10 Nov 2015 Keshe Foundation Health Pen, Erich Fromm A Man for Himself and celebrating Christmas

10 Nov 2015

It’s still dark on this chilly Tuesday morning. This morning, just before the phone alarm went off I had an image of a male lion and the phrase “flip flop” pop in.  Weird right?!  We didn’t sleep real well last night.  It’s funny how my brain will do stuff like the lion just before the alarm goes off…kind of like a pre-alarm lol.

I just checked to see if there was anything going on with the Keshe Foundation Livestream and it’s still showing the 5 November video.  I’ll keep checking periodically and be sure to let you know if anything new appears.  There are tons of videos out there on You Tube now on the process.  I found these pictures for the Health Pen yesterday and I think I want to try and make one:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoldenAgeofGans/ – great Facebook page showing what folks in the field are doing, learning and interested in relating to the Keshe technology and philosophy:

Last night I decided it was time to pull out the gem of a book I had found last year at the Burleson Goodwill – A Man For Himself by Erich Fromm. I love this book.  It’s like ready a compendium of so many things I’ve discovered and often expressed in my writings for myself in my life so far.  Erich just does it in a far more eloquent manner and for far longer ago than I have.  The version of the book I have  was published in 1947!  It’s sad to me that what he discusses would still have such a strong relevancy to our global society of today.

http://www.erichfromm.net/ – link to his main web site if you would like to learn more about him

With the US Presidential Election next year, I think the subject of different kinds of authority in leadership is timely.  When I look at how where we are in current government rule in our country, I see an increasing and disturbing bend towards authoritarian ethics.  I frequently ask myself if the way our country is being run is that much different than those we send our young men and women off to fight wars in.  We send them off making them think their cause is noble…the premise of instilling democracy within dictatorships.  We can be a very hypocritical country!  This goes on each day, under our noses buried in the sands of apathy.

I’m guilty of apathy.  I often express a feeling that standing up for some things is a futile struggle…like ridding our world of the fossil fuel industry, corrupt banks, money hungry agents from the Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Retail and Manufacturing sectors.


I’m about to revisit Chapter II: Humanistic Ethics: The Applied Science of the Art of Living, 1. Humanistic vs Authoritarian Ethics.

Page 8

“In authoritarian ethics, an authority states what is good for man and lays down the laws and norms of conduct; in humanistic ethics man himself is both the norm giver and the subject of the norms, their formal source or regulative agency and their subject matter.”

Page 9

“These use of the term “authoritarian” makes it necessary to clarify the concept of authority. So much confusion exists with regard to this concept because it is widely believed that we are confronted with the alternative of having dictatorial, irrational authority or of having no authority at all. This alternative however, is fallacious.  The real problem is what kind of authority do we mean rational or irrational authority?

Rational authority has its source in competence.  The person whose authority is respected functions competently in the task with which he is entrusted by those who conferred it upon him.  He need not intimidate them nor arouse their admiration by magic qualities; so long as and to the extent to which he is competently helping, instead of exploiting, his authority is based on rational grounds and does not call for irrational awe.  Rational authority not only permits but requires constant scrutiny and criticism of those subjected to it; it is always temporary, its acceptance depending on performance.

The source of irrational authority, on the other hand, is always power over people.  This power can be physical or mental, it can be realistic or only relative in terms of the anxiety and helplessness of the person permitting to this authority.  Power on the one side, fear on the other, are always the buttresses on which irrational authority is built.  Criticism of the authority is not only not required but forbidden.

Rational authority is based upon the equality of both authority and subject, which differ only with respect to the degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field. Irrational authority is by its very nature based upon inequality, implying difference in value.  In the use of the term “authoritarian ethics” reference is made to irrational authority, following the current use of “authoritarian” as synonymous with totalitarian and antidemocratic systems.  The reader will soon recognize that humanistic ethics is not compatible with rational authority.”

This is food for your thoughts today. How do you perceive the current ethics of our country?  Are you a humanist?

*Side note is Kyle and I have officially declared a boycott on material Christmas this year. Just cards and or personal greetings.  There are many reasons we’ve decided to go this route and one of the biggest is on the increased emphasis we’ve noticed, EARLIER emphasis by the retail industry, on the material aspect of Christmas versus the “heart” of it.  It seems like more and more they are depending on Christmas to get their earnings from red to black.

Kyle and I are not Christians so it’s not about putting of the “Christ back into in Christmas” like it is for some folks.  For us it’s about the people/feeling/food aspects of the holiday we want to see emphasized.  We like to lead by example.  We’ve asked if our family and friends feel they still want to buy something to donate to their favorite charity or ours (The City of Alvarado Animal Shelter) on our behalf.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and my Mom and I have expressed over the years how overlooked it gets in the holiday shuffle! Ironically, it’s one of the biggest money-making holidays for the Grocery stores!  Whatever.  Everybody is different and that’s what is great about this world.

I hope you all are well. I send prayers out to anyone who might need one be it for health issues, family problems, financial problems….whatever issue that plagues your heart today.  You are not alone. We all have problems large or small and we are here to help each other persevere through them all. 


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