3 Nov 2015 No video updates yet Keshe Foundation MAGRAVS Power, Wyoming fissure developing, newest sinkhole in Seffner FL and painted t-shirts

Good morning all!  Hope this finds you all doing well.

I just checked the Keshe Foundation Livestream and this is still the last video posted: http://livestream.com/accounts/15210385/blueprint

You can also see videos on You Tube at their main channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQzN7XLiLvTpyUnQAa1mRw/feed

I will check periodically through the day to see if anything new gets posted and if it does I’ll be sure to put it out right away.  Getting this information out to as many people as possible is very important right now.  I hope those of you who care about this also are doing the same thing.  Put it on any and all of your social media connections.  The more people who are prepared to actually put together these units and test them the better.  I’m so happy to see so many visitors the past few days from all over the world obtaining this information.  Seeing the globe “light up” literally gives me so much joy!

Keep at it and be sure to share your pictures and videos of what you come up with at this email address: blueprint@keshefoundation.org

I found this video on You Tube that also has a website you can visit that you might find interesting and informative on MAGRAV technology: https://www.thenewenergyindustry.com/learning-network/

A New Discovery – Magrav Technology – THE NEW ENERGY INDUSTRY –

The more videos and pictures we get together the more proof and validation we have to get this technology mainstream.  I would love nothing more than to see the current powers to be at all levels of government, agriculture, pharmaceutical, energy and industrial get behind the refinement of this tech so we can get on to bigger and better things we have ahead of us.  I think as this technology is refined and implemented we are going to see positive change on a global scale.  What’s next then?  SPACE!

I was excited to see this morning they are talking about rebooting the Star Trek franchise in 2017.   What’s funny is while we were all watching the Livestream broadcast of the MAGRAV system many of us were talking about Star Trek lol.  As I’ve mentioned before I am not real fond of the rebooting of franchises like this but with Star Trek there are so many possibilities to make new stories versus just rehashing old ones.   I think it would be cool if they could go to the time before the warp drive.  They could tell the story of how we got there with technology like Mr. Keshe’s foundation is bringing to us.  They could even go far back as the earliest explorations and inventions of energy technology like with Nikola, Marconi and so many more.  I’m not fond of Mr. Edison because of what happened with him and Nikola but it is all part of the “whole” story of energy.

We’ll see what they do!

Saw a report this morning that a major crack has developed in Central Wyoming: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/yawning-hole-opens-in-central-wyoming-thanks-to-wet-spring/ar-BBmIrDO?ansmsnnews11  (yeah wet weather is the only cause…riiiiight)

When I saw this I immediately thought: “collapsed vein.”  When you frack and take oil from one place it will ultimately impact other regions “down the vein.”  Just like us, Mother Earth has skin and underneath she has veins with blood and “cells.”  The blood is water, oil and natural gas.

picture of newest sinkhole developing in Seffner Florida

picture of newest sinkhole developing in Seffner Florida

With the increase in natural gas and oil production all over the United States we are seeing more and more sink holes and cracks like what has appeared in Wyoming develop.  There have been cases in places like Florida where sinkholes have sucked in entire homes and as I wrote this and went to do search for articles on it I found this:  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2015/11/02/florida-sinkhole-growing/75041168/ !  It’s 30 ft wide right now!

example of just one of hundreds of sinkholes showing up in Florida

example of just one of hundreds of sinkholes showing up in Florida


These latest news reports don’t surprise me at all.  Now I’m no geologist but to me there is no mystery but the obvious is not being discussed.  I believe this is because of who the largest shareholders are for mainstream media here.  Very few stories about the environmental impact of the fossil fuel and private water industries slip through the “cracks” to the general public.

When we had a natural gas well fracked across the street from our house my neighbors and I started to notice we were getting big sink holes in our back yards, soil was “disappearing” (I believe it’s from the vibrations acting like a flour sifter not just the fact we have had a drought and expansive clay soil here. When I would stick a weed puller in the crust of our soil is felt hollow underneath), almost all of us had to get our foundations repaired, were experiencing damage to the inside of our homes, we are having earthquakes like never before (had a 4.0 this year for the first time in our town) had to replace sidewalks and driveways and the city can’t keep up with the cracks and potholes on our streets.

Kyle and I have been sicker here than any other place we’ve lived.  We don’t drink the water from the tap without filtering it and mostly buy bottled water to drink which pisses me off because our water bills are still so high.  Also, buying plastic bottles supports the very industry behind why we have to buy bottled water in the first place!  So we are having to pay two to three times over for just water!  Every human being on this planet has the right to have access to clean water….even if the previous CEO of the Nestle corporation, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe  doesn’t think so:  http://www.trueactivist.com/nestle-ceo-water-is-not-a-human-right-should-be-privatized/  – needless to say Kyle and I have boycotted buying any Nestle products which is hard to do!  They have their fingers in so many pots!

The fossil fuel industry and water tycoons like Peter Brabeck-Letmathe don’t seem to care about the consequences of pumping out the lifeblood of our planet and now we all are having to suffer for it with no compensation from any source.  You as consumers have the right to boycott these companies and or find alternative resources for what you need.  Buy smaller cars, buy hyrbrids and or electric cars, use electric power versus gas in your homes for cooking, if you can afford it get water filtration systems so you don’t have to buy bottled water, learn how to make things you use every day,  boycott companies with policies that go against basic human rights.  Even doing just one thing can change the world for the better.  You have so much power, more than you realize….use it!

Yesterday I did paint a couple of t-shirts and I’m pretty happy with how they came out.  The first one was on a neon orange t-shirt.  I was “encouraged” by my muse to put a Merkaba on this one and with a kind of Irish theme.  After the colors of the Irish flag are green, white and orange!  I am happy with how it turned out.  The other one is my tree woman theme.  I am seeing that the contrasting lighter green I tried to put in the tree foliage dried dark so I may need to add another layer to get it to pop more.  It’s harder on darker t-shirts to get a “pop” effect” without using a lot of light colors.  My fabric paint supply is getting low again and I need to see if I can’t diversify my palette a little more to help with dimension in my paintings.

I am going to work on a couple more paintings today I think.  I’m not sure if I should do recognizable shapes like the seed of life or more like tree woman or may be a mandala like I did on one of my earlier t-shirts.  I like to use t-shirts as my canvas because they always have a place to hang (people hangers) and they aren’t permanent.  I like the transitory nature of t-shirts.  You enjoy them until they are worn out and the cloth returns to Source to begin again….to be there to make a new canvas!  I’ve done a couple actual canvas paintings and I like to draw on sketchpads but these all “take up space” and either sit in my portfolio bag or in the closet lol….hence the t-shirt idea.

Each one is one of a kind and cannot be replicated like all the things I make and I like that too.  When someone gets something I make it’s special because there isn’t another like it in the world.  Even a machine cannot replicate these exactly because of how random it is I choose my colors and designs.  The power of creativity and hand-making things!

Have a great day visitors and fellow comrades of the WordPress Blogosphere.  I send you much love, hugs, joy and hope through the wires!  Remember…YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE!


2 comments on “3 Nov 2015 No video updates yet Keshe Foundation MAGRAVS Power, Wyoming fissure developing, newest sinkhole in Seffner FL and painted t-shirts

  1. Oh I’m with you … the earth has a skin and when we hurt it we can’t use a plaster stripe or a tape to heal it. I remember once they had to bear sinkholes in germany what damaged houses… it needed years till they declared that it was the fault of the mining-cowboys :o(

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