2 Dec 2015 Meditation – the key to Chi energy, telekinesis and the healing of self and helping others

Hello all!  Hope this finds you well today!

Well this morning my upper arms and shoulders are pretty sore from all the exercises I did yesterday with telekinesis related energy.  I watched the video I’ve linked below this morning.  It’s Nathan Virtus’s interview with Mark Mauvais (popular telekinesis teacher on You Tube and seemingly Nathan’s mentor) to get a better understanding of what is behind this ability and how to learn it:

The spirit Talks show episode 1 ft. Mark Mauvais about telekinesis

After I watched it I decided to go back to bed as I was just tired and sore lol.  Well the “dream theme” from last night crept back in to the dreams I had after I went back to sleep.  They  were not good – seeing a woman murdered and bleeding out…so much blood it soaked the carpet and squished when I stepped in it.  She was in a shut room for a couple of days and then I heard a cough…a man was near her and she was alive again!  It was like I was there.  Well the dream series this morning had the same dark vibe and then this one, a lucid dream type, popped in where I screamed at some unseen force that seemed to be generating all these negative dreams “STOP! I am protected by the power and light of God!” and then I started stabbing the invisible force near me over and over until I woke up.   Hmmmm…what is all this about?!  Is the unseen force the “force” I am exploring?  Is this a warning or what I need to remember as I explore it?  The “source” is not me but what is me….what made me and all of creation.  May be that?  This is what I learned when exploring Quantum Touch energy work.  The energy we are supposed to be tapping into comes from a place of Love….from Source…from God.  Seems reasonable.

After the dog walk (beautiful cold, fall morning — finally a clear blue sky!)….

I logged in to check Facebook and on the Golden Age of Gans Group page someone had posted this video…right in line with what I’m educating myself about now…human energy fields and how those fields interact with the “matter” a.k.a objects around us.

Chi Energy Amazing Footage

hoose5286’s channel

Uploaded on Dec 7, 2008

This is a repost of an exerpt of a series of documentarys by Lawrence Blair, called Ring of Fire; an Indonessian odyssey. the guys name is supposedly John Chang

The key element for this Chi Master seems to have been powerful meditation techniques and this is the theme I’m seeing throughout the different resources I’ve been looking at for information.  Meditation…quieting the mind…is hard for someone like me with a “monkey brain” (label ADHD).  I’ve really worked at it through the years and on occasion there have been breakthroughs.  I asked the question yesterday, “show me how” and the answer seems to be meditation Jackieson!  FOCUS!  Not a new word for me….it’s popped in many times and so I must seriously go forth with it.  I have no excuses.  If I really want to finally be successful at these things, I must master the art of meditation.



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