4 Nov 2015 Keshe Foundation MAGGRAV Livestream broadcast and the power of thought energy

Hello all!

I am sorry to say I was “late” to this morning’s broadcast.  No biggee.  Many of you I’m sure are not able to see the Live broadcast anyway so we are in the same boat.  Since I am retired I have the time…most of you working so hard do not.  This is a priority I think and once we have it manifested completely…more time will be created for what truly matters in our lives!

I have to go back and watch what I missed while I wait for the afternoon session to start in about an hour (lunch break).

http://livestream.com/accounts/15210385/blueprint – 4 November 2015 morning session 3 hr 10 minutes long

<iframe src=”http://livestream.com/accounts/15210385/events/4457003/player?width=560&height=315&autoPlay=true&mute=false&#8221; width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>

At the point I tuned in we had a lot of discussion about how our thought energy figures into this system.  Remember everything is energy to include our thoughts.  When we think about anything it creates an energy signal.  If we think negative thoughts…negative energy and vice versa.  I’ve talked about this many times in earlier posts.  Thought=action=manifestation.

We talked in Livestream chat about all the other methods and tools we already have devised in matters of healing.  One I have mentioned several times here in my posts is an energy healing method I learned about called Quantum Touch: http://www.quantumtouch.com/index.php?lang=en.

The premise of this method is you as a practitioner connect with love, God, plasma….whatever you label it…..energy to help others to heal.  You focus on your energy vibration and raise your resonance level above the person you are helping.  The idea is when you do this, the sick person, who is really the healer in this method, energy level will then rise to your level and healing can manifest.  What I’ve experienced with my work is what happens first is an emotional cleansing and healing and after this comes the dramatic healing.  Our bodies manifest what we carry emotionally inside.  I believe obesity is the result of our bodies literally expanding in mass to contain this emotional energy.  When someone is very emotionally repressed aka “sick” the body reacts to this horribly in many cases – cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease.  I am wondering if these emotional toxins can get passed on to our children in pregnancy?  The toxins we pass on not just being from our food, water and environment but emotion as well.  May be this is why playing music and singing to our unborn is helpful?

Prayers are this work that can cross oceans….just don’t make an attachment to outcomes with them…the Source knows what is best and that is all you can ask for to help someone who is sick.

We had medical professionals mention how many physicians who want to use or do use alternative/holistic methodologies are shunned or discredited.  Thankfully there is a movement growing in the medical fields called Integrated Medicine.  Integrated medicine is the practice of taking the entire patients well-being – mind, body and soul into account when considering treatment options.  I believe it to be the fusion of Eastern, Western and Holistic medicines.  This is something I have hoped would happen for a long time.  With everything I’ve learned I see this as the only way to cure, not just treat, all of the conditions currently maiming and killing so many of us.

This change must transcend to Veterinary medicine which I have seen being heavily infiltrated by the pharmaceutical industry.  Our local veterinary clinic is regularly visited by the “suites” – the reps from the different companies.  Many in the field of Veterinary medicine seem to be falling into the same pharmaceutical traps that have long existed for the treatment of humans.  It is a new and profitable market because more and more people are at an age where they no longer have two legged children at home and have taken on adopting more dogs and cats to fill the maternal void.  In my personal experience with senior dogs, the prescribed drugs only aggravated and expedited the conditions our dogs suffered.

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

So what it all comes to is we are co-creators with this Source of all things and “minding our thoughts” as we build and develop these systems must be originated in loving, positive thought energy.

I will take notes on what I hear today and combine them for tomorrow’s post.  Love to all you pioneers seeking like me, to change the world.  To heal our shared existence.





3 comments on “4 Nov 2015 Keshe Foundation MAGGRAV Livestream broadcast and the power of thought energy

  1. I hope it would be possible… and “healing” means not only to support the pharma-industry… before you explained what’s wrong with you (or your pet) the doc has the prescription pad ready :o(

    • You are so right about the premade script business. I think it depends on what pill they’ve been “encouraged” to push on patients. The more I’m learning with this tech the more it seems we will be capable of evolving beyond our current physical needs.

  2. http://livestream.com/accounts/15210385/blueprint – link for the afternoon session that just ended. The conversation this session was a lot about going beyond even needing these systems. The systems are the start to help us get beyond the physical nature of our species. Pretty wild stuff that the average person isn’t going to get their brain around at first….we need to help with this gradually….with love and pure intentions.

    One specific thing to consider: Mr. Keshe discussed how blood in our bodies is a transport system for plasma. The backbone to the system is pure communication, instant communication. Consciously or unconsciously we already have instant communication. Think of “knowing” when a relative needs to communicate with you before they actually do. Prayers without expectations of outcomes…and almost instantly if the person the prayers are for is receptive…change happens. We are learning to harness the powers we already have and have been using without consciousness….not being taught. “Mind your thoughts” – every thought affects outcomes of reality.

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