Accidental Shooting2 30

Gun violence  and crime incidents are collected/validated from 1,500 sources daily – incidents and their source data are found at the gunviolencearchive.org website.

1: Actual number of deaths and injuries 2: Number of INCIDENTS reported and verified

Numbers on this table reflect a subset of all information collected and will not add to 100% of incidents.

http://www.gunviolencearchive.org  http://www.facebook.com/gunviolencearchive

Data Validated: January 06, 2016


Gun Violence Archive (GVA) is a not for profit corporation formed in 2013 to provide free online public access to accurate information about gun-related violence in the United States. GVA will collect and check for accuracy, comprehensive information about gun-related violence in the U.S. and then post and disseminate it online.



Love, hugs and light through the wires. Go in or go out and play!!! 



Home 2018

Gun violence  and crime incidents are collected/validated from 2,500 sources daily – incidents and their source data are found at the gunviolencearchive.org website.

1: Actual number of deaths and injuries
2: Number of INCIDENTS reported and verified

22,000 Annual Suicides not included on Daily Summary Ledger

Numbers on this table reflect a subset of all information
collected and will not add to 100% of incidents.

http://www.gunviolencearchive.org  http://www.facebook.com/gunviolencearchive

Data Validated: November 13, 2018


4 Jan 2015 Harmless addictions? Corner to Corner afghans, Gems of War and next Keshe Foundation workshop 19 Jan 2016

Good morning all….or is it? For many of us here in the States at least it’s the dreaded go back to work after an extended holiday Monday….grrrrr.  We can do this!  One good thing was being able to kiss Kyle off to work and look up to make a wish on a shooting star!  Apparently there is an asteroid shower going on right now. Yes, we wished to make enough money so he never HAS to work again but until that comes true lol….off to work, literally the “grind” (he’s a welder).

I had an interesting dream last night. It was dark and I was standing in front of a large building, seemed like the Vatican again (what is it with these Vatican dreams lately?!) and it was very cold.  I could see steam rising out from the roof.  Then I was inside in the lower regions of it and singing some kind of song that wasn’t in English and that’s all I remember clearly.  I’ve been dreaming a lot lately.  Have you ever had so many dreams you wake up with a head ache?

So you might have heard a choir of angels singing over my house yesterday – I finally finished that wicked King size corner to corner afghan Kyle asked me to make for our bed! I even wrote in a letter to my Mom and Les yesterday proclaiming loudly I wasn’t doing one again soon….all lies.  I started my fuzzy blanket project and had good intentions at first but then……yep…..another corner to corner has begun.  Just won’t be King size this time….so I say right?!  My friend Erin and I joked about this when she was here at Christmas, she said about it, “NEVER Again!  It didn’t take you that long to get big!”

Harmless addictions. Most of us have them. Mine is now the corner to corner afghan and Kyle’s is Gems of War (crack) a free game on the PS4 and I think you can play it on your phone and other stuff too.  His brother Drew is now under the influence now too lol:

http://gemsofwar.com/ – main website

This game has all the elements that can make a little game like it addictive. It’s got flashy lights, the epic voice that gives you positive encouragement like “Mana surge” and “Rare!” There are treasure boxes.  There’s Bejeweled game elements.  There is PVP.  There are card battles.  Everything all in one and there are even guilds!  Yesterday Kyle got an error for the first time since he’s been playing.  Something about there being over 7,000 people who made a specific move he did at one time.  He can sit playing this for hours!  Yesterday he had daily objectives starting at 9 a.m. and it was around 1 p.m. or so he finally finished and took a food break!

I didn’t say anything because I was frantically working on my own form of crack….the corner to corner.

We’ve had addictive video games like this before.

I’m not a hardcore gamer like Kyle whose been playing console games since probably 8 or 9 years old, but I do play them. I can remember playing one of the very first video games, Pong, with my childhood friend (Les’s son) Ron!  Anyhew, one of the most addictive Kyle and I have played together was Blizzards Diablo 2.  It was so bad we went through time warps.  As a means of isolating ourselves from the epic ghetoness of our apartment in Delaware, we’d play this game together.  We’d start playing at 7 a.m. and by the time we actually got hungry it would be 3 or 4 in the afternoon!  Thank God our dog Sam came along who needed to go outside and made us get off our asses once in a while!

