8 Dec 2015 Voices of change – Religious Tolerance and Bernie Sanders comments on Climate Change

Hello out there — hope this finds you in good health, loved and loving!

Before I start, I know the topics of politics and religion are polarizing.  My intention is not to divide us but to unify us.  I saw this on Facebook this morning and perhaps it will illustrate where I’m coming from with a post like this:

Nor are you born a Republican. Democrat, Independent, Libertarian...any political label

Nor are you born a Republican. Democrat, Independent, Libertarian…any political label

We need to put on our thinking caps!

Recent polls for the 2016 Presidential race are producing some very unsettling trends….two people I neither respect or trust are leading – Donald Trump for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats.  I am a registered Democrat.  I do not want another dynasty in the White House and I think putting Hillary in office would be a mistake.  She changes her views on issues like I change my underwear…lol…sometimes more than once a day!  Nobody else seems to be registering in the numbers (one poll tracking page I found):


Has this country gone insane?  Donald Trump?!  Really?!


To me the Republic ticket looks like a roster kept at a mental hospital and they just let them all go.  I’ve done two tours in one….I know!  What scares me even more….the American public is supporting them.  Why?  I think a big part of it is the successful manipulation by mainstream media (funded by Corporations with political agendas) that want us to be afraid and to take extreme measures from a place of fear.  Fear is a powerful motivator that will drive people to do things they will later regret.

I am voting for and supporting candidate Bernie Sanders for many reasons.  I don’t know if he were to be elected that he’d get half of the things he wants to do done, but it’s worth a try.  President Obama had some bold claims and visions of what he wanted to do in office and has had to fight his way through bullshit the whole way.  Honestly, I doubt Bernie would have any easier time of it.  Anyone who knows how American politics works, knows the people we choose aren’t running or deciding shit.  Henceforth….a big pile of Apathy.  This said, if anything he can show the American people even more clearly, if they’ll pay attention in their current blind state of apathy, what is really going on in Washington and our country.

This morning I saw this video clip from Bernie’s Face the Nation interview and what he says here really brings the issue of climate change home.  What side of history do we want to be on with this issue?  Do we really want to be left saying to our future generations we had the ways and means to make this planet better but we didn’t do it?  For money, power and prestige on the part of the “masters” and because of apathy on our part?  Two basic things you can do to promote change – walk when you can instead of driving and be conscious consumers when it comes to buying products using fossil fuel.

Bernie Sanders: U.S. has a “moral obligation” to battle climate change  – Face the Nation on CBS

The other article of interest I saw today was this from the Dalai Lama, another man I respect, about religious tolerance and how education is a key to obtaining it.  I also believe that children, as soon as they are “cognitive” should be given the choice of if they want to be part of a religion or political party.  I believe freedom of choice is part of responsible parenting:


“BANGALORE: At a time when the intolerance debate is raging, the Dalai Lama argued that tolerance is areligious and an intrinsic part of every religion. Compassion and forgiveness are universal and must be inculcated in modern societies, he added.

The Tibetan spiritual leader was delivering the first National Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) Distinguished Fellow Lecture at the institute’s premises on Sunday. “The only hope that we have is education. An education that can produce healthy minded people, who can be compassionate and forgiving,” Lama said.

The present education system breeds material values, he said. “That a joyful, happy life is everybody’s desire is indisputable. But to achieve the same, one has to learn how to be com passionate and forgiving,” he said, citing two examples of an American rich friend who is worried despite his economic prosperity and a monk from Barcelona (in Spain) who was happy despite not having the world’s perceived riches.”

Good tip for today.  When I was in AA we learned the acronym HALT.  If you find yourself restless and quick to temper, this word might help you “check yourself” and improve your mood.

H-Hungry, A-Angry, L-lonely and T-tired.  If you find that you are experiencing any one, or all of these things, addressing them might help!

Good illustration -- the Anger iceberg

Good illustration — the Anger iceberg



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