12 Nov 2015 Lighting an LED light bulb with energy plasma from Electro claw Storm ball (Halloween Decoration) (Tesla coil)

I thought it would be fun to illustrate plasma energy at work…show you how “random” it is by using a simple Halloween decoration I’ve had for years, The Electro Claw Storm Ball (Tesla Coil tech).

A friend showed me this a couple of months ago with a similar unit he has.  Today this topic came up towards the end, Rick the moderator mentioned it,  the random nature of plasma energy flow.  It “popped” in my head I could demonstrate his point with “THE CLAW!”  ROWR!  My hero Nikola Tesla did this to demonstrate his technology.

I took a FEIT Electric fluorescent bulb, 13W 120 VAC 60 Hz bulb and an OSRAM  LED 10.5W 16A 120V 50/60HZ Lumens bulb and held them next to the plasma ball….as you can see they both lit up.  The LED had to be touching the ball, the fluorescent could be held about 1-2 inches away and still lit up.  This is a great way to illustrate to you the “flow” of plasma.  The “Claw” has an Adapter rating input 120VAC, 60Hz 0.08A output 12VAC, 7W.    Fun right?!



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