16 Dec 2015 Dreams, Star Wars film release, holiday blues, Music Maker Lap harp and pictures of my latest organic orgonite batch

Hello world – hope this finds you whenever and wherever in a good place!

I wanted to share a couple of dreams I had last night and this morning.  One of my favorite places is in the land of dreams.  Sometimes my mind and wherever dreams come from (whatever or wherever they tap in to) makes memorable ones.

The dream I had just before getting up was in Italy.  I was in Italy (visited there for “real” back in the 1990’s) I walked to where I thought the Vatican was but just came to and saw a maze of small brown roof topped buildings that seemed like a maze.  When I was there for real, my ex, his parents and I had stayed in a brand new motel, so new it was still having final touches put on it, within walking distance of the Vatican.  So I think that’s where I thought I was in my dream.  Anyways, I couldn’t see the Vatican at first but then when I looked to my right I caught a glimpse of  a white building bathed in bright sunlight.  I yelled to it, “Hello Papa Pope!” and blew a kiss.  Then I turned and flew away….I had to catch my plane!  The alarm went off to get up just after lol.

The dream I had after I went back to bed this morning (I’ve been doing that more) was of communicating with neighbor Suzanne Michelle Sullivan, who died last October via my laptop computer!  This is funny because back in August I had thought about how the Internet might be a way to communicate with people we’ve “lost” here in whatever dimension they go to afterwards…or….whatever dimension they are in where the people we are right now have never met that version of the person.  Hope that makes sense.  The multi-verse thing?  So anyways, we were chatting about meditation, stones that were good for it etc. and then I saw her on Skype-like video and she was laughing and goofing around with someone who was on a sliding computer chair.  She had on a black sweater like she did when I had a dream of being with her before she died and had lost consciousness to communicate with us, and had been able to tell her I loved her.  She mentioned being able to communicate with her grandbabies and was very happy.  She looked just like I remembered her when she was with us.  I can remember thinking I wished I could save the video as I never had any video or pictures of us together when she was here.

Neat dreams huh?  I like dreams when they are positive like these.

I’ve been tired a lot lately and sleeping more.  I’m not taking Adderall everyday (doctor approved) unless I really feel like I need it.  I think this might be the explanation for being more tired.

I haven’t felt as strongly about doing things (gumption)—even really caring (a.k.a case of the f-its).  I have felt, and Kyle has too, apathetic, angry, “jaded” about the world and find myself wanting to completely retreat from it…stop communicating with anyone…letters, email, Facebook…here.  Just shut down.  I do not feel like it’s almost Christmas in a good way.  I feel jaded, betrayed and resentful about what everything like it has become and feel so powerless at times to change it.

My most recent peeve is with Disney.  The reason was the release of Star Wars with a review embargo.  Kyle is a life-long Star Wars fan but like me, we’ve been watching the franchise get really “whored” out, something Disney has always been very good at is marketing their products to the extreme (so many cheezy products everywhere in advance to promote it…hoopla).  Whenever there is this type of thing the “I think thee doth protest too much” phrase pops in our heads….are they over franchising in advance to cover the bills if it flops?!

Kyle and I typically don’t see a film until we’ve seen reviews especially after getting burned so many times in the past couple years when we’ve decided to go see a film without regard to the reviews — Avengers Age of Ultron and Jurassic World for examples….they sucked!  SO!  We’ve decided not to go see it until we see reviews from “normal people”.  As of right now, Rotten Tomatoes has given it a whopping 97% approval rating.  It could be a legitimate rating but we’ll see.

http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/dec/15/star-wars-the-force-awakens-first-reactions-suggest-overwhelming-experience – “First reactions to JJ Abrams’ new movie ahead of Wednesday’s reviews embargo indicate audience at Los Angeles première was feeling the force”

http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/star_wars_episode_vii_the_force_awakens/?search=Star Wars

It sucks and is Debbie Downer making to be “awake” sometimes.  I tossed my rose-colored glasses about the world in the trash a long time ago and I wish I hadn’t sometimes.  Is ignorance bliss?  Lol…if it is, why are so many people having mental health problems and unhappy?!  Hmmmmm.

I think my spending so much time “plugged in” lately to social media and the news hasn’t been good for me.  I should have learned my lesson by now but it seems the only way to stay in touch with most people these days is by using Facebook or the like.  Thankfully I have my two pen pals, Mom and Lesley but I’ve done a really shitty job lately of reciprocating their gifts!!  Sorry Mom and Les!!!

AAACK!  SO!  LOVE, GRATITUDE (Kyle and my furry kids especially), outside time (DANCE)and a lot of internal swash-buckling back bad renters is what’s tethering me these days AND yesterday my present from Kyle arrived…my Music Maker lap harp….MUSIC….the other savior.   I had one before but had given it to Kyle’s youngest brother Cole (don’t know if he even still has it) and missed it ever since I did that.  Kind of like the guitar thing I mentioned in a few blogs ago.  So yesterday I was able to spend some time with it and I am so pleased with it.  The music from it is more soothing for me that my drum is.

Will close for now…thank goodness right?!  Debbie downer.  In the pics below I have included the crude GANS health pen I made and the process of making my latest batch of organic orgonite.  I had an “aha” on how to almost get it exactly like Dr. Reichs and will show you later.  Right now I have the mixture drying to a consistency like clay for pots.  It’s too wet yet to shape into bowls.

Love and hugs through the wires to you…LOVE, GRATITUDE, DANCE and MUSIC…..if you are in my frame of mind this holiday season…find these “gifts”….it might help.



8 comments on “16 Dec 2015 Dreams, Star Wars film release, holiday blues, Music Maker Lap harp and pictures of my latest organic orgonite batch

    • Morning Easy – hmmmm….does the world really want to see a grown woman playing Twinkle Twinkle Little star? TeeHee. I’ll think about it – may be just for you. Love you.

      • that was super great… I’ve got MY first song via you tube, many thanks!!! I think you should do more videos, you have a very good voice!!! harp music is magic somehow I totally love it, it has something what tocuhes my heart :o)

      • You are so sweet to say! I was doing videos on You tube for quite some time but just wasn’t getting viewers so I quit. I had been doing it mainly to stay in touch with family but most of them didn’t have time to watch them…ah well. May be if I manage to come up with an song I can consistently play (lol) I’ll do another. Thanks for making my day 🙂

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