Final Fantasy XIV, the game that brought us together,  was our first addictive game experience together.  I lost 40 pounds at one point….the Final Fantasy diet we called it.  The biggest reason I played so much was it was our way of being together while I was still in Florida and he in Delaware.  The other reason was it was a way for me not to be completely alone.  We were playing during the time my marriage and Air Force career had gone to shit.

We played World of Warcraft for about 4 years and it had its addictive moments too. When you play online MMORPG’s this can happen because of the “never-ending” aspects of it.  There is always another quest.  There is always another treasure box to find.  There is always another dungeon to run for the same gear you already have but you hope it will be different this time.  I currently play the free game from Trion called Rift (my favorite classes are the Mage and Cleric) which is a lot like Wow but better in some respects.  With Rift I find it’s easier for me to disengage myself and not sit playing it for hours on end.  Kyle and I play together and basically do our daily stuff and move on to other things.  I guess as I’ve gotten older I just don’t have the stamina to sit on my ass that long LOL!

My main named Voyante is level 65 (max level) Mage.  Once you get to 65 your pretty much done with a character.  Unless you do with your 65’s like I have and retire your character or use it to farm or go look for Shinies – artifacts.  I LOVE that feature of the game!  I farm the hell out of planarite (a game currency) when I first make a character so I can buy the Quantum Sight ability as soon as possible.  This ability allows me to find red shinies AND white ones.  They have other things you can spend REX (real money) on to help you find artifacts more easily or even become a Patron and have this ability as part of the service.  This would mean a monthly subscription but we aren’t doing that.  I won’t say we haven’t spent real money on this game but we try to avoid it.  A lot of people we’ve known have thrown big bucks at the game for things like vanity gear and special mounts to boast about.  Between the two of us we have 5 characters we are leveling.  My Mage Primateria and Cleric Teslea have leveled quickly – Instant Adventures will do that for you.  Mage and Cleric are the only two classes Kyle and I like to play because Rogue and Warrior get boring over time and we aren’t spending $60 for just one new soul set they have now called a Primalist!

I have an addictive personality and when it comes to video games, so does Kyle.  A couple of years ago, around the time I quit World of Warcraft (the Cataclysm expansion killed it for me and later killed it for Kyle) I realized I was spending too much time in a world that I had nothing to show for living in.  I decided I wanted to have a tangible experience with life.  It seems I’ve gone from one addiction to another LOL….and mine makes stuff that takes up space in the real world unless I give it away or sell it.

This creates a dichotomy doesn’t it? I can either become an Armorsmith in a video game and make crappy equipment to TRY and sell or desynthesize to make other crappy stuff that doesn’t take any space in our house or I can make afghan, wire jewelry, do my experiments, draw, write, spend time outside, play and sing music…learn new things.  I feel a sense of accomplishment to hold a tangible object I’ve made with my own hands and Kyle feels a sense of accomplishment getting trophies for completing seemingly endless objectives in his games.

Whatever floats your boat right? As long as it’s in balance I think.  I am a “tangible” being living in a tangible world and to keep balance I feel like I can do both but prefer a more tangible life experience than an artificially manufactured one created by someone else.  Sometimes it’s nice to just be “brainless” and immerse myself hunting for treasures but only for a little while.  I feel there is a point when harmless addictions can cross over to not so harmless.  People have died playing video games too much.  I don’t think anyone has died making a doily!

Changing gears….


David Paul Ridley – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7165587/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 (actor friend I’ve made on Facebook that I’m also trying to support!)

Enough rambling for now. The next Keshe Foundation (http://www.keshefoundation.org/) workshop is 19 January 2016.  I will be interested to see what is next!

I need to watch these and get a review beforehand I think:

https://youtu.be/H2YfRVhS4BY-  91st Knowledge Seekers Workshop December 10 2015

https://youtu.be/xvybvJAUroY – 92nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop December 16 2015

https://youtu.be/WvdRnOX1Y4Q –  93rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 24 2015

https://youtu.be/v_3IrSPe3iU – 94th Knowledge Seekers Workshop December 31 2015

Love, hugs and light to you today